Chapter 11: Of Introductions, Iscariots, and One Mr. Ishida

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Hellsing Manor...

"We're like, in a dungeon." Kitty said quietly glancing at the stone walls of the dark corridor. She had only landed in England a few hours back and had just finished being interviewed by her new boss Integra Hellsing. The petite brunette strongly suspected the Englishwoman wasn't quite right in the head. Considering Integra was now leading her and some goth with bleached bangs through a dungeon using only the light of her cigar Kitty was becoming more certain of it, "Like why are we in a dungeon?"

"Do ya actually have a valley high accent?" The goth asked in disbelief, Kitty glared at the other teen.

"It totally beats sounding like Hannah Montana!" To her unending delight she heard the goth gasp,

"Ah sound nothing like that tramp you little yanke-" The flash of a muzzle and the bark of a handgun silenced the two. Integra's passive features were illuminated by the glow of her cigar, the two teens stared at her in wide eyed terror.

"My apologies, I thought I heard a rodent. It was difficult to hear properly between the two of you." Sir Hellsing looked somewhat thoughtful, "It has occurred to me that I didn't properly introduce you to one another. Katherine," She gestured with her pistol to the visibly frightened girl from Illinois, "This girl, for reasons I could care less about, is known as Rogue." the goth found her desire to argue curbed by the firearm pointed at her, "Come along now girls, we mustn't waste anymore time then we already have."

"That woman's insane." Rogue muttered in genuine terror, Kitty nodded in agreement. Not sure if the other girl could see her she quickly added,

"Totally, let's not do anything that like piss her off again." The two teens wearily followed the mad Englishwoman through the rest of the corridor. They remained silent until Rogue could see the end of the corridor ahead,

"So why have ya taken us down here?" Integra bristled at the fact Rogue hadn't addressed her properly. She fully intended to make sure Raven's daughter learned proper respect one day but for now she'd let it slide. She turned around with a rather unpleasant smile on her face,

"As you know there are many monsters our organization is tasked with destroying." The Knight took a moment to enjoy her cigar before continuing, "But above all others the vampire is out most hated enemy." She declared and pointed into the room, "Behold: the vampire!" Two by two torches lit up illuminating the main room of the dungeon. In the center of the room was throne and seated upon it was a man in red around whom the shadows seemed to dance of their own accord. In a white gloved had was a glass of ruby liquid Rogue guessed (and hoped) was wine. Thanks to an odd trick of the light and the fedora he wore the vampire's face was covered in shadow save his orange tinted glasses which reflected the flickering torchlight.

"Good evening master." He purred in a deep, velvety voice that gave Kitty goosebumps.

"He actually sounds pretty sexy." She thought, her cheeks warming slightly. Rogue was having similar thoughts though she did a better job of hiding it.

"What an unexpected pleasure," the two teens felt his gaze on them,"why have you brought two sweet young virgins before me?" Kitty felt her cheeks get warmer, out of the corner of her eye she see Rogue's face was was also red with anger and embarrassment "I regrettably suspect they weren't brought here for me to feed on and pleasure." Both girls stepped back as fluster was replaced with fear,

"We sure as hell weren't ya fuckin' blood sucker!" The Goth yelled, his gaze fell squarely upon her. A grinning maw of ivory fangs could now be seen.

"A fiery young woman with dual colored hair, dark clothing, and a backwoods American accent? You must Raven's adopted child, no one ever told me how well developed you were." He commented before glancing at Kitty, "That must make you the little Hebrew ghost girl then." He said in a colorless tone that made Kitty bristle,

"Do you have a problem with me being Jewish?" The vampire chuckled,

"I have no problem with that Katherine" He said with a wave of his hand, "But you should know that vampire hunting is a poor choice of profession for your people." Kitty was terrified of this monster but wouldn't back down, she really getting tired of people pushing her around. Part of her would always wonder if she had stood up to that creep Lance Alvers then maybe her parents would still be alive. Kitty swallowed her fear and placed her hands on her hips,

"Why?" She demanded,

"The cross is the most effective shields against my kind." He chuckled maliciously as he slowly rose from his throne. His pale aquiline features visible, a wicked Cheshire grin of shark-like fangs, "But they won't work for you," The Vampire pointed at Kitty and declared, "the price you pay for your ancestors rejecting Christ!"

