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A/N: I took the inspiration of the basic plot of this from Braveheart, mixed with the stories of several other legends, myths and movies. It will be highly AU.

Chapter 1

On a place known as Earth, there reside two different communities within the human race; magical and non-magical, or the mundane. Despite their name, the mundane population are responsible for many of the great achievements in our history, the French revolution, the industrial revolution, the progression of science, of philosophy, of ethics, among many others.

Without the mundane race, known by the derogatory nickname of muggles, the world would be much less advanced, still in what is now known as the Dark Age, after the fall of the Roman Empire, as the Age of Enlightenment was orchestrated by the non-magical population of our race, who remain, by and large, ignorant of their more gifted counterparts. We would still be in a time in which the man with the greatest sword ruled the lands, we would still be in a time when might made right, and we would still be in a time when there were no civil liberties for the ordinary people. We would still be in a time when military men were able to carve out huge empires for themselves, like Alexander and Phillip of Macedon, like Xerses, like the Khans, and so many others.

But, I ask the question, what would happen if this was our time, what would happen if the non-magical population had been destroyed before they rose to prominence, what would happen if they were cut down, before they could grow? What would happen if the muggle race was gone, and all that remained alive on Earth were the animals, and wizards?

This story is held in such a time, when people such as Grindelwald, Riddle and Dumbledore have split up most of the world amongst themselves, and war with each other, attempting to gain some advantage with which they can rule this world. Grindelwald controls all of Eastern Europe and much of Asia, from the borders of what was once known as China to the eastern border of Prussia, however many parts of "minor Asia" remained free from his control. Riddle had taken much of Western Europe, from Spain across to the eastern border of Prussia, an area where many skirmishes took place. Riddle had also managed to expand his influence into the Northern parts of Africa. Dumbledore, the slightly more liberal dictator of the trio controls northern France and Britain, as well as the Northern parts of Scandinavia, a much smaller Empire than the other two, but one made up of far stronger warriors and wizards, their people hardened by the preceding years, their magical strength the legacy of Merlin.

In this world, a boy upon the cusp of manhood awakes from a sleep filled with dreams of joy, and happiness, to a world of hatred and oppression. Harry Potter woke slowly, his awareness of the waking world slowing increasing as the painting on the wall above him came into greater focus. Smiling, Harry looked up at the painting, thinking back to the glorious day it had been based on. He, his mother and father, and some of their friends, such as the Lupins and the Abbots, had spent a day in the nearby river, swimming and basking in the sunlight. The painting was the perfect capture of a moment when he and his dad had swam towards his mum who had been sunbathing beside the river, and splashed her as the Lupins and the Abbots looked on laughing. One of the Abbots was in much greater focus than the others, Hannah's face was clearly detailed, right down to her blue eyes, button nose and freckled face, perfectly framed by her curly blonde hair. Harry smiled, less than a year ago; he had worked up the courage to ask John Abbot, Hannah's father, for the right to court his daughter. To the delight of both children, he had granted that right, and now, not even a year later, Harry was preparing to ask John for permission to marry his daughter.

Harry smiled, although he knew John would say yes, and the betrothal would be blessed by Hannah's mother, Sarah, he felt better knowing he would be abiding by tradition. If all went well, within 6 months, after his and Hannah's 17th birthdays had come and gone, they would build their own home, and he would carry her across the boundary as his wife. Hearing his dad calling for him, he realised the time for dreaming of the future wasn't now; there was work to be done. Harry climbed out of bed, and looked around his room. Although it wasn't luxurious by any standards, it was his, and he was proud of it. The wall was completely covered with pictures, paintings and murals of his life with his friends, all reminders and momento's of truly great days in his life. On the bedside cabinet was his wand which although, chipped and dull, was serviceable and had originally belonged to Harry's grandfather, Charles, but as wands cost a small fortune, Harry had decided to use it instead of getting a new one, mostly due to the fact that Harry's magic had reacted to it. Beside it was a small journal in which Harry was improving his literary skills, something not many people had, at least not many in his social position, but his father insisted on it.

Harry stood and stretched himself, trying to work out any kinks in his body that may have appeared during his sleep. Catching his reflection in the window, he surveyed himself. He was about 5 foot 8, maybe 9 and was still hopeful about the possibility of another growth spurt. Potter men were notorious for being late bloomers, at least according to his dad. He had the wild, untameable, jet black hair that was common among the Potters, and it refused to lie flat, but stuck up in tufts. His emerald green eyes sparkled, and detracted attention from his thin face. He was thin, not scrawny though, just slightly underweight, with a slim build. Harry was proud to note he didn't have an ounce of fat, it was all muscle. "All in all," thought Harry, "I'm fairly attractive." Then he snorted, "Now is not the time to feed my ego, not with such a big order from the Black family"

Although Harry's family had originally been Potters, hence their name, they had evolved from that into being craftsmen, more specifically cabinet and furniture makers. Despite the use of magic, there was no way in which anyone could permanently transfigure or conjure anything, hence the need for furniture and such to be made without magic. This meant getting up early, and working late, using all means necessary to build the fancy dining tables wanted by the nobles such as the Black family, or the Malfoy family.

