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I wonder what happened to Starfire. Who was the man who kidnapped her? Will the Teen Titans save Starfire?


Chapter 3: Slade

Recap: Starfire said to her grandmother about the proposal. But she didn't answer back. Starfire told the decision of her grandmother to the Teen Titans. After class, Starfire walked home alone. She noticed that a man was following her. She got scared and ran. She didn't even use her power to overcome the stranger. The man cornered her and used her as bait for the Teen Titans. The Teen Titans knew who did this and told the news to Starfire's grandmother, Alice. She made her decision to let Starfire live with the Teen Titans. Robin promised her to let Starfire visit her for sometimes. So, the Teen Titans went to save Starfire.

Somewhere in an island was the man's hideout. He put the unconscious girl in the bunk and opened his computer.

Starfire woke up and noticed that she was in a different place. She felt that her hands and feet are bound. She tried to struggle. She saw the man who kidnapped her. He was somehow familiar for her. She tried to remember when.



Little Starfire was in her grandmother's house. She used to roam around inside the house while her father was talking to her grandmother. She playing in the attic and saw something that interest her. She saw a picture of a masked person.

"Grandma!" Starfire shouted as she went downstairs.

"What is it, Starfire?" Her grandmother asked.

"Who is this masked person?" Starfire asked as she showed the picture she took at the attic.

"Where did you get this, Starfire?" His father asked.

"Up in the attic." Starfire replied.

"Why, I have been looking all over for this. This is a friend of mine, Starfire. Thank you again, granddaughter. Now, run along and play at the back." Her grandmother lied.

Starfire left and pretend to go to the backyard but she carefully listened to her father and grandmother's conversation. Her grandmother, Alice and her father, Xavier were still in the living room, looking at the picture.

"That isn't your friend, is it, mother?" Xavier said.

"You still have your skills, my son. Yes. This man isn't my friend. He's name was Slade. I never knew the man's real face. He was a great threat to all humanity. Master Bruce once fought with him but disappeared when Master Bruce gave him the final blow. After that, we haven't heard any from him." Alice explained.

"Do you have a feeling that he's still alive, mother? Maybe he might hurt Starfire." Xavier said.

"Don't worry my son. Starfire will have a happy life. Slade will not interfere."

End of flashback


Starfire remembered who he was. The man who kidnapped her is Slade.

"Oh, you're awake. My, my. You've grown so much, Starfire." Slade said.

"Let me go! I want to get out!" Starfire screamed.

"No! You will become my apprentice. I know all about you Starfire. You are the granddaughter of Alice Anders. She was once in the household of my enemy, Bruce Wayne. Hahahaha! You might have good use for me. I wanted revenge!" Slade explained.

"Why do you want me? And who are you gonna take revenge on?" Starfire asked.

"Why, Little Robin and his little Teen Titans! Robin was the sidekick of Bruce. Since Bruce died, Robin can't do all the hero stuff alone. So, he formed a group called the Teen Titans! That's why you'll become bait for them!" Slade said with an evil laugh.

Oh no! Robin, Raven, Beast boy and Cyborg will be gone because of me. I have to do something! Starfire thought.

"I'll get some rest and don't you ever try to use your powers." Slade entered his CCTV outside the entrance in case the Teen Titans will rescue Starfire.


The Teen Titans entered the island where Slade's Hideout is located.

"Don't lose your guard. Slade can put many traps around." Robin said.

Robin and the others quietly moved to the secret hideout. They got inside; however, they don't know that there's a camera leading to Slade's computer. Meanwhile, Starfire is struggling herself to get free. She saw a piece of broken glass and got hold of it. She got herself free but Slade got her.

"My, my, I knew I shouldn't have left you behind. That is how I know about you, Starfire. I like your determination. How about a deal?" Slade said with an evil laugh.


Robin and the others have reached their destination. Robin felt that something is not right. HE signaled the others not to move. They saw the chair moved.

"Ah, Robin. I was expecting you. What does Little Robin want from me?" Slade asked.

"Where's Starfire?" Robin demanded.

"Oh, your little friend? Hmm… Let me think…" Slade said.

"Enough talking! Hand her over, Slade." Raven shouted.

"All right, Starfire!" Slade ordered.

Starfire came out from the darkness. The Teen Titans were glad that she's safe but they were surprised with her outfit. She was wearing Slade's clothes.

"Oh. Did I mention that Starfire is my new apprentice?" Slade said with an evil laugh.

Starfire's the apprentice?

How could this be? How could Starfire become Slade's apprentice?

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