Not Mine.

Lucas sat silently in the back of the black car, his mind drifting from one thing to another, but always returning to the young blonde he was dying to see. He could feel her in the air, hurt again. Scared. Confused. He knew it was still too early for her to come running to him for answers, though he kept that hope alive anyway. Soon enough, though. Soon enough. Eventually, she would see that he was all she had. Instead, he guessed she'd be running off to that church again.

Boyd rolled his eyes at the though, no worries to come with it though. Father David had been taken care of, for now, he was the only real threat.

In fact, Boyd thought the church visits were working more in favor than anything. 'So let her go,' he thought, a smile flashing across his face briefly.

Continuing on, Boyd caught sight of Sarah Parker again and chuckled. The look on her face was almost as good as what he felt coming off of her. 'The truth will set you free,' he repeated in his head. She looked beyond horrified at whatever she'd just let slip. The tourist behind her... shared generally the same expression, some more amused, the kids mostly, the parents then angrier.

That sure had been a fun little nugget.

He sighed, thinking about how his upcoming visit to Amber. She wasn't nearly as fun, at least not yet. And she sure as hell was no Christina. But he had a job to do and she was all part of the plan.

He began to wonder if he could figure out a way to get to Christina in time to watch the show when his cell phone began ringing. He barely glanced at the screen as he flipped it open. "Why are you calling me?" he asked as way of greeting. "I told you we're done with you. You're not her father anymore."

It wasn't a surprise, Kingston calling. He'd been expecting it. It could never be just that simple.

Damn humans and their emotions and all.

"Tell that to Christina," Kingston replied. Strong emotion in his voice. Lucas rolled his eyes, annoyed. He really didn't want to have to go back and take care of the old man. "She won't stop calling me. She says she wants to come home."

Boyd looked out the window. "No worries, she'll stay." The last time he and Kingston had spoken he had that worry, but no longer. Things had already changed enough he'd witnessed. She was having a hard time right now, but she was too deep in.

"What makes you so sure?"

"She's getting attached," he said, his tone just a tad bit lighter.

"The Kramers?"

Lucas smiled. "That's the trick," lighter again. "Make her love and lose. Again and again. Eventually the world will feel her pain." And boy, how he just could not wait.

A beat, Kingston thinking. Boyd was too, but two very different sets there.

"And then, they'll feel nothing at all," Boyd continued, giving a little shrug.

On the other end, Kingston sucked in a breath, trying to think of something else to say. It didn't matter though, Boyd already shut his phone. Done with him.

He knew it wasn't finished, not just yet, but he'd deal with that soon enough. For now, he had other things to tend to.