Age: 21

Kyoya ate some of his breakfast and looks up once he hears your footsteps coming down the stairs. Well coming down the stairs is the wrong way to put it. It was more like a deranged wingless woodpecker who had a sexual fascination with wall.

You fully lean against the wall, your pillar of support, and simply drag yourself down and follow the wall all the way into the kitchen without separating from it.

"?" Kyoya looks on with curiosity. You come out of the kitchen with a bowl, a bag of M&Ms and milk and sit in front of him.

He takes a closer look and notices your hair is messy and a bit greasy, your eyes are bloodshot and a glob of snot is hanging from your nose. You wrinkle your nose, as if taking notice, and snort the snot back in.

Kyoya crunches his face in disgust and pushes the remaining pieces of his breakfast away.

It was clear. You are sick.

"You are to stay here." Kyoya orders and adds his glare to silence any resistance. You pour the M&Ms into the bowl and pour the milk.

"But, I have to go to work today." You croak and snort more snot in.

"If you go out you'll bring more bacteria into this house. I have my full of herbivores outside I don't need to deal with parasites in here as well." Kyoya says and adds to the intensity of his glare.

"Fine, just stop yelling at me." You groan. Your head was full of pressure from your sinuses that you could not put up much of a fight.

"Go to your room and stay there. I want no other room in the house to be contaminated." Kyoya orders, again, while making his way to the door.

You roll your eyes and shove the spoon into your mouth. Your eyes widen in surprise and you look at you bowl.

"When the hell did Coco Puffs have peanuts inside them!"

Your brother rolls his eyes at your idiocy.

You enjoy the breeze and the beautiful ocean in front of you. A flock of seagulls fly by, enjoying the weather themselves.

'This day can't get any better!' You think.

You hear the sound of someone towards you from behind. You turn your head to see Dino. You smirk as you look at his outfit.

"It just got better." You purr.

His nicely shaped body is framed by a long sleeved, white flowing shirt and brown pants. He is shoeless and you notice his toes curl. He looked like something out of a harlequin novel. You look up at his face to see him with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

You slowly get up and in a flash start to run away from your blonde pursuer. You can hear his hot breath at the back of your neck. In no time he tackles you onto the sand. He turns you and you cannot stop giggling.

He towers over you like a predator, which makes you shiver. You might be a Hibari, but that doesn't mean you won't like it if Dino acted like this once in a while. He bows his head and starts to bite your neck softly. You moan a bit and wrap your arms loosely around his torso. You drag your fingers down his back making him arch it a bit and let out a growl.

Once he comes back down, he captures your lips for a dance of passion. He separates only when the both of you need to breath. He looks down at you with love shining in his eyes. You blush at the intensity and boldness of the emotion. He opens his mouth, most likely to tell you how much he loves you.

He takes a breath.

Or about how much he cares for you.

His lips form words.

Or even how he is going to take yo-


"…" You stare up at his blankly.

He smiles and let's out another 'beep'.

"Dino?" You blink this time.

He tries to talk but the only thing coming out is beeping noises.

"She looks fine." A voice above you says. You look up to see Kyoya. Your eyes widen and you back up into Dino in surprise.

"Di-…" You look up at you boyfriend who now has Hibird for a head.

"Beep." He chirps.


You shoot up from the bed and notice a few wires stuck to you and the fact that there are strange people and machines in your room. You hold your blanket up to your chest and look around. The strangers, who jumped away from you when you screamed, stare back.

"Who are you people?" You yell.

Everyone is silent, except for a familiar beeping. You look over at the machine, an EKG. You blink then look back at the strangers in realization. The surgical masks, the machines and the tools can only mean one thing.

"That silver haired kid was right! U.M.A. do exist!" You scream again, going for your alarm clock to smash some alien craniums in.

The people start to panic.

"H-hibari-san! Wait, your brother sent us here!" The man in charge shouts in fear of his skull being caved in.

"Lies! My brother would never betray me to aliens!" You screech waving the alarm clock as a warning for those who try to get near.

"N-no, Hibari-san. We were sent by your brother to help bring your fever down. We work at Namimori Hospital in the ER division." One of the nurses explains.

You stare at her suspiciously until your eyes land on the EKG and notice a sticker that says, 'Property of Namimori Hospital'.

You blush and sit down, feeling extremely stupid.

"Oh, well…I was merely running a drill!" You shout and dive under your covers, to hide your embarrassment.

"Um…Hibari-san?" One of the nurses asks.

"What are you waiting for? You passed now leave!" Your arm shoots out from under the covers and points at the door.


You sit up and uncover your head.

"I said leave."

"Y-yes, but your brother."

You turn your head and give them all a taste of the Hibari charm. They squeak in fear and start to collect their supplies in a fast pace. Before you know it their out the door. You sigh in relief and lay back in bed, hoping for that sweet dream again, but of course life isn't that simple.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"H-hibari-sama! We apologize but your sister ordered us out."

Your eye twitches and you get up from your bed and head to the front door. The group is blocking the door and the view of your brother.

"No excuses…and another thing: I hate crowding." He growls, making all of the nurses run except for the doctor in charge. He shakes under your brother's gaze. You walk from behind them and look at you brother.

"Was calling the ER division to cure my fever really necessary Kyoya?" You ask.

He grunts and ignores your question. He looks at the doctor for a report.

"W-well, her fever is below hundred degrees. Her sinuses are clearing up and her throat is not inflamed anymore, so she will have a full recovery by tomorrow morning." The doctor explains.

"Did you bring what I asked for?" Your brother asks.

The doctor nods and takes out a surgical mask and snaps it around your face. You swat his hand away and try to rip the mask from your face until your brother stops you.

"Keep it on and you may leave." Hibari orders the both of you. The doctor bows and scurries away. Your brother turns to you and walks into the kitchen where he grabs the bottle of Lysol and starts spraying the air around you.

"?" You look at him curiously.

"The mask and Lysol is to disinfect the air from your bacteria and to lower the chances of me falling ill." His comment rubs you the wrong way and you glare at him.

'Cocky little prick, always thinking about himself.' You think.

"If you make me ill I will bite you to death." He warns and walks off.


He stops and slowly turns to see you, lifting the mask a bit off your face to spread more germs around. You snap the mask back and smirk. He twitches at your attempts to mock him and spray the air swiftly.

Who ever knew your little brother was such a stickler about germs.



This was going to be fun.