One hundred word drabbles on Candy's first kisses. I challenged myself.

This was how it felt to let Boa free.

She was a waif, floating amid the Isabella after the Great Flood, granting the currents dominance. During sleep, like dreams intangible. A damned purgatory.

When Boa met Finnegan, smiling, winning, she touched a rush of emotion. Not her own, becoming her own. Circling her soul. Chains. She could have slept then, perhaps forever.

But the essence Abaratians glimpsed when asking "Who are you?" solidified and expanded. The browns of her eyes focused, and she ran, a hairs-breadth from the prince's lips.

Only then did she realize why Carrion loved Boa so.

. . .

Candy trusted, yet felt no kinship from the goddess mother. Isabella chilled to the marrow, her breezes whispering my light, my magic. The currents smothered her, repeating, Vulgarity. The waves thrashed her, screaming, SACRILEGIOUS!

The waters left her indelicately on a shore near a similarly waterlogged man whom she chose to ignore. Noticing her lack of breath, he moved to help.

He tasted of the sea, and there were scars beneath her tongue. But his lips were lips, and if she had kept her eyes closed, he could have been anyone. But he was Carrion.

So she chose to suffocate.

. . .

"Well, that was terrible."

Candy crossed her arms, perturbed. "You are not an expert."

"I'm unsure whether to call that a smooch or a lip-leading head-butt. Lord Carrion could have kissed me more tenderly than that."

"Gross, Letheo."

The dark-haired boy grinned cheekily in response.

"I wanted to be in charge of my first. Now if Boa kisses Finnegan she won't have stolen part of my adolescence."

"The part where you give your oh-so-lucky boy-toy a concussion?" Smirking, hot breath. "You're giving me a reason to make your knees go weak."

She harrumphed. "I'll save my tender kisses for Carrion."

. . .

Malingo rowed with a silent efficiency. The sky thrived and the stars shone the more brilliant for the small section of sea they were allowed to rain their beauty upon. Who cared what evil whispered shadow stalked when she lived in this small perfect world of red hull and lullaby?

Then her friend passed through the grey veil separating one time from another. For a moment she was alone in an enormous world with void at her nose. Abruptly Malingo grabbed her toes and yanked her through and into his arms.

"You and me, Candy." He said.

"Always." She replied.

I admit, a few are kind of strange. And there's only four. I hope you enjoy :) Drabbles are fun for me and a huge challenge, because I tend to get wordy. I always have to go back and cut sentences out.