English: Dark Snow

Once upon a midnight, there was a woman and a man, who were expecting a child. But did they know that the baby was an ugly baby. Then they had an argument and the woman left to go to her mums until after birth. To calm down and rest. But she did not want her daughter to have a baby child.

One night she gave birth to a ugly baby girl, which made the man upset. Bang, the woman's mum shot the woman. The man thought that her baby Dark Snow needed a mum and that she couldn't live without her mum. But he did. And everyday she gets prettier.

He went to find a carer to help him look after her that was, when the murder told her friend that she knew a good person with a child who was only born yesterday and she him needing a wife.

The woman got her nicest, attractive dress where he would notice her best and went to go an visit him. That was when he fell for her and they got married. But he didn't realise she was a witch, who wants to kill his daughter, because she looks in a magic mirror and says who's the fairest of them all, and it says "your step daughter".

Then one day the guards of the castle they live in get asked to find Dark Snow and kill her. One guard told her to run otherwise she would get killed. Then the girl ran and ran until she saw a little pumpkin house as she thought "Someone small most live here". That was when Dwarfs came Rudolf, Blixen, Dasher, Panzer, Donnor, Honnor and Cupid walked past and said in unison "Ahhh we got a visitor come in before the Old Baggie of a witch try's to kill you".

"We have to go to work now so don't answer the door!".

They left and then a woman came with some golden and juicy apples. Her mouth was watering and she had to eat one and answer the door. The woman got the biggest one and took a bite and then Bang!. She crashed to the floor. And the Old Baggie of a witch went with a crackle.

That was when the dwarfs came and found her dead.