There is a place located on the bank of waterfall.

It surely is a beautiful place.

It is hidden in the depths of a forest, a very unlikely place to find, unless randomly stumbled upon.

It is almost as if anyone who tried to find it, it would simply… disappear.

The waterfall flows into a medium sized pool of water, which, in turn, flows into a small river.

On the left side of the pool is field of flowers; flowers of many varieties: roses, tulips, gardenias, lilies, daffodils, and even some wild flowers.

On the right side of the pool there are a couple boulders, which perhaps were used to jump into the pool.

Placed over the river is a small bridge, that of which could be as old as time itself; worn old from Mother Earth's harsh weathers, but yet was still standing proud, and would remain standing for years to come.

The clearing was most beautiful at sunset, when the sky goes red as if lit on fire, then slowing fading into pinkish-purple, giving the sky a stunning hue that reflects gorgeously into the pool of water.

The most magnificent sight is of an old oak tree standing tall; it is thousands of years old, the bark slowly receding away, with its limbs full of leafy greens for the caterpillars to munch away on.

On warm summer days when the sun is high in the sky it provides the perfect shade.

Its trunk is thick and round, a perfect resting place.

If one were to visit this serene place, they would find peace lifting to a slight breeze ruffling the leaves, the roar of rushing water from the 'fall.

They might find a refreshing coolness from a quick swim in the pool.

They might even find joy and laughter from the friendly animals that like to come out and play.

They might even find love, if the carving on the tall standing oak has anything to say; a carving that proudly reads NP + KH 4EVER, surrounded by a heart.

There is a place located on the bank of waterfall. It surely is a beautiful place.

A/N: This was an assignment that I had to do for my Creative Writing Class. I had to discribe a setting, but I snuck in a little Puckurt in there. It wasn'ty my original idea, but we weren't alound to put charachters in it, but if you want the original one from Kurts POV let me know and I'll write it up and post it. Review please, I love the feed back.