"Enough slave!" Integra barked, "I tire of listening to that antisemitic vitriol!" She had brought the girls down here to see how truly unpleasant vampires were, not to encounter yet another disturbing facet of Alucard's personality. The vampire still possessed many of the traits a noblemen from the 1500's; he could be civil and formal when he wanted (but he seldom wanted too) but more often then not he embodied the cruelty and pettiness of his age. No matter how how often he feigned being a chivalrous gentleman Integra had learned long ago that like many of his time he saw women as objects. From the way he made his fledgling dress to his acts of predation against Lucy Westerna and Mina Harker. Integra had known of his disdain for Muslims but this was an unpleasant surprise,

"It's anti-Judaic not antisemitic." Alucard stated as if he were a teacher correcting his student,

"They don't sound any different!" Rogue said stepping forward, she might not have liked this other girl but there somethings no one should have to put up with. Kitty was both surprised and touched by the other girl stepping up for her.

"Anti-Judaism is a dislike of the Jewish religion and is the older and may I add understanding of the two." Kitty's mouth hung open "surprised" didn't seem adequate. Her anger quickly boiled up to over,

"Understanding!" Kitty yelled, the vampire on the throne spread his hands,

"You chose to be Jewish." He looked contemplative for a moment, "Where was I? Ah yes; Antisemitism emerged in the 1800's when religiously motivated persecution of your people began to seem quaint in the era of Darwin and the Industrial Revolution. People found a new, more rational reason to dislike Jews with the advent of eugenics. You went from the followers of the faith that betrayed the son of man to a race that threatened to pollute the genepool." Alucard cackled wickedly,"Who says bigots aren't progressive?" The two teens stared at the vampire completely speechless,

"I order you to silence, Alucard!" Integra demanded before turning to face Kitty, "I apologize for my servant's actions, my ancestor used the power of the occult to bind him to our service. Not even the strongest magics though can do much for an unpleasant personality."

"Alucard!"Rogue exclaimed, "I thought he was D-"

"My ancestor stripped him of his old name and titles." Integra interjected, Rogue though was positively livid,

"I've heard of you!" The southern girl spat, "Yer the asshole who told meh baby brother there was no Santa Claus!" Alucard didn't cackle or even deny it, instead he rolled his eyes,

"He was twelve," Alucard said in an exasperated tone, "He really should have been able to figure out on his own."

"I do hope this has at least dispelled any romantic ideals popular culture has instilled in your minds." Integra said as she left, the two teens didn't have to be told to follow

"Totally, I am so Team Jacob now!" Kitty shouted back towards Alucard's chamber,

"Team Jacob?" Integra asked sounding confused,

"The werewolf from Twilight." Rogue explained,

"Werewolves are actually extinct and were scarcely any better. The last confirmed werewolf was in Warsaw back in 1944 fighting for the Third Reich." The Englishwoman explained,

"Are all vampires and werewolves evil?" Kitty wondered trying to wrap her mind around the ideal of a Nazi werewolf. Personally she preferred Edward and Jacob,

"No, but always remember the "good" ones are the exception the rule." Integra explained,

"Like that Seras woman my mother mentioned?" Rogue asked, Kitty had no idea who that was,

"I suppose she would would fall into that category."

"When do we get to meet her?"Kitty asked eagerly,

"Tomorrow evening I'm afraid, she's out on a mission. Now come along girls the grand tour has scarcely begun." The teens glance wearily at each other wondering what insanity awaited them in the house of Hellsing.

Raven Darkholme's Quarters...