Of course, Harry and his family didn't exactly sell the furniture directly to them; instead a family in London took the orders from the Noble families for them, and sent them the orders to fulfil. When Harry and his dad had finished whatever the order was, they sent it back to the Bones who sold it on to the Noble families. Unfortunately, with the renewed war between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, business was slower than normal, and even with the battle being mainly fought in and around Arhus, they only had the Black and Boot contracts to fulfil for the next month or two as most of the Nobility were cutting back spending due to increased taxes, as well as the fact that many of their youth had left to lead the armies. There was even talk that Dumbledore was planning to form a temporary coalition with Riddle to drive Grindelwald back from Prussia and as far away from Europe as possible. This would be a great opportunity for the Potters to make their name known on an international scale.

"Harry, come down and get breakfast quickly before you start helping your dad that is if you want to see Hannah at all today." That would be Lily Potter, Harry's mum, shouting up the stairs at Harry, obviously realising Harry was in another of his dreams again.

"Coming mum!" shouted Harry as he grabbed his wand and used a switching spell to get changed quickly. Smelling freshly poached eggs, Harry smiled and began to rush downstairs to begin wolfing down his breakfast.

"Your dad says that we need more wood for Black's order, he says that he'll start working on that order from the Boots and he wants you to go into the forest and get some more yew wood, enough for at least 30 chairs."

"But that'll take ages." whined Harry, but he was quickly silenced when his mum simply glared at him.

"And remember, no poaching. You almost got caught last time, but on the plus side, your dad says that's all you have to do today." his mum reprimanded, causing Harry to remember the last time he had went hunting in the forest, he had been very proud of his catch, a full grown stag, but the Finnegan's, who ruled the portion of Southern Ireland in which the Potters lived on the Emperor's commands, had almost caught him. Technically, the forest belonged to the Finnegan's, but still, they always had enough food, sometimes the Potters went without so that the Finnegan's could have slightly better quality venison. Alas, that was the way of the world, thought Harry as he mentally congratulated himself for using the word "Alas" correctly.

"Yes, mum. I promise. I'll be back later." Standing up, he hugged his mum who would be going down to work on the Lupin's farm later that day. The local community was poor, almost decrepit, and small, but they worked together, even if there were only the Potters, Lupins, Abbotts, Lovegoods and the O'Neills. Surprisingly, the Potters were the richest family in the town, a perk of being an only child, thought Harry, but that wasn't a great boast, even we struggle to get by every year, and more war means more taxes, which means Harry might not get his threadbare jerkin replaced this summer. Mentally, Harry chided himself, war meant people would die and he was worried about not getting a new jerkin.

As Harry walked through the village he lived in, he looked around, waving at Hannah and his friend Thomas Lupin as he walked towards the forest. "Are you coming over tonight?" called Hannah.

"Of course." replied Harry, "I just have to get some yew for an order then I'm off." Hannah smiled at him, her cute face simply lighting up as a side effect, causing Harry to stumble slightly.

Thomas snorted. "Bit clumsy today, aren't you?" Harry glared in response and Thomas held his hands up apologetically. "Sorry, obviously it's too early in the morning for you to properly enjoy my presence." Despite himself, Harry laughed. Thomas always had that effect. He was short, but stocky with short, spiky black hair and light blue eyes that sparkled with mischief.

"I'll see you later." Harry called as he walked past. Thomas nodded before turning back to his work, it was his family's week for working on the Finnegan's farm, and their surveyors didn't take too well to people "slacking off." Hannah skipped past him as she headed down to her farm, carrying a bucket of water as she went.

Harry walked quickly to the nearby forest, before unlimbering himself to prepare for the long trek through the forest. The yew trees were about two or three hours walk into the forest, but if Harry pressed himself, he could cut off close to an hour off his total journey. Harry jogged through the forest with the comforting weight of his wand lying against his arm in his holster; there were some pretty big animals in here. Thomas had even boasted about seeing a hippogriff, and had had the audacity to claim that he had flown on its back.


