We all know Edward left Bella, broken and destroyed on the forrest floor. Four months later things are diffrent for everyone, and one Cullen can't forget. Follow Jasper and Bella in this tale of friendship, heartbreak, love and betrayl. Questions will be answered and the truth will be learned, because it's the way it was meant to be. Non-Canon couples.

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Jasper's POV

For four months I have pondered one question: how did one human girl change the lives of seven vampires so drastically in such a short time? Since leaving Forks nothing had been the same. I felt such guilt over the whole paper cut incident I had isolated myself not wanting to face the family I had let down. I had always been the weak link of the family, and almost attacking Bella on her birthday proved it.

Ah Bella, her name still caused my dead heart to ache, did she hate me for what I had done? Is that why Edward and Alice wouldn't let me see her before we left? I wanted to beg for her forgiveness and have contemplated going back to Forks to see her- I wanted to apologize and make sure she was taken care of. I know I didn't have a very close relationship with her while we were in Forks, Edward was always so worried I would hurt her so I kept my distance, but in all truth there was something about Bella that always interested me. I chalked it up to the fact that she was a human mingling with vampires and had none of the fear others did.

The once happy Cullen coven was now full of sadness and guilt. Nobody wanted to leave but once Edward decided and Alice had a vision that it was for the best we did anyways. I was shocked to see Edward give up Bella so easy, but I always felt the sadness peak through his emotions, for the first two months he was just a shell only hunting when forced and playing haunting songs on the piano, then him and Alice started to spend time together and he suddenly became brighter but his guilt never faded.

Esme no longer decorated or had that motherly smile on her face, Carlisle worked so many hours at the hospital in Juneau we hardly saw him, they both loved Bella like a daughter and hated everyday they were away from her. Emmett no longer laughed or joked, he still played video games but the fun and happiness that was always there was missing. Even Rosalie seemed different since leaving Forks; she still maintains leaving Bella was best because she didn't want Bella giving up her life for a spoiled child like Edward, something only I and Emmett know.

Then there was my wife. I was expecting our departure from Forks would affect her as much as Edward, she always said Bella was her best friend and sister but I never felt a sad emotion off her. We had drifted apart since moving and I knew it was for the best, I had known for a number of years she was not my true mate but she saved me from my demon and I owed it to her to try and make it work. Leaving Forks was just the nail in the coffin of our relationship, plus she spent so much time with Edward now a days there was never time to work on us.

I didn't know how long I had been out in the forest thinking about Bella and about the destruction of my family, but I knew I had to head back to the house before Esme started worrying. I had been gone 3 days on an experiment. Since leaving Forks my control is my top priority. I owed it to Bella to become a better vampire, because I still hoped one day I could see her again and show her I had gotten better. I started hunting everyday and going into populous areas and interacting with humans, after four months I was glad to report I only needed to hunt every 3 days if I was going to be around a lot of humans.

As I approached the house the depressing emotions hit me full force, I didn't know how much more I could take of this. I loved my family with everything I had but I couldn't handle the sadness anymore, my own was already so powerful but mixing it with the sadness of 5 other vampires was too much to handle.

Before I reached the front door, Alice appeared in front of me. Her emotions were all over the place and her face expressionless, but what got me the most was the fact I no longer felt a romantic love for her.

"How did it go?" she asked not looking at me.

"Like you don't know." I said teasing her, which caused a slight smile to grace her lips.

"Tell me what's on your mind Ali."

"You know I love you right?" she asked. I nodded my head, there was love just not the love you have for a mate or husband it was a familial love. She then handed me an envelope. I opened it and inside I found divorce papers.

"I knew this was coming." I muttered. I knew our relationship was over but these papers finalized that.

"I'm sorry Jazz but this needed to be done, it's time you found your true mate." I looked over at her in shock.

"How am I suppose to do that?" I asked her.

"Follow your heart Jazzy, what's it telling you?" I thought long and hard. It was true I hadn't been happy in years other than the time we spent in Forks, and I had been wanting to leave for some time now, I guess now was the best time to move on.