Raven was on the bed in her room feeling fatigued from the trip feeling pleased with her success. She hadn't even changed into more casual wear, Raven was still wearing the form fitting black top, matching fatigues, and combat boots she wore on missions. She did miss her old white dress but had discarded years ago it out of fear of the effect it might have on her son and his view on women. There was also the fact her soldiers had a hard paying attention to her when they were entertaining visions of bedding her.

Mystique thought about the girl and how good of an operative she'd be. Kitty was a little emotionally damaged but sound mental health wasn't exactly a prerequisite to being a successful vampire hunter. Helping the girl track down and kill this Lance Alvers would be cathartic for her though. But the girl would need considerable training before being ready for revenge or field mission. Slowly Raven allowed these worries fade away willing herself to enjoy the peace. Her eyes were closed, her mind was drifting until she felt someone lay next to her. A familiar hand caressed her cheek, "I glad your back." Irene whispered planting a soft kiss on her lips. Raven opened her eyes and stared into face of her lover suddenly not feeling tired at all.

"I'm glad to back my love." Raven replied as she climb on top of her paramour as she traced a finger across Irene's lip, "I'd like to show you just how glad." She said as her hand began slowing went from Irene's lips down to her chin and neck towards the swell of her-

"Raven wait!" Irene said urgently sitting up, the blue woman was practically throw off. She looked at the other woman feeling somewhat hurt until a very familiar flash of yellow appeared and both women were tackled by something warm and fluffy,

"Mother, you are back!" Kurt exclaimed happily as he hugged her with the strength of a juvenile Anaconda. If Raven wasn't being suffocated by her over affectionate son then she would be beating her head against the nearest hard surface for forgetting one of Kurt's oldest habits. Whenever she would return from a trip or an especially long mission he would always act as if he hadn't seen her in years. When he was smaller it was very adorable, nothing could be more heart warming then returning from often horrific missions and to have her little bundle of fur port right into her arms, so full of love. It was a habit that hadn't changed over the years, unfortunately Kurt's size had considerably. Add to it that whenever they were stateside Kurt would also port his sister as well resulted in many bruises. Mystique couldn't bring herself to say wasn't still adorable, just suffocating.

"I foresee your mother turning even bluer if you don't release her." Irene said sounding fairly amused, she had managed to disentangle herself from the other two and was now off the bed. Kurt did as he was asked much to his mother's relief and went over to give Irene a hug, albeit gentler then on he had given her. She felt of Kurt's face and smiled,

"You've grown so much." Kurt grinned brightly,"I can only imagine what a handsome young man you've become my boy." Some of that bright cheer seemed to fade from Kurt's face, like sunny sky marred by a single dark cloud. Any irritation Raven might have felt towards him was gone. Kurt had made some progress regarding his self esteem issues but enough. She went over to her and hugged him,

"He has grown into to be a very handsome young man." She told Irene while looking down at Kurt with a warm smile. He gave a seemingly genuine smile that might have fooled anyone else but her. His golden eyes weren't as bright as they normally were and his tail was limp on the ground.

"How did the recruitment mission go?" he asked changing the subject much to her displeasure. Raven mentally swore she was going to have do something about his self esteem issues on of these days but for she'd let it go,

"I was able to locate the girl and convince her to join the agency." Kurt's tail twitched ever slightly,

"A girl?" He asked curiously, Raven raised an eyebrow at the cautious optimism creeping through him, "Vhat's she like?"

"Her name is Kitty Pride, she's around your age." The tail was now up and swishing back forth,

"Zhere's a girl here?" He pointed down at the floor for emphasis, "In zhis house?" Raven sighed at the look of nervous excitement on Kurt's face. This was something she hadn't really thought of her son's reaction up until now. Kurt had never been around a girl his age before save his sister. Raven tried very hard not to think about some of the more...awkward moments between her children. Getting back to the matter at hand she decided it best just to level with Kurt

"Yes," Raven answered and held up a hand to held the deluge of questions she were coming, "and the past few weeks of her life have been an absolute hell. Her parents were murdered and she was living on the streets when I found her. She hasn't even been able to fully process everything that's happened to her up until this point." Her tone was a little firmer then she intended it to be,

"Mien gott!" He exclaimed as his eye went wide. Kurt couldn't imagine anything worse then loosing your family. He hung his head low,"Perhaps I'll just make myself scarce."

