Fandom: Twilight series
Theme set:
we were the kings and queens
Sexual references ; mpreg ; character death ; angst ; fluff
Title is taken from a 30 Seconds to Mars song, more specifically it's from Kings & Queens... obviously. I actually decided to give them a title this time round. XP

. we were the kings and queens .

#01 – Walking ::
Somehow, the idea of spending so much time on the road gains more appeal to him – it doesn't matter that neither of them have a home anymore to go back to, they'll keep walking for as long as they have to; they've got each other and that's enough.

#02 – Waltz ::
It's a complicated dance, they're balanced on the blade of a knife and one misplaced step will cause everything to fall.

#03 – Wishes ::
There are times where Alec wishes that things could maybe be a little more simple than they are, but then he looks over at Embry – who always looks so peaceful and young – asleep at his side and he realizes that everything has made this all the more worthwhile.

#04 – Wonder ::
There's no point to thinking about what might have been, Alec is more concerned with the present and what it all will mean.

#05 – Worry ::
Cold hands trace over healing wounds, some of which have already scarred over; they'll be permanent marks, and Alec feels completely justified in telling Embry that he's an idiot and how irritated he is for making him worry.

#06 – Whimsy ::
It's a tragedy, maybe, but neither of them are interested in such silly notions.

#07 – Waste/Wasteland ::
Alec knows he should have seen this coming, but it doesn't change the fact that it feels as though Aro has torn him into two – he might still have his mate, but Embry just isn't the same person that he was before, there is no picking up the pieces and it aches.

#08 – Whiskey and Rum ::
If there's one thing to say, it's really quite nice to have a boyfriend who will pick you up when you're drunk off your ass and take you home – there's an added bonus in that they make sure that there's no bright light when you finally do wake up the next morning.

#09 – War ::
No matter what happens, Alec is glad that he got to meet Embry – even if they had only a few stolen moments before everything fell apart.

#10 – Weddings ::
"We are not getting married," Alec sighed, he was tired of this pressure, "I don't need some silly human custom to tell me that you belong to me."

#11 – Birthday ::
Alice is insane, this is a fact and Alec refuses to think otherwise; because the last thing he needs is opening a door to find his lover wrapped up in ribbon and nothing else.

#12 – Blessing ::
The fact that Embry's mother knows nothing of vampires or werewolves makes it very difficult to explain anything – that and Embry is terrified that she'll throw him out if she ever finds out about Alec.

#13 – Bias ::
"You are an idiot."

"Oh yeah?"

"The biggest one I have ever had the misfortune of meeting."

"Alec, stop glaring at me for being stupid and get over here."

#14 – Burning ::
"Let me get this straight: You're telling me that werewolves – regardless of gender – go through heat once every couple of years?"

#15 – Breathing ::
Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, repeat; nothing else brings Alec more piece than that steady rhythm.

#16 – Breaking ::
Something cracked inside of him, something that can't be fixed no matter how hard Alec tries – it's tearing him apart inside too, he hates feeling so useless.

#17 – Belief ::
Every time that Alec traces his fingers almost absently across the veins that he can see under Embry's skin, he's surprised at the trust displayed because no one has ever given it to him so implicitly.

#18 – Balloon ::
"I'm fat."

"No, you're pregnant Em. Now stop saying that."

#19 – Balcony ::
"This would be much easier if you had something more for me to sit on."

"Yeah well I'm not a princess in a tower – get used to it Alec; I'm not talking my mom into letting me get a balcony just because my secret boyfriend doesn't like having to lurk on the roof."

"It's creepy for me to just sit on your roof waiting for you to let me in."

#20 – Bane ::
Embry gets a kick out of old horror movies – especially ones with vampires – simply because Alec absolutely detests them and points out every single problem with them; he, surprisingly, prefers video games.

#21 – Quiet ::
The silence is deafening, Alec hates it more than anything because it used to be filled with the steady beat of a heart and the rhythmic sounds of breathing.

#22 – Quirks ::
Alec has the best poker face that Embry has ever seen; he's able to bluff his way out of practically anything and keep a straight face no matter what – it comes in handy more often than he'd like though.

#23 – Question ::
The question he asks Alec about if he has family is met with a stiff silence and a response of, "You don't want to know."

#24 – Quarrel ::
It's odd, they don't fight very often; but when they do, it's always a rough time.

#25 – Quitting ::
"I don't want to give up on us, we will find a way to make this work – I promise."

#26 – Jump ::
So the time that Embry snuck out ended horribly because his mother found out and then berated him for being stupid, but having Alec scare the crap out of him by just appearing at his window like that after made up for it.

#27 – Jester ::
"You have to be kidding; there's no way in hell I'm wearing that."

"Alice insists."

"No. No way. No."

"I think you would look lovely in it."

"I hate you."

#28 – Jousting ::
Alec is precision and speed and deadly skill wrapped up in a deceptively lovely package; but never hurt with Embry, because he will make sure that you wish that he'd just kill you.

#29 – Jewel ::
Embry isn't sure if he could get used to the golden eyes sparkling at him from the darkness, because he'd gotten used to – and fallen in love with – those brilliant crimson ones already.

#30 – Just ::
Just saying the words is hard enough, Alec doesn't know if saying them is enough to mean them.

#31 – Smirk ::
"Stop smirking and kiss me already."

#32 – Sorrow ::
He sits there and watches as the seasons pass and the years drag on, but they all blend together and he's seeing them without really seeing.

#33 – Stupidity ::
There are times where Embry does things that Alec is sure he does just to irritate him; it's blatant idiocy because the wolf knows exactly what he'll do when they get home.

#34 – Serenade ::
Soft music fills the air, but all he wants to listen to is Alec speaking to him softly about a time that he won't ever know and it fills him with this strange ache that only the vampire can fill – Alec is so old, it surprises him.

#35 – Sarcasm ::
"If you don't stop being such an idiot, then I will have you committed for suicidal tendencies."

#36 – Sordid ::
No matter what dirty, underhanded things Aro sometimes makes him do, it's all pushed aside when he sees Embry smiling at him and waiting patiently for his return.

#37 – Soliloquy ::
Sometimes, Alec just talks about whatever comes to mind – be it botany or parts of his life that he's told no one else – and it never matters what he's talking about, it always gives Embry a sense of peace.

#38 – Sojourn ::
When the two of them returned after disappearing for a few days, the rest of the pack gave Embry either knowing or disgusted looks, while the Cullens left Alec to his own devices since he was hardly ever around anymore.

#39 – Share ::
The downright scary looks that Alec gives anyone who even looks at Embry funny are enough to make sure that no one else tries to make a move on what is his.

#40 – Solitary ::
Alec had gotten so used to the idea of being on his own, that he has to change almost everything about his life in order to accommodate having Embry in it – not that he's complaining.

#41 – Nowhere ::
Because of who they are, they have no place to go and no one to turn to except each other; and they're perfectly fine with that.

#42 – Neutral ::
When his mom explodes on him for not telling her sooner about his boyfriend, Alec just stands there with this blank look on his face as though he really doesn't care - and that's probably true, so long as she doesn't actually go overboard.

#43 – Nuance ::
Alec is quiet, usually, and prefers it that way – he isn't one for big expressions of devotion or overly fancy dates or anything – but Embry knows he loves him more than anything.

#44 – Near ::
With Embry curled around him as though he's a pillow, Alec surprisingly finds that he's perfectly content where he is.

#45 – Natural ::
So maybe it isn't natural that they're together, but they are and so that's thrown out the window – but Embry is pretty damn sure that he isn't supposed to be able to get pregnant by a vampire, much less one that's male.

#46 – Horizon ::
It's a long road for both of them to walk, but they'll make it to the end just fine – it's in sight, they can do this, they know it.

#47 – Valiant ::
Alec is no knight in shining armor – he's too sarcastic and cynical for that – and Embry's no princess or damsel.

#48 – Virtuous ::
Embry, surprisingly, is the one who comes into their relationship being almost completely a virgin in every way