The eerie silence of the next two weeks was unsettling; the attacks had stopped as suddenly as they had begun. The family was beginning to relax their guard a bit - and on one calm Saturday morning, Kaashaa, Bella, Esme, Jasper and Nessie were out for a walk to enjoy the early quiet when around a quarter-mile ahead there was a disturbance in the woods and a piercing scream of something dying filled the air.

"That wasn't an animal," Kaashaa said tensely looking between the others, "But I bet you it's whoever was causing all the trouble a few weeks ago."

"Maybe we'd better call the others," Bella answered as Jasper reached into his pocket retrieving his cell. Jasper dialed a number waiting for the answer on the other end.

Carlisle looked at his phone as it went off, "What's wrong son?" He asked not greeting Jasper. Edward sat up straighter in his chair watching Carlisle's face and hearing his thoughts coupled with Jasper's.

"We're about a quarter of a mile from the house and I do believe we might have run into a problem." Jasper answered. He felt the fear coming from Bella and Esme and an anger he found to be Kaashaa's.

"What kind of trouble?" Carlisle asked keeping an eye on Edward who frowned.

"We heard a scream that sounds like a human dying. I don't think that Sirena's left and we might be in a heap of troubleā€¦" The phone went dead in mid sentence.

"Damn," Carlisle cursed making Edward raise an eyebrow at the use of language never before heard.

"Sounds like time to call in the cavalry before Sirena gets stupid." Edward answered a silent thought of Carlisle's.

Carlisle nodded, "I just hope we're not to late." They both left Carlisle's study and went to round up the rest of their family and Theron's family.

Finding Elyshia and Theron was easy - they were sitting across from each other over the borrowed chessboard when the dark eyes looked up at him through darker waves, "Whoa there who lit the fire under your toes?" Elyshia asked as he almost missed them in his hurry to call the others down to him.

"We've got trouble Elyshia. Looks like Sirena just found everyone that went for a walk. Jasper called and in the middle of the conversation the phone died." Edward answered coming up and nodding at Carlisle as the other family members gathered quickly.

"Damn," she abandoned the game getting up as she bypassed Theron but grabbed the dark sunshades she wore outside and put them on, "If anyone needs me I'm taking the shortcut to my sister," she said with one hand on the doorknob.

"Wait we'll all go Elyshia. No need in causing a bigger mess than what's going to happen." Theron answered getting up as well.

Her gaze blatantly told him her opinion in fact as she waited, "Oh I'm going to make a mess but that was a given when she decided to try for round two of piss me off." Elyshia replied.

Theron nodded, "I know little kitten don't worry she's stepped way beyond her bounds." Everyone ran out the door each hoping they weren't to late for the sake of the family in peril.

"Jasper!" Kaashaa shouted as the newborn slammed into Jasper again knocking him into a tree and dazing him.

"Oh so sorry little mare did I hurt something that belonged to you." Sirena sneered snatching at Kaashaa who dodged out of the way.

"That's an understatement stupid witch. It is so time for you to die and not come back." Kaashaa hissed slipping a little on the loose dirt.

Sirena laughed, "Oh little mare you've got lots to learn about me."

Kaashaa started forward her body trembling when a scream made her turn from her fight. She focused on Bella trying desperately to get to Nessie who was crying and kicking at the newborns that held her.

"Let her go now!" Bella roared launching herself at the newborns only to get slung backward.

Before one the newborns could start forward toward Bella a giant Uni reared knocking the newborn down, "I think my sister said let her daughter go assholes," Kaashaa coming down her feet crushing the newborn on the ground.

She spun finding the other newborn gone and Jane holding Nessie growling at the surrounding newborns and even the own members of her group, "We weren't sent to hurt the little one."

Kaashaa watched for a minute her temper flaring again as Sirena jumped onto her back and began to kick at her suddenly smiling, "Well the little mare is fertile after all." Sirena sneered yanking on Kaashaa's mane pulling her head at an angle.

Kaashaa let out a loud whinny and tried rearing, "Get the hell off no one rides me save for those I give permission to. Guess what you're not on that list." She gave a violent lurch only to find Sirena had put a rope around her neck causing her to suddenly go weak.

"So I get some of my reward after all even if Caius doesn't get his end of the bargain." Sirena whispered as Kaashaa hit the ground a loud whinny piercing the air.

Even though Theron had insisted that Elyshia keep with the group he had known better than to think she actually would, she sprinted ahead climbing into one of the trees and dropped down on top of Sirena forcing her hands to loosen the grip on the rope around Kaashaa's neck rolling them away, "You know, even a New York cockroach dies if squished enough. What's your excuse?"

