This is the first part of the Dimensional Guards Trilogy. It's not my best work. I originally wrote it because my friend and I stayed up late Labor Day weekend and started talking about crossover fan fiction. It is a must read if you want to understand the next two parts, which will be much better than this, I promise you. I do not own Chaotic or NCIS. The characters Yin and Maj are my own. Please review.

In a large room with marble floors stood a young woman in front of an enormous silver mirror. The mirror did not show the young woman's reflection, but swirled in a variety of colors. The young woman had long blond hair pulled into a pony tail and reptilian eyes of pure gold. She wore a gold tunic with a ruby encrusted belt, rust-colored breeches, and leather boots.

The young woman waved her hand and the colors took recognizable shapes. She watched as humans and strange creatures alike went along their daily lives. She smiled warmly.

"Nothing has happened in years."

The young woman turned around to see her friend standing in the doorway. Her friend, another young woman, was very outre in dress as well as personality. She was wearing a fuchsia and violet shirt with indigo pants and black boots. Her hair was long, fell partially in her face, and was so black that it looked blue. Her left eye was covered by a fuchsia, heart-shaped eyepatch with a small lense in the center.

"I am only being diligent," said the young woman.

"It doesn't matter how diligent you are, Maj," said her friend. "No one has crossed a dimensional barrier in years. What makes you think that someone will cross today?"

"I'm not saying someone on will cross today, Yin," said Maj, turning back to the mirror.

Yin walked over to the table and sat down. There was a chess set made of silver and gold. Yin picked up the silver queen and turned it over in her hand.

"Wanna play a game with me?" she asked. "It's been awhile."

Maj turned away from the mirror. "It has been a long time. Just one game."

Maj walked over to the table and both girls took a seat. Neither of them paid any attention to what was happening in the mirror.

"Tom, get down!" Maxxor shouted.

Tom hit the ground as one of Von Bloot's attacks came at him.

It wasn't supposed to be a chaotic day. Then again, there was never a time when Chaotic wasn't, well, chaotic. Tom's ideal day was to get a new scan of Maxxor, win a drome match, and maybe visit a few of Peyton's Mipedian friends. But no, he just happened to find Maxxor in the middle of a mission and being the good-natured soul that he was, Tom asked if there was anything he could do. Apparently, Von Bloot found a new mugic that would allow him to teleport anywhere in Perim — anywhere.

"Rock wave!" roared Maxxor, unleashing a violent earth attack.

Von Bloot quickly took to the sky to dodge.

Tom took cover behind a tree. There wasn't much he could do unless Maxxor told him to run. And if that was the case, Tom was to go to Lake Ken-i-po to tell Najarin what happened.

Von Bloot used a sleep sting attack to weaken the OverWorld leader. Maxxor was forced to his knees. He fought to stay conscious.

"You will fall, OverWorlder," Von Bloot laughed maniacally. He landed and walked up to Maxxor to finish him off. "Die with the knowledge that your little human friend will soon join you."

A rock struck Von Bloot on the side of his head. Blood began to pour from the wound. Von Bloot turned angrily to see Tom holding another rock and getting ready to throw it at him.

"Meddlesome human!" shouted Von Bloot.

A large green fist connected with Von Bloot's jaw. The force sent him into the nearest tree. Maxxor was on his feet and ready to attack Von Bloot.

"That was an excellent throw, Tom," Maxxor complimented.

"Thanks," said Tom. "I should have listened to Kaz and tried out for the baseball team."

"Why you OverWorld scum!" Von Bloot yelled, getting to his feet. He took a mugic from his pocket. "You will perish!"

"Tom, get out of here!" shouted Maxxor.

"Inter-Realm Interlude!"

Tom fumbled with his scanner. The mugic sounded and a bright light swallowed them up. The next thing Tom knew, he was laying face down on concrete. It sounded like Von Bloot and Maxxor were still going at it. He could hear screaming all around him.

"Got to . . . get up. . . . "

Tom managed to get his arms underneath him. He felt someone grab him and pull him to his feet.

"You okay, kid?" It was a man in his twenties with a crew cut.

"I'm okay," said Tom.

"Great," said the man. "Maybe you can tell me what's going on?"

"They ran into each other in the Forest of Life," Tom said. "The last thing I remember was Von Bloot using mugic."

"What in the hell are you talking about?" asked the man.

It finally registered in Tom's mind where he was. He was back on Earth!

"Oh, no," murmured Tom.

The man covered Tom as an explosion rocked the entire city block. Both of them fell to the ground. Tom's vision grew dim as he began to lose consciousness.