"I'm not saying to avoid her!" Raven shouted causing her son to practically jump out of his fur. She took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of her nose, "I'm certain she could use a friend just be sure to temper yourself." He nodded,

"Yes mother." He told her respectfully,

"Good," She replied before kissing him on the cheek,"I promise we'll have time to spend together tomorrow but right now I'm very tired from my trip." Kurt nodded respectfully,

"Of course mother." He said before teleporting out of the room.

"I hope your not too tired." Irene said coyly,

"Of course not my love," Raven said, the seer couldn't help but notice her lover's tone was distant, thoughtfully, " But I wonder...Katherine Darkholme" she muttered,"it does have an elegant ring to it." One of the things Destiny loved about Mystique was her ability to take her by surprise. Despite her often strict demeanor Raven had an impulsive streak that flared without warning. Sometimes for the better...or not.

"Are you intending to adopt the girl?" Though she couldn't see it Raven was shaking her head,

"I was more thinking of her as a future daughter-in-law." The shapeshifter clarified, "Kurt's position with Hellsing is cemented, a proper suitor is the only thing left to take care of as far as his future is concerned." Destiny sighed knowing she needed to reign the other woman in. Raven had grown in a time when parents far more often then not decided what their children would do and whom they would marry. Sadly their children's lives had required far more long term planning but this was going to far,

"You think Kitty is the right choice?" Irene asked sceptically, more often then not she had had to an indirect approach to making Raven see the flaws in her less sound plans.

"Not as she is now of course," Raven replied,"she needs to grieve her loss and of course my son being who is will make a point of comforting her. Of course she will no doubt find it very endearing." Mystique became more animated as she went on, "That's the best part his compassion will do most of the work, you and I will only have to give a few helpful nudges here and there. The right advice when he asks it of us-"

"He may not come to us for advice," Irene warned, Raven looked taken a back at that,

"We're his parents, who else would he ask?" She clearly sounded hurt,

"His sister?" Irene suggested not wanting to mention Walter or any of the soldiers he occasionally socialized with were also good possibilities, "They've always confided in one another."

"Of course, perhaps she should be brought in on this endeavor." Raven had been wanting to spend some quality with her daughter, the shopping trip to London had been fun but didn't really make up for lost time. Initially she had planned on having Rogue help with ensuring Maxwell's immediate demise but this would probably more to the girl's liking,

"I think she would be interested in seeing Kurt with someone. But I think you should think before going any further with this plan." She urged, "If Kurt develops feelings for this young woman we should certainly support them both. But what you're speaking of borders on outright manipulation," Irene said as she placed a hand on Raven's shoulder "Enemies should be manipulated, not the children in our care." She felt Raven's shoulder's slump, "You could very well wind up hurting him deeply in the long run.. At the very least all your hen pecking may wind up driving them apart rather then closer." To Raven's surprise Irene then smiled "You don't need to manage every aspect of his life, If you remember my own mother tried very hard to force an arranged marriage on me when I was his age." Raven grinned as understanding dawned,

"Whatever did you do?" The shapeshifter asked coyly as she wrapped her arms around the brunette,

"I gave up my maidenhood to a mysterious private detective who haunted my dreams and to add scandal to intrigue we ran off together." Irene whispered in Raven's ear, her lover surprised her once more with a snort,

"Maidenhood? I'm certain the detective in this story was taken aback by your...skills." Raven's tone was accusing,

"It's called natural talent dear," Irene said as she started nuzzling her lover's neck, "You were my first."

"Really? I'm fairly certain you knew things I didn't know that night."

"It's possible I had the foreknowledge of what would please you." She admitted,

"Do you know what would please me now?" As it turned she certainly most certainly did...

In yet another part of the Manor...

