Not Mine.

Lucas smiled, silently entering the small office, listening to the redheaded woman giving one amazing phone performance. And this was just when she was being put on hold for the real deal. He shook his head, making his way over to her desk. She was turned around, helped with the creepiness factor if nothing else.

Amber told the woman on the other end how she was happy to hold and then he reached a hand out to the other end of her phone, ending the conversation. The click had her spinning around. "Don't do it," he told her, shaking his head a little, trying not to laugh at her open mouth, shocked expression. "You make this call, stair up the law," he straightened up, opened his hands out before him for a second before leaning back tot he desk, his hands holding the edge. "You're going to mired in the battle of repetitions. And, no offense but," her facial expression began to change, the phone already having been brought away from her face, now lowering even more so, "You kinda got this glass house thing going on." Head tilt, charm smile, wink.

"What are you talking about, Boyd?" she sounded almost tired, a little bored.

"Business, mainly," he answered. Slight tone change. A beat. She'd hung up the phone, paying more attention to him. She may not like him, especially after their last run in but hey. She couldn't help herself either. "You're business in this case." Began straightening out again. "But really I dropped by to discuss the future of our business."

Ah, mood shift. A little anger, a little paranoia. "Are you spying on me?"

He let out a huff of breath, almost laughter. He smiled and shook his head. "No, not really. I just been uh... looking into you," he answered with. "Which is standard practice when this much capital is involved."

Change again. 'If only Christina could be manipulated this easily,' he thought quickly. It quickly chased away though. He knew he wouldn't enjoy it as much as she was that simple.

She wouldn't be who she was if that were the case. And no one wanted that.


Back to Red.

"Amber, I love Point Pleasant," he told her. Not all a lie when you thought about it. "I always have, I always will." He leaned a little closer as he spoke again.

"So... you want me to help you buy a house? Don't you already own one?"

He smiled again. "I want you to help me buy the town."

She was less interested in him in a sexual type manner after his little wear her down speech and all, but there were other ways to grab this woman's attention. And this was the kind he needed. Not her fluttering about trying to get in his pants and acting in her own pathetic little play of her life. No, she had other purposes. As did everyone else in this town. She was just coming in to her own a little ahead of the rest.

"Have a seat," she told him after a moment, pointing at the chair across from her desk with her eyes.

Only after sitting down did he really begin to check out that wound of hers. He smirked when she grew annoyed with him because of it.


He smiled, held up his hands in surrender before him. "Nothing, nothing."

"How about you just tell me a little more about your plan, okay?"

"Fair enough," he agreed.

Finished with his meeting, Boyd stepped out onto the sidewalk, smiling when he felt her. Looks like he'd been wrong. Maybe she hadn't made it to the church yet, maybe he would get a chance to see her after all.

Oh, and could he ever feel her right now. She was still far enough away but she was burning him up with twisted emotions. She was about to be a freight train rolling though here.

His head turned to the side, and a idea quickly formed in his head.

This couldn't have turned out more perfect if he'd thought of it himself.

He looked down at the dirty ground underneath him and said a little silent thanks. He had a feeling He was behind this.