Dying moments 2 Tamara

So here comes finally Tamara's dying moment. Wow, this is really depressing to write (I hope not too depressing to read). I guess I'll just write something funny next…

Tamara died when they were trying to sneak onto one of the arks and it was flooded.

They were just trying to survive. After the plane crash this bastard Yuri and the Chinese soldiers had left them to die. She guessed that they got lucky when this old couple decided to take mercy on them. Then they got unlucky again. Water was rushing into the ship's body. And she was trapped. She saw the family getting into safety before her. Somehow that was an encouraging sight. With effort she pushed her dog through the space and let herself fall back into the water. The only sounds she could hear was the gurgling water.


She hadn't known that the world was going to end. Unlike Yuri. She had been as surprised as the boxer when they suddenly left the match. She had no idea. On the way to get the kids Yuri shortly explained to her that a great part of humanity was going to die. What should one do when receiving such a message? But apparently she would be okay, because Yuri was rich enough to buy tickets for the arks, the only way to survive the apocalypse. She was glad of course. But then it slowly dawned on her that Sasha would still die. No matter what happened. No matter if they made it to the ships in time. Her love would die. And there was nothing she could do about it.


She gasped for air. She wasn't dead yet. But she was pretty sure that it was just a matter of time. She couldn't swim any longer and water was flowing in from everywhere. Panic and useless adrenalin rushed through her body. The fear was short lived however. In a way she had already died with Sasha. What had kept her going was pure instinct, a hereditary desire to live, even though there was nothing to live for. Somehow she was immensely relieved that she wouldn't have to face a broken world. A broken world without the one person to fulfill her. Her tired muscles gave up on her. The end was just seconds away.

The death was a struggle. She felt the terrible need for oxygen, but she couldn't breath. Water was filling her lungs and still her body continued fighting. It was a while until it stopped functioning.

Her last thought was about air actually. But her last coherent thought was about him. She was sad for the life they hadn't been allowed to lead, but happy to at least be united with him in death.

Oh, it got a little cheesy in the end. Apparently I can't keep the romance away. : )