Kitty and Rogue had forgotten or at least forgiven their disputations after the encounter with Alucard. At the end of the "Grand tour" Integra lead them back to their living quarters and stated the two teens would be roommates. Despite Rogue's expressed displeasure their new boss's decision was finale, Kitty decided to try and make the best of it, "So was it true what tall, red, and wicked said about you?" Kitty asked hoping to start up a conversation. The Goth was sitting on her own bed with a book titled Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Rogue glanced at her,

"I was adopted." She replied curtly wondering if the other girl was going to make something of it. Kitty's expression was more curious then anything else,

"What about your brother, I think your mom said his name was Kurt, was he adopted?" Clearly she wanted to talk, Rogue guessed this girl had been the chatty, gossip type.

"We're roomin' together so we might as well get know one another." With a quiet sigh Rogue made a mental note of the page she was on and closed the book.

"Kurt's her child by birth." She answered and pulled a photograph out of one of her suitcases. It was a photo of her and Kurt from last Christmas, they sitting side by on a stone bench in the snowed -in backyard of Irene's house in the Austrian countryside. Rogue smiled at the photo, she wore virtually every piece of winter-gear available while Kurt was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts thanks to his winter coat. Rogue handed the picture to Kitty, her blue eyes widened,

"I guess he takes after your mom." Kitty tilted her head to the side, "Is that a tail?" she asked in disbelief,

"What of it?" Rogue asked her eyes narrowing, Kitty handed the picture back to her,

"It's just a little freaky." Pride mentally kicked herself for not thinking before she spoke. Rogue was glaring daggers at her, "I'm really sorry!" Katherine said quickly,"I'm still getting used to all of this." The Southern goth said nothing and went back to her Southern Gothic novel. She was trying desperately to think of something to say. There was a soft knock at the door,

"Rogue?" A voice were a strong German accent spoke,

"Come in little bro," Rogue said casting a single gray eye towards Kitty who froze on the spot. The door opened and in came the blue devil-like boy she had seen in the picture. He was wearing a maroon button-up short-sleeved shirt and a pair of blue jeans. In his hands he held some violets planted in a ceramic pot, Kurt noticed her immediately. He froze waiting the scream most people loosed when they saw him for the first time. She seem to be trying to say something but couldn't seem to form the words properly. Kurt could see that that she unnerved by his appearance, he wanted to say something but he found himself tongue-tied. Something about the her eyes kept distracting him, they were almost almond shaped and a very soft shade of blue. The blue of a spring sky, such a pretty color. His heart rate was going up as tried to remember how to speak.

"Dammit all! You faced down Anderson you can give a girl some flowers! Offer your condolences and leave!" Kurt took a deep breath and asked: "Are you Kitty Pride?"

"Y-yes." She answered uncertain of what would happen next. Being handed flowers was that last thing she expected,

"I'm Kurt Darkholme," He introduced himself in solemn tone and a slight bow, "I vished to offer mien condolences for your loss." At a loss for words Kitty took the lowers and watched as Kurt's tail went into his pocket. A second later it pulled out a piece paper with some words scribbled on it, "These are instructions on how to properly care for them." Kurt explained as he placed the paper next to her,

"Thank you." Kitty said softly and hugged the pot close to her, "They're very pretty." He gave her a relived smile and another bow,

"I'm very glad Frau Pride, if you two vould excuse me I have business with Valter."

"Whut do ya need to talk that creep for?" Rogue asked, Kurt seemed hurt at her tone.

"He's not a creep, I've learned a lot from him over the years." His foster sister rolled her eyes but said nothing else, "Anyways I'm going to talk to him about expanding my arsenal, I vas thinking of knife of some sort." Kurt said as he left, after a moment Kitty quietly got up and placed the pot in the window.

"What did he mean by your loss." Rogue asked,

"My parents were killed a few weeks back." Kitty said tightly and started tearing up. Rogue winced, the girl clearly had been through hell. She honestly didn't what she'd do if something happened to her family. Rouge was about to say something but the other girl cut her off, "This was really sweet of him." She said as she examined the petals of the plant,

"He'd be your best friend if you'd let him." Rogue said with a smile that fell fairly quickly, "Most folks don't give him that chance."

