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Title: Tailspin
Chapter: 8
Author: DBZVelena
Series: Biker Mice from Mars.
Pairing: Throttle/Vinnie, hinted at other possible pairings.
Warnings: This is SLASH fanfiction, if you don't know what that means, go away. If you read anyway and after decide to flame me, I'll laugh at your idiocy. You have been warned. In this chapter there mentions of death, but just natural death. Everything grows old and dies some time you know. (The Gundam Wing fandom excluded, that one is immortal) So I think tissue alert can be waved for this next chapter. Also a note: in this story the Plutarkians took a whole lot longer to get Mars than is implied in the series. Why? Because its more likely than a "they got mars in 2 years" kind of thing. I mean, look at how long its taking them to get earth... *grins*

A/N: Sorry, its been a while. I blame life and the fact that I move from fandom to fandom all the time to keep my interest fresh. Also reviews are a writers life, so leave some :p

Throttle went to him bike staring in the distance. His head full of way to many things at once. Momma's death, His breakup with Carbine, which apparently had happened without his involvement. Being back on Mars and back where he had grown up. It was all just filling his head up so much he had trouble focusing on the actual thoughts beyond the pain filling him up from Momma's death and Modo's anguish. In fact through all of it Vinnie was feeling like a nice cool shade from it all. Like he could just mentally crawl right in to him arms and be safe from all the pain.

It felt nice, it was so rare that he could be something besides their teams cool collected leader. Supposedly always clearheaded and knowing in what to do. Right that moment, he really didn't think he had even a small clue as to what to do.

"Hey, Bro. You alright?"

The sound of the younger ones voice startled Throttle. He hadn't even noticed he'd been followed outside. After taking a breath to calm him frayed nerves Throttle tried to answer. But no sound came out, so choked up on emotion that it all just got stuck in his thought.

"No, you're not are ya? And why should ya. In a way that was your momma too who died. Ya might not have had the connection, doesn't mean ya don't feel the hurt!"

And then Vinnie hugged him from behind. Wrapping strong arms around him. The feeling of a cool shade intensified with the touch. In fact, the feeling made him feel a little dizzy. As if they were connecting on a deeper level than normal. A little scary, but at the same time it felt so safe.

Throttle couldn't remember the last time he had truly felt safe. So he mentally took the feeling and wrapped him self up in it. Covering his whole mental world with that feeling. It helped to keep the pain at bay. Both his own and the echo from Modo. It felt like coming home, his first home, of which he only had vague memories.

They stood like that for a long time. Vinnie reveling in the feeling of holding his long time crush, all though with the time he had held that feeling in his heart, you couldn't really call it a crush. He had been longer in love with Throttle than his time with Harley. And boy was there a guilt trip in that thought. So Vinnie pushed the thought away and just concentrated on the feel of Throttle in his arms at last without any need for macho horseplay being involved. I mean it had become ridicules at what stunts he was pulling just so he could have an excuse to touch.

With his arms around his long time secret love, he felt it. Small sure, but it was something he had been yearning for so long that he couldn't help but notice right way. The beginning of deepening of their bond. It would take time and lots of care. But if he worked hard and proved him self to be what Throttle needed that tiny feeling would be able to grow in to a full love bond. Oh, how he looked forward to that.

But for now, Vinnie knew. He had to be strong, be his Bro's rock in the sea of painful emotions. So that they would all be able to cope and get through it. So for now, no more Vinnie the maniac sugar high mouse. Instead he'd be Vinnie the strong and supportive mouse.

Inside the house Modo was toying with the key in his hand even as he and Carbine were standing in the kitchen. Apparently the kitchen had somehow been declared serious talk zone. All though when this had happened, he didn't know. In the old days, Momma had always done the serious talks outside behind the house. Saying that the kitchen was the heart of any home and should not be a place with painful memories. Which reminded him of Momma's cookbooks. How in the world was he going to get all of them back to Earth with him. She had owned over a thousand different copies. Ranging from traditional Martian dishes to Plutarkian ways to prepare worms, to even a copy of a earth cookbook which he had given Rimfire to bring her. All though he still didn't know why in the world Momma had wanted a cookbook on Plutarkian recipes.

"Carbine I asked to talk to you because of something Momma gave me before she died." Modo then reluctantly held out the chain with its precious key.

"This key belongs to the door in the cliff side. You know, the one we could never open on pain of a severe spanking from Momma. Inside is my old man's bio-sample collection. His practically complete bio-sample collection. I think it might be the key to fixing Mars' Ecosystem so it will finally be able to recover from what the Plutarkians have done during and after the war. Thing is, I have no clue how do use it. But I think you do. So I'm entrusting my da' legacy to you. So you can use it to rebuild Mars completely. Instead of just little bits and pieces. I just hope this is the right thing to do."

Carbine was staring with wide eyes at the key. An almost complete bio-sample collection of every living thing that had lived on Mars? Something like that had only existed in her wildest dreams. And now, here it was. Just a key and a door away. She had to be dreaming. Had she fallen asleep during the wake? If she had that would be kind of embarrassing.

"Pinch me!"

Modo stared at Carbine, what was she on? Why did he have to pinch her? Well, Modo wasn't one to deny a lady, any lady! Even a seemingly crazy one. He was wondering if he shouldn't instead give the key to Stoker... So Modo pinched Carbine on her arm.

"Youch! That hurt!"

Carbine stared at Modo as he rolled his eyes. Of course it hurt! She wasn't dreaming, they key and its treasure were really real! She was going to really get the chance to fix Mars! The thought was so startling. It was like that first rain after the 15 year global drought. As if suddenly by way of a miracle, there was hope again for their people. A light at the end of a very long tunnel. Mars would be green again, and pink, and blue and all those other beautiful colors. Like it had been in their youths. Like it had only been in her secret dreams for her unborn children.

"Modo, do you know what a treasure you're giving me? Give me your fathers name and it will be in Mars' history books along side yours for all to read and be thankful of the great gift you're giving our people. Neither of you will ever be forgotten in the centuries ahead I swear it!"

Modo blushed to the very tip of his tail at Carbine's words. He hadn't thought of any of that. Just that she would know better what to do with his da' collection than him.

"My Da was Griffith, the best biologist and botanist of Mars. At least according to Momma."

Carbine just stared. She knew who Griffith was. Legend was the man had collected a bio-sample of all living Martian organisms before dying during the hunt for his last samples. Which was ironic since it was also the only creature that had survived the Plutarkians. It was almost as if the creatures had only survived because Griffith had been unable to get his final sample to preserve them. And so had protected them from the beyond. But if that key was really the one to that legendary collection. It would mean Mars really would be able to become as it once was. She just hoped they had the expertise to make use of it all.

Carbine finally took the key and gave Modo a watery smile. Like she could start crying at any moment. Oh, Modo hoped not! He hated crying woman. He rarely knew what to do. Even with his upbringing of always treating a Lady right, didn't mean he knew what to do!

"Well, that's really all I had to say.. So, lets get back to the others ok?"

And so Modo led Carbine back to the benches and tables part of the old roadside diner.