Family Reunions and Surprises.

It had been two years since he entered the lair, two very long and trying years for him. All the things he had seen but now after April's visit when he stayed as the ghost of the jungle in South America, he stood just inside the doorway looking around the lair.

It hadn't changed yet he thought he smelt something strange, but with Michelangelo cooking on occasion then that wouldn't be a surprise.

He sighed softly as he took his rucksack off, putting it on the floor and walked futhur into the lair. He smiled in finding one of his brothers fast asleep on the couch, the large Television lighting the area while a pile of toys laid in front of him telling him that one of the twins was about and possibly not too far.

He listened for his family and sighed, hearing nothing except Mikey's snoring until he saw a light coming from Master Splinter's room. He slowly walked towards it, part of him wanted to rush upstairs to the room he shared with his mate but he knew he had to see their father first and get his blessing.

Leonardo slowly let himself into the room and was surprised to find Master Splinter awake, he smiled and bowed. "I have returned home sensei" He said softly and begun their discussion.

Master Splinter smiled after their small talk, "Have missed you my son" He muttered softly.

Leo played with the golden medallion in his hands, "Missed you too father"

"Raphael, come in your brother's home" Master Splinter called behind them.

Raph slowly poked his head in and sighed, "Hey, welcome back... Don and the kids are in bed" He muttered and left to wake Mikey up.

Leo followed and was greeted by a tight hug from his orange-wearing brother. "Leo! I'm so glad you're home! I have nightmares about birthday parties" He heard his brother mutter against his chest.

"Don will be happy you're home" Mikey added with a grin, straightening and looked up to see one of the twins rubbing his eyes sleepily. "Hey, we only just got you to bed" He called up.

"Couldn't sleep, Takeshi is crying again..." Akira muttered as he rubbed his eyes, the lilac bandana shifting under his hand.

Mikey sighed and started to go up, Leo stopped him. "I'll be straight up Akira" He called up, earning a tired glare and march off back to his room.

Leo was shocked at his son's reaction, he was expecting a patter of feet and a hug not a huff and walk back into the bedroom.

Mikey shuffled his feet, "After you stopped writing, Don and Akira took it pretty hard... Yoshi will give you hugs, I'm sure of it" He said with a small smile.

Leo returned the smile before looking back up, "Yeah, I better get up there... just who's Takeshi?" He asked but noticed Mikey walk off towards the kitchen.

The leader frowned and decided to walk up to the higher floors of the lair rather than copy his red-wearing brother and flip up there, he was tired from the journey home so he just wanted to see his family before getting some rest.

Don moaned softly, waking up and moved the book off his chest noticing Yoshi cuddled up to him with Akira trying to tip toe to look over the cot. "A-Akira, it's OK.. he's just hungry" He said softly, as he freed himself from his other son and got out of the bed gingerly.

"But uncle Leatherhead told you to take it easy Mom" Akira pouted tiredly.

Don smiled, trailing the stitches over his stomach. "I know baby, just look after Yoshi and I'll sort your baby brother out" He said softly, getting up and walked over to the cot. He picked up the latest addition to his family, stroking the baby turtle's face gently and rocked him to sooth his cries.

The baby sniffled and looked up at his mom with his brown eyes wide. "That's better, Akira... there should be a bottle here somewhere" Don said softly so not to upset Takeshi or wake the sleeping child in his bed.

Akira looked around and handed his mom the half full bottle, he heard voices down below and left the room while Don worked on feeding his brother.

Don glanced up seeing him leave before turning his focus on his youngest son, watching him feed from the bottle.

The lilac-wearing son soon returned, took the bandana off and climbed into bed. His brother soon cuddled in to him, Don smiled and watched as he settled in the rocking chair Raph had got him last year shortly after Takeshi's birth, watching his sons sleep while rocking Takeshi as the baby continued to feed.

Leo got to the doorway and took a deep breath to calm himself down, he slowly walked into the room and smiled at the slight of his mate. A empty bottle on the table next to a empty crib, but in the turtle's arms was a bundle of blankets with a sleeping baby turtle.

He blinked surprised, a baby? He looked over at the bed finding his sons sleeping in it then back to the sleeping bundle. He walked around and perched on the spare chair near the bed, watching his family sleep.

"Dad..." A soft whining voice came from the bed, "P-please come home" Yoshi's voice spoke in his sleep, high and full of tears as they formed past his close eyelids.

Leo sighed and walked over to the bed, sitting down gently and stroking the sleeping turtle's head. "It's OK Yoshi... I'm here" He muttered softly as the turtle opened his sleepy eyes and looked up.

"Daddy?" Yoshi asked, blinking his light brown eyes sleepily. "I'm not dreaming?"

Leo smiled softly as his son shuffled up, to touch him. "No Yoshi, I'm back" He said softly and held his arms open for the five year old.

Yoshi climbed into them, giving him the biggest hug the turtle child could muster. "I knew you would come home!" He said happily in his father's ear.

Leo closed his eyes and returned the hug, embracing his son. "I'm glad you thought so baby" He muttered softly before opening his eyes and was greeted by a pair of tired, angry eyes staring at him from the rocking chair.