"I'll try, I promise," Kitty said, "Could we be friends too?" That took Rogue by surprise, the other girl stared at her with those big blue eyes so full of hope. Hoping this wouldn't turnout to be a case of "no good deed goes unpunished" she answered:

"Um sure." The other girl practical bounced over to her and hugged her. Aside from the fact that her lethal energy draining abilities could kick in at anytime Rogue had never been one for affection, "Stop hugging meh or Ah'll change meh mind!" Kitty let go of her immediately, the girl picked up the picture of the Darkholme siblings from earlier.

" grew up with this stuff." Kitty stated, "What was that like?" Rogue glanced forlornly at her book knowing she wouldn't get back to it anytime soon.

Vatican City, Rome, Italy...

It was midnight and two figures stared at one another in mutual loathing in the shadow of the ancient obelisk at the heart of Saint Peter's Square. Though he was smiling politely Enrico Maxwell, the silver-haired head of the Iscariot Agency felt nothing but contempt for the pale skinned Asian youth. The dark-haired bespectacled teen was Uryu Ishida, last or at least one of the last of the Quincy, a group as zealous as his own when it came to hunting the many unholy monsters that stalked the world. Behind Ishida was his apprentice; a young teen of Amerindian decent named Dani Moonstar. Vatican Intelligence wasn't certain how she came under his tutelage but she was decently skilled at the Quincy's craft. The Iscariot leader gave a contemptuous look at the small silver chain and cross on the girl's wrist.

In the distant past the Quincy had been started out as a heretical order of Christian priests with an interest in arcane knowledge and demon hunting, their use of the cross as their emblem of their group and in the design of their artifacts was one of the few indications of this heritage that could still be found today. When Constantine the Great gave support to the Catholic Church the Quincy, like many other fringe sects, fled eastward. It was in these lands that the Quincy began studying the teachings of Nestorius, Zoroaster, Mani, and Buddha losing their Christian identity over time as a result. The bulk of the clan had wound up in China and Japan by the middle ages with a few branches in Germany of all places, records still weren't clear how that happened. There was also a record of at least one Quincy master serving as a court magician under the Kommenos Dynasty in Constantinople, he was later on killed during sacking of that city during the Fourth Crusade after taking out several hundred knights. Such cases though were very rare, for the most part they completely removed themselves from political affairs focusing instead purely their unending war against demons and other such monsters.

Maxwell though had little real interest in these histories save the insight they gave him in to the mind of the sorcerous archer and his student. He would have loved nothing more then to snuff out the last remnants of the Quincy but Enrico was hoping to play off one enemy against another. The Italian priest smiled and greeted his guest in English: "It is a pleasure to welcome the Quincy to Rome." Uryu remained impassive while Dani smiled,

"Thank you Father, it's a very lovely city." She said trying to be friendly and not think about what Mr. Ishida told her about these people,

"Why did you call this meeting?" Ishida asked bluntly,

"Straight to the point, an admirable enough trait." Maxwell said and handed the boy a file with the emblem of the Vatican stamped on it, "Are you familiar with the Neyaphem?" Uryu nodded and hesitantly took the file, at first he skimmed it's contents but started to slow down.

"You are certain of this?" Enrico nodded gravely,

"Anderson acquired a sample of the boy's blood when they clashed in North Ireland some time back." Uryu allowed an insufferable sneer to grace his face,

"Your most powerful paladin failed against a single boy? My grandfather once told me your order was far better at supporting tyrants and butchering the helpless rather then actually fighting demons and undead." Enrico gave him a venomous smile,

"In case you missed it oh vaunted Quincy the boy is under the protection of Hellsing." Ishida flipped a few pages, "They even gave the boy and his wretched kin human status." Maxwell added with disgust,

"So it would appear." Ishida said dryly, "I wasn't aware they allowed Alucard to create a new fledgling."