Sirena growled backing up a little, "You're a fine one to talk. Don't they have loony bins around for your kin not that a mixed breed reject has a kind."

Elyshia grinned at Sirena, "They tried locking me in one of those I made everyone else crazy enough they decided I was normal sweetheart, now then," she paused and ripped the rope off of Kaashaa with her claws which tore through her gloves as she smiled ferally, "And apparently nobody told you that you don't fish in other people's pools."

Sirena launched herself at Elyshia her mind forming the magic, "Yes well I was promised payment and your pregnant sister makes enough of a payment for me for the moment." She let the magic go hurling the lightning bolt suddenly in the direction of the others as they came to the top of the hill scattering them.

"Sounds like someone needs an attitude adjustment," Emmett said as he ducked out the way throwing a young member of the Volturi in the path of the lightning bolt.

"The only promise that's getting kept around here is the one I made you in the Second age you stupid little twit," Elyshia answered sending a flare of water at Sirena as she gathered the next bolt of electricity, "Oh right forgot to tell you honey just cause fire's my birthright doesn't mean I didn't spend time learning the others, which is more than you did."

Sirena felt the water slam her down to the ground, "Fine you want to play like that then lets see how you feel about explaining to your sister why she's a widow." She got up grabbing Jasper as she formed a fireball in on hand. "See your right one doesn't just learn their element for control." She brought the flame closer to Jasper smiling evilly as she did so.

"Hey got a message for you," A voice hissed pulling her hair back so she let go of Jasper. "I believe you've just succeeded in pissing off his wife." Lucien spun her around slinging her toward a pissed off recovered Kaashaa who stuck her horn in Sirena's chest.

"Never touch my mate again bitch!" Kaashaa whispered pulling her up tearing flesh as she slung her toward Elyshia. "Time to play kick the ex guardian sis."

Elyshia's gaze was in fact dark with the pleasure of it, "Pool then, kick her here," Elyshia invited cheerfully almost saccharine-sweet.

Kaashaa laughed, "Eight ball corner pocket." She spun using her back heels to send Sirena careening toward her sister.

The kick was savage and well-aimed the black heel of her boot slammed into the wound of Sirena's chest and crashed her into the large oak with a sickening thuds she turned to look disdainfully at Sirena, "Newsflash sweetheart, I don't have to play nice."

Sirena picked herself up slowly coughing, "You'll pay for your treachery dearly Elyshia." She turned a pointed dagger at Kaashaa, "As for you don't worry I'll break you personally and your kid will know what it means to be an orphan." She disappeared teleporting away leaving the Volturi to fend for themselves.

"Bite me bitch," Elyshia retorted to the empty place Sirena had stood and the flip backward had knocked her shades off revealing the not-quite human eyes and the sun moved form behind the cloud half-blinding her as she hurried to get them on, "Going to beat the stupid out of Caius for this." she muttered to no one.

A hiss revealed Kaashaa holding Jane against a tree glaring at the others, "Anyone else want to play pool with me and Elyshia? If not scatter before I lose my temper any farther." The other members of the Volturi began leaving quickly. Once they were gone Kaashaa backed off letting Jane go. "Sorry about that Jane had to make it look real."

Jane dusted herself off looking cross but understood the need for it, "yeah ... just glad I don't need to breathe anymore after that slam into the tree."

"I kind of let my temper flare a little oops. But thanks for helping with Nessie." Kaashaa admitted smiling.

"Kind of?" Elyshia repeated relieved for the glasses blocking the sunlight from hitting her eyes, "That's like saying I'm a little short tempered."

Everyone laughed, "Here take this to Aro Jane tell him Demetri and I have made our decision and now with this I can honestly say I want no more part of the Volturi." Marcus answered handing her the pendants that once hung about their necks. "Please be wise and get out of there soon my dear. I fear he'll cause you harm for Sirena's failure." He added.

Jane nodded and took the pendants and frowned slightly, "I won't take any longer than I have to. More I do not think Alec will truly understand." she answered lapsing into Italian as she pocketed the pendants.

Marcus nodded answering her in the same language, "I think it will be hard on him but time for little sister to grow up and fly from the nest." He hugged her and stood back as Demetri did the same.

Jane was stiff as she then took her leave and headed the direction the others had gone, not looking forward to the flight or the result of her news. "Just be careful snake like that is likely to come back to bite."

"I think its time to head home guys." Carlisle answered as the group turned as a whole heading back to the house for rest and hopefully relaxation before another battle came on them.