I watch him from down the hallway; he is talking to his best friend, probably gossiping about the latest fashion trends.

He is looking good today; then again he looks good everyday.

His light brown hair (that was actually really silky and soft, when it doesn't have a ton of product in it) was perfectly coifed.

He has a skinny, yet tone build, that was covered in designer clothes; as if he would be caught dead in anything but designer.

He had on a purple Gucci-something shirt, that clung in all the right places.

Over the shirt was his favorite zippered Marc Jacobs jacket-black.

On his long, slim and toned legs he adorned white skinny jeans; that look like they were painted on, from how tight they looked.

There were black knee-high Doc Martens (the only reason I know the brand name was because he got me a pair my birthday) on his, surprisingly, small feet.

Perched on his little button nose was a pair of sunglasses-purple and black-the lable said D&G, whatever that means.

He kinda reminds me of a porcelain doll; his skin is a beautiful shade of pale (that he covers with make-up that he doesn't need) and is baby soft from his vigorous nightly moisturizing routine.

And his voice is light and airy, and yeah, it's kinda girly (but that what makes him unique) but it can be masculine too; when he sings, he has this air of confidence about him; it's almost as if he gets transported to another place when he's singing.

He is one of the most amazing people I know; he's strong and independent, knows exactly what he wants.

He's the only guy that's has enough guts to come out to the whole entire school, and still roll with the punches-literally and figuratively.

He must have felt me staring, because he turns his head in my direction and lifts the sunglasses off his nose and arches a perfectly manicured eyebrow in my direction.

His eyes; wide, beautiful blueish-green eyes that sometimes look silver if hit in the right light, brighten when he sees me.

I walk towards him and a big radiant smile stretches across his lips, and turns back towards his friend.

I come up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist and press a kiss to his cheek. I whisper in his ear, "Love You."

He turns his head to face me, smiles, leans back into my embrace and whispers it right back.

Yeah, I'm totally whipped (why else would I know names of designer clothes that I could care less about) but, I'm a badass so I can get away with it.

A/N: Character Sketch for my Creative Writing Class. Let me know what you think. Did I portray Puck voice right? And Kurt? Meh...Review please.