"Who's Alucard?" Dani asked her teacher curiously,

"A vampire the Hellsing agency enslaved and augmented to hunt other vampires." He explained, "If there ever was a dangerous monstrosity that should be put down." Uryu said as he handed the file back to Maxwell, "However I'm not some common assassin, I have more pressing concerns." Ishida said before turning to walk away,

"You should know we have found several others." Uryu stopped, "If they are not dealt with you know it will be the beginning of the end." Maxwell pleaded thoroughly despising the desperation in his voice, "That boy almost never leaves their headquarters as far as I know and the one time he did he had that abomination with him. As loathe as I am to admit it you may actually be the only person aside from Anderson able to match El Nosferatu in battle. Do this for me and I'll arrange the return of certain artifacts from your order." A pair dark eyebrows rose above Uryu's glasses,

"Are you that desperate?" The priest resisted the urge to spit in the quincy's face,

"Determined, not desperate." Enrico replied coolly as his confident demeanor returned "If you won't do it then I shall find another way. He has an adopted sister I'm given to understand he's quite fond of," Both Quincies looked thoroughly disgusted,

"You have no honor." Uryu spat to which Enrico sneered and replied;

"I am a disciple of Judas Iscariot, mine is only the ends. How it is accomplished?" He simply shrugged, "Is irrelevant to me, killing this child of Hell will avert the end of days. That is my only concern, you killing the Neyaphem will spare the life of a young woman who's only sin was being adopted to serve as this thing's playmate!" He exclaimed while holding up the photo of Kurt Darkholme.

"You're a horrible person!" Dani yelled, Enrico smiled at the girl,

"And you are a filthy little savage." Her brown eyes widened, to his joy she looked as if she had been punched in the stomach. Said joy ended when Uryu grabbed him by the throat,

"Apologize you worthless maggot!" Enrico was surprised by the boy's strength but wouldn't let that deter him.

"Mr. Ishida don't," Dani pleaded placing a hand his arm, "He's not worth it." Uryu turned to face his student, she looked ready to cry. A sight that made him want to snap the deranged clergyman's neck right there despite her pleas for mercy. The sight of a red dot appearing on her forehead gave him pause, he kept his face composed to avoid frightening Dani. By himself he could've handled Maxwell and what ever back up was present, but Dani wasn't at that skill level yet.

"What kind of example are setting for your student?" Maxwell chided despite the constricted windpipe as several more sharpshooters drew beads on the girl's vital spots. The Quincy released his grip on Maxwell's throat, glaring at the priest he picked up the file, "You will find two first class tickets to London in that file, enjoy." The two Quincies slowly began walking away, Maxwell picked himself up feeling very satisfied. Things hadn't gone as smoothly as he had hoped but such was the way of things. With Kurt Darkholme's death virtually assured he could start dealing the bigger picture. Mutants were becoming more numerous and it would be only a matter of time before their existence became common knowledge.

What a wondrous day that would be; the fear mankind would experience. For to long the liberals, the humanists, and the secularists maintained a stranglehold on the perceptions of man. They had worked so hard to convince people that the fantastical and the supernatural were non existent. The Nephilim's descendants would be the first to shatter those views. As governments would try but fail to deal with the fear and panic the Church would provide man and mutant alike with the leadership it needed.

Maxwell brushed aside the concerns of the swarm of security personnel determined to dote and fuss over his bruised throat. He was far to elated to be concerned with physical pain, he had a spy in the ranks of the Hellfire Club and he was making arrangements to place a source within the student body of a certain human rights advocate. By the grace of God he would goad the mutant factions towards open conflict, perhaps down the road he would allow the masses to learn that even deadlier things lurked in the shadows. It did seem like a good future as far as Maxwell was concerned, a bright future indeed.

Author's Notes: Just to let you know thier will be no appearances by any Shinigami or probably any other characters from Bleach. As for Dani I really took a liking to her character in the recent run of New Mutants and thought being a Quincy would suite her quite well. I will go into how she became Uryu's student later on, peace out!