Tamara and Sasha's story before 2012 - No love at first sight

This is in many ways an experiment. First, because it's a love story written for the fandom of a doomsday movie. Second: I decided not to include dialogue. And then the form. Most paragraphs start with "Tamara…" and the next paragraph will have "Sasha…", telling the story from both their perspectives. So often the two paragraphs will be similar.

Okay, enough talk. I enjoyed writing this, because we know nearly nothing about each of their lives, so it was fun to make a background story up.

Warning: Will be cheesy and romantic. ;)

Disclaimer: Would I write Fanfiction if I owned any of the movies/books/TV shows? No. Nothing is mine except the plot.

Have fun!


When Tamara first met Sasha she thought he was just another of Yuri's loyal employees without a mind of their own and never even daring to question one of his orders.

When Sasha first met Tamara he thought she was just another of those arrogant and ignorant rich girlies, more concerned with their appearance than the end of the world.

The first few months or so Yuri's boys were absolutely fascinated by the pilot. And he did everything he could to keep them content (which included flights in a little plane with stunts that really weren't allowed). They actually got Yuri to pay Sasha a raise. And they treated him much better than they treated Tamara.

They were friendly and (even though demanding) respectful. Two things they had never been around Tamara.

Tamara envied Sasha. And not only, because the twins liked him (of course, that was a part too), but because he could do what he wanted. Yes, he was employed by Yuri as their pilot, but he had more freedom -in many ways- than she had. And because she was frustrated and had forgotten how to appropriately deal with misdirected anger, she tried everything to make Sasha's work harder. In some ways she succeeded.

Sasha found the kids easy to deal with. Of course they demanded a lot and were kind of annoying sometimes, he had no problem to impress them. They were usually happy passengers if he put one or the other stunt in his flights. Yuri's wife on the other hand. She was never satisfied. No matter what he did, somehow nothing would please her. It was almost like she hated him for some strange reason.

The twins lost their interest though and Sasha became not more important than the guy who cooks their meals. Sasha was okay with that for the most part. After all this was just another job.

One night he was walking down the corridor. Heading no where. (And he still got lost in this giant mansion - why someone would need so many rooms and hallways was beyond him.) When all of sudden a door burst open and Tamara came running out of it. The corridor was dark and Tamara looked down, so she ended up crashing into him. He immediately steadied her, took a step backwards and apologized. That was when he noticed her face. Her eyes were red from crying and her make-up was smeared. She looked miserable and desperate and all those things that she was, but never showed. For a moment she looked up at him with something resembling hope in her eyes. But then as soon as it arrived it was gone and she straightened her back and lifted up her chin, a proud expression on her face. And since she appeared to be waiting for something, he apologized again and stepped aside. She hurried past him with a huff.

But when she thought he couldn't see her anymore she turned around again, her gaze still sad and longing.

Everything changed from that night. It was like the earth spun the way round and Sasha and Tamara were the only one to notice.

Tamara was embarrassed at first that one of their employees had seen her like that. But then she thought about the genuine concern in his bright blue eyes and found herself wanting to talk to him and be comforted by him.

Sasha could not stop thinking about the grief he saw that day in that young women's beautiful face. He found himself wanting to help her and make her feel better.

None of them acted on their feelings though. Tamara for her part was too proud and afraid of Yuri. Sasha was insecure and very aware of the fact that she was his employer's wife. So they continued living like before, with the exception of a few stolen glances and Tamara being a lot less nasty and Sasha striving to fulfill all her requests as perfectly as possible.

Until one night they ran into each other again. The occasion was pretty similar to the last time. Sasha wandering around in the dark corridors (still lost) and Tamara storming out of a room unsettled and obviously crying. Only this time it was different. Sasha didn't step back. Instead he wrapped his arms around her and just held her. Tamara didn't bother to get her dignity back. Instead she let herself break down in her employee's arms in the middle of a hallway.

Sasha took her back to his room. Just because he didn't know where she was usually sleeping and he didn't want to interrupt and ask her something so insignificant. He was half carrying her and half letting her walk alone. She never stopped crying. She seemed unconcerned with what was happening around her. Sasha laid her carefully down on his bed. Her heart wrecking sobs had ceased to a soft whimpering, which suggested that she was slowly falling asleep. Normally he would have been deeply concerned about that whole topic of having a married woman sleeping in his bed, but right then everything he cared about was making Tamara as comfortable and content as possible. When she finally was breathing steadily, he left her side and settled in an armchair across the room. He just hoped that her reaction in the morning wouldn't be too bad.

Tamara felt like in a daze. All the emotions she had kept hidden for so long came bursting out and strangely it felt good. It felt good to finally have someone know how she really felt, to have someone hold her like he never would let go. She had almost forgotten how it felt to be cared for. She was barely aware of the change in surroundings and honestly she didn't give a damn. She felt secure in his arms and as her back touched the soft mattress she felt herself slowly finding her way into sleep. He never stopped holding her.

When Tamara woke up in the morning, she felt better than she had in a long time. As if some weight had been lifted up her shoulders. She took in the unfamiliar room and her gaze settled on the blond haired figure hunched in an armchair. Her memories flooded back and she couldn't stop herself from smiling. A real genuine smile. She realized that she hadn't been this happy for so long and she felt like she never wanted to leave this room. Or the person that lived in here and was unconsciously giving her so much. Sighing she stood up. Carefully not to disturb the sleeping pilot she made her way over to him. Because he was much taller than her she didn't need to bend down far to reach him even in his sitting position. She gazed at his features and cautiously placed a kiss upon his lips.

When Sasha woke up, he was not surprised to find Tamara gone. Actually he was somewhat glad to not have to explain the situation to her. That would have been exceedingly awkward and could have easily lead to him getting fired. He realized that he was still in the cloths from the day before and changed into fresh ones. As far as he knew the twins were on a class trip and Yuri had left for an important meeting this morning (with his car of course, otherwise Sasha would be in deep trouble). With nothing to do he took out a book and began reading.

What surprised him, however, was that after a few pages Tamara came back.

Tamara hesitated before she opened the door. She honestly didn't know what exactly she was doing here. All she knew was that she had never felt so secure as she had last night. And something that felt so right and good couldn't be wrong, could it? So she took a deep breath and went inside. She noted that he had changed his cloths and was now calmly reading a book in the same chair he slept in. Huh, she didn't know that he read. Then again, she didn't really know anything about him. Suddenly embarrassed she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, not sure how to start. Was it appropriate to say that he made her feel whole for the first time in who knows how long? Probably not. She did it anyway.

Sasha couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was his boss' wife practically confessing her love for him? For a few moments he wondered if he was still sleeping and this was a dream. He looked at her. Beautiful, vulnerable Tamara. He knew what he should have done. He should have politely told her to leave, breaking her heart and never looking her into the eyes again. That's not what he did, though. It was simply impossible to do so. Was it appropriate to close the distance between them and kiss her? Definitely not. He did it anyway.

Tamara soon realized that love exists. She had always thought that her life was over, that she would have no shot at happiness. But now, she had found her paradise in his arms. There was nothing she liked better than being close to him. They had to be careful of course, because Yuri was still there, but they always made time for each other. Every day she was grateful for the unconditional love she received and even though her problems didn't vanish they seemed a lot less horrible with him around.

Sasha never expected to fall in love. Not like that anyway. Not the 'I would die for you'-kind of love. But now there was no denying. He would do anything for her, she was the best thing that ever happened to him. She made him happy just by smiling at him. Of course, they would have to keep it secret for both of them. But it didn't matter. Nothing mattered besides her love.

For them life was good.

Until the world started to end.