Harry stopped and turned in the direction of the noise, drawing his wand as he did so. "Who goes there? You're trespassing on restricted land." As he spoke, he hoped his dad had renewed their permit to fell trees in Finnegan forest and that this wasn't some officer coming to drag him off the premises. Another snap put Harry on edge, and he twisted again, looking for the source of the noise. A movement above him caught his attention, and he cast his gaze skyward, wondering what manner of beast he was facing. Another snap made him turn completely; spinning around in an effort to find what was making the noises. What he saw made him stop with a start. A glowing white unicorn had appeared, and was surveying him. It was a rather odd location for a unicorn to be, a slightly creepy, eerie forest that made weird noises when the wind whistled through it, as opposed to fresh green pastures like the stories said. The unicorn approached him slowly, making Harry gulp nervously. Harry had heard tales of people being gored by a unicorn's horn, and he wasn't eager to become another fireside story. With every step the unicorn took, Harry got more and more nervous until finally the unicorn stopped mere centimetres away, surveying him. As Harry looked into the unicorn's black, reflective eyes, he felt that he was being judged, and he had the feeling that this was a test that he would fail. Then the unicorn's head moved sharply, horn touching his skin. Instinctively, Harry winced; preparing himself for the inevitable pain, before realising the unicorn had barely pierced his skin, and was now rubbing its head against Harry's arm.

Incredulously, Harry began to rub the unicorn's neck, all the while thinking, "Thomas will never believe this." Suddenly, the unicorn turned and ran, leaving a very startled Harry behind watching the majestic white unicorn run into the distance. Harry smiled, and turned back to his path and began to run forward, absentmindedly spotting a nearby raven. Thinking to himself, "That must have been the movement I saw." he continued on his path to the yew trees. Finally, he reached the trees, and pulled out his wand, preparing his magic for the arduous task of cutting down an appropriate tree. Slowly, but precisely, he began to cast some quick charms to see which of the surrounding trees had the proper width, size and strength to be suitable for his purposes. Finally, he found several such trees, and moved to the one that would have the least impact on its surrounding ecosystem, before making liberal use of the Greek spell his father had shown him, "κομμένα."

Several hours later, Harry was exiting the forest, dragging a large yew tree behind him. He looked up, and saw smoke. Fearing the worst, Harry began to run towards the village he'd grown up in.

He reached it in record time, and immediately wished he hadn't as he surveyed the destruction. His house was completely destroyed, the room with all the paintings he was so proud of, gone, as was his father's workshop. They were completely razed to the ground. As he turned, he noticed the destruction was not limited to his family, but was instead, widespread. The Abbotts house was gone to, as was the O'Neills, the Lupin's and the Lovegood's. Their farms were also burnt, and as Harry looked around, he realised that it would be a long time before anything grew here again. He soon shook himself, and began to run through the various houses, trying to find anyone living, all the while calling out names, "Mr Abbott, Hannah, Thomas, Mum, Dad, Mr O'Neill, James, Seamus, Luna, anyone." As he ran through the remains of his house, he realised that there was nothing salvageable whatsoever, all the food and furniture and family heirlooms, destroyed. "But that could be replaced, family couldn't." thought Harry as he ran to his father's workshop. He saw his father's ruined, mangled 6 foot body lying, sprawled across the ground beside his workshop. Not allowing himself to begin to cry, he turned and ran through the remains of the other houses, and their farms, growing more and more depressed each time as he saw more and more dead friends.

He saw Hannah's body, obviously raped and beaten before her death, her father lying beside her, having obviously tried to protect her. He saw his dad's friend, Remus Lupin, lying dead, his once wise eyes now blank and expressionless as his soul fell into death's embrace, most likely at the same time as his wife, whose body rested beside him., he saw Thomas dead, the entire O'Neill family, dead, all of them, Patrick, Sinead, James, Seamus, even little Bronagh. He saw Oddment Lovegood lying dead beside his daughter Luna. As Harry looked at her body, he realised he would never see the somewhat spacey blonde girl giggle as she skipped through the village. Finally, he walked through the Lupin farm and on to the farm that produced the Finnegan's , and saw his mother, her fiery red hair spread out around her head as she lay on the ground, having obviously suffered the same as Hannah. Harry knelt and closed her eyes as he realised he would never be woken by her singing in the morning, never taste her cooking again, never see her smile at him anymore. As these thoughts flew through his mind, he realised that he would never again learn magic at his father's knees, he realised he would have no more stolen kisses from Hannah, no more pranks with Thomas, or discussions with Remus. He would never talk with the Lovegood's again and try to learn more about their rather odd view of life. He would never have another of Sinead O'Neills homemade pies, or see little Susan grow into the beautiful woman everyone knew she would become. As the weight of these realisations fell upon him, he fell to his knees beside his mother's body, and screamed. It was a hair-raising scream, imbued with magic and emotion, causing all who heard it to know that someone would pay.

It also allowed three people across the globe, all in tune with the forces of magic, to know that Lady Magic had just introduced a new player into their game.

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