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If it had been me the series would have been NC-17, the plot would be more than "mice save the world by blowing stuff up" and have more nudity.
It also would have run far longer than just 3 seasons and would have aired late at night when all the kiddies are in bed.
But alas, they don't belong to me.
But then you knew that already, its implied in the word FAN-Fiction.
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This last bit was not of my own creation either, I'm not that original.
The quote comes from this site: . and its from Badgequest: "If At First You Don't Succeed..." by Cyberwraith9
Yes I know that's pokemon, but if you didn't know that pokemon is evil and will come at you from all directions while you sleep, then I think you don't know much at all.
And no I don't own pokemon either, all though why that is relevant in a disclaimer for a fanfic about mice from mars I really don't know.
And now a small recap: I don't own Biker Mice from Mars.
I know I've said that already, but its a long disclaimer so I needed to state it again.

And now to the important stuff.

Title: Tailspin
Chapter: 1
Author: DBZVelena
Series: Biker Mice from Mars.
Pairing: Throttle/Vinnie, hinted at other possible pairings.
Warnings: This is SLASH fanfiction, if you don't know what that means, go away. If you read anyway and after decide to flame me, I'll laugh at your idiocy. You have been warned. Any other warnings are irrelevant because I don't write character death unless its a badguy and who cares about them. I don't write rape, so you don't have to worry about that either. And if there is a pink bunny seen anywhere near this fic, I'm sure Vinnie will shoot it. So you're safe.

And now... Lets start the story!

Charley had to duck to avoid the wrench that was flying through the air as she walked out of her office and in to the garage part of the Last chance garage.
The guys were all busy tweaking their rides. Making sure everything worked properly, any damages were repaired and that they were in general battle readiness.
She smiled as she walked towards her truck, surprisingly some rich idiot had his car break down not far from her shop.
Of course the rich prick had first called his usual garage, but upon hearing his exact location had promptly referred him to the last chance garage. None of the uptown garages dared to come in this part of town. to afraid of being robed, or ending in the middle of a street war.
She wasn't scared though, having lived there as long as she had she knew every street kid by name, knew what parts she could travel, what parts to avoid and what parts were like playing with your life if you entered it and weren't part of the gang operating in that part.
The funny thing was, because she was really the only mechanic willing to come in that neighborhood. It generally meant she had a free passage through any of those parts as long as she was in her truck and it was day. At night not even she could help a stranded traveler.

Charley got in to her truck, telling the guys where she was going and that she'd only be a minute. The guys all responded that they had heard but didn't look up from where they were working on their bikes.

Vinnie was tweaking his bike's engine. He wanted it to go just a tiny bit faster, if only to impress Throttle. Yup, Vincent van Wham and all the other stuff he called him self, had a crush on their leader.
Unfortunately, Throttle was very much with Carbine despite the distance.
Vinnie didn't know if the two were bonded, but it was very likely. You don't stick to one girl this long and despite the big distance between Mars and Earth if there wasn't a good reason.

Which was why instead of going after Throttle and flirting with him, Vinnie was keeping up appearances by flirting with everything in sight that was still single. Not that it mattered, he never went beyond loud boasts and heavy flirting.
Charley was the one getting to face most of that and she knew it was all just show. He had tried something with her early on, but hadn't been able to go through with it, instead he had spend the whole evening telling her all about his huge crush on Throttle.
She had been comforting and had told him he could always tell her anything.

It had been a relief that she didn't look at it like some other humans did.
But humans didn't have something like the whole bonding thing. Or at least not on the level Martian mice do.
There were three levels of bonds.
The first is a family bond, its created when a kit first looks up at his or her mom's face. This bond can only be broken by death.
The second bond is the bond of friendship, this bond works similar to a family bond and can even get just as strong if the circumstances allow it.
The third bond is the bond of love and life, this bond is for life and beyond. Once bonded and one of the two die, usually the other dies too. Only in extremely rare cases has this bond been broken, and usually only because the one dieing willfully broke the bond to prevent their loved one from dieing too.

Vinnie was glad they had the second bond so tight it could rival a first bond, if he still had that one. but his mom died a long time ago.
Killed by Plutarkians when she had been defending her only son.
He'd been eight at the time. Thankfully the bastards hadn't seen him or he'd never survived as long as he had.
He'd been taken in by couple of bikers, they raised him practically on a bike.
However he never forgot how him mom had defended him. He had joined the Freedom Fighters because of her memory.

Vinnie glanced over to where Throttle was working. It was middle of summer during a heat wave and Throttle was only wearing a pair of very short cutoffs. Giving Vinnie enough inspiration for at least a month of private fantasies.
Vinnie sighed and turned back towards his bike with a sigh and continued his work.

He never noticed Throttle looking at him right after Vinnie had turned back to his bike.

/He's looking again, why is he always looking at me. I just don't get it./

Throttle mused over this recent development. Though if he was really honest with him self, he knew it had been going on much longer than just the last few weeks. But ever since that interplanetary communication from last week it had been happening more often to the point that he couldn't ignore it anymore.
Vinnie was staring at him and it sure as hell wasn't because of his leadership capabilities.
But how to find out why Vinnie was staring would not be easy. Vincent was indeed loud and talked allot but rarely about what he was feeling. most of the time he was just boasting and generally being annoying.
It made Throttle sometimes wonder what went on in that handsome head of his.

Ok, he admitted it. in a clinical, non romantic, just my bro, kind of way. He found Vinnie handsome, even with the faceplate. In fact it gave Vincent's face a bit more character. Way back when before Vinnie had gotten hurt, he had looked way to young to be fighting in a war.
It had probably been why Stoker had been extra hard on Vinnie back then.

Throttle sighed and went back to work on his bike.
Modo on the other hand had to bite his hand not to laugh at his two bro's. They had been dancing around each other for ages.
Oh, he knew Throttle had a relationship with Carbine, but they weren't bonded. Carbine had refused to bond way back when they had still been on Mars. She had said she didn't want the double risk of dieing. He remembered how devastated Throttle had been then.
And since then their love for each other had been slowly bleeding to death.
By his estimate it wouldn't be long before one or the other or both would give up on the whole thing and move on.
He just hoped that Throttle would see the love right in front of him. All he would have to do is give Vinnie a sign that he was interested and then the sparks would fly.
Modo was sure of it, it was only a matter of time.