"I guess this is goodbye." I said to Alice. I grabbed the pen attached to the divorce papers signed and handed them back to her.

"I'll be seeing you soon Jazz, take care and please remember, take chances follow your heart instead of your head, and you'll find your happiness." I hugged her one last time before heading to pack my things. When I got upstairs all my stuff was packed, I looked over at the bedroom door and Alice was standing there.

"You knew I was going to leave?" I asked. She nodded.

"If you stay here your future becomes blurred, I was going to make sure you got your happy ending." With a small wave she disappeared.

I grabbed my bags and headed to my car, where I found the rest of the family waiting for me, Alice must have tipped them off and they had probably heard the whole conversation. It was surreal putting my bags in the car and turning to say goodbye to my family. Esme and Carlisle were first to approach;

"Goodbye my son." Esme said dry sobbing and hugging me.

"I'll be back mom, I don't know when but I will be back." I felt her love and happiness at my words and I realized I didn't show Esme how much of a mother she truly was to me enough.

"Take care Jasper, if you ever need anything you know how to find us. I'm keeping all your credit cards active and I want you to use them as you would if you were still living here, I'll take care of everything. Don't be a stranger." Carlisle said with a squeeze of my shoulder. I nodded my head in thanks and sent him my gratitude. Him and Esme exited the garage and headed inside.

"I don't understand why you're leaving, but I promised Em I would keep my comments to myself and let you go on your adventure, so that's what I'm going to do. I'll miss you Jasper, don't forget your twin while you're on your journey of self discovery." Rosalie said giving me a small hug before going into the house. I had always been close to Rose probably because we often played the role of twins and spent a lot of time together.

"If you're leaving who the hell am I going to wrestle around here?" Emmett said with a small smile.

"You've always got Edward." I said looking over at my other brother.

"Yeah, but I never win, he always cheats." Emmett complained.

"You never win with me either Em." I said chuckling.

"Alright, now I'm glad you're leaving maybe this girl you're suppose to find will help bring down that ego, Major." Emmett said smirking. He pulled me into a signature Emmett bear hug, patted me on the shoulder then headed for the door.

"Bye Jazz!" he said walking out the door. I turned to the only vampire left in the room, Edward.

"Jasper, what I'm about to say isn't going to make a lot of sense right now but listen to me anyways. Alice has told me about what she's seen so understand when I say, when you find your mate don't let go of her. You two will be happy, as long as you don't over think everything." I had never heard Edward speak this way, and I guessed leaving Bella had changed him.

"Can you tell me anything about her?" I asked Edward, he let out a light chuckle which was the first I had heard since we left Forks.

"I'm about to sound like Alice, but if I told you it would alter the future. Just follow your heart. Goodbye brother." He said before walking away.

As I pulled out of the garage I had no idea where to go then suddenly it came to me, Forks! I could go back and check on Bella before I started on this journey, I know Edward wouldn't be happy but he was the one telling me to follow my heart and right now my heart was leading me to Forks, I had some apologizing to do. I took off heading south, not looking back.

Alice's POV

As Jasper pulled out of the driveway I was hit with a vision, when it was over only one thing crossed my mind.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this.

"What's wrong?" Edward asked coming to my side. I knew if I told him about my vision he would kill me.

"It's nothing; Jasper's decided to go to Forks." At my words Edward looked deep in concentration.

"Wasn't that the idea?" he asked, he had me there.

"Yeah, it's just a few days earlier than I first saw, it's going to be hard for him to get to Bella for a few days." I saw the flash of pain in his eyes at the mention of her name.

"But it's going to work right?" I nodded my head.

"Good, it's the least we could do. I just hope your visions are right." He said placing a chaste kiss on my lips.

I didn't have the heart to tell him, what was really happening. My initial vision hadn't changed and that's what mattered. Once he found her everything would fall into place. Edward and I could start our forever and that's what mattered most. I just wished Edward would concentrate more on us instead of my visions. I knew my visions would come true I had worked too hard over the last 18 years to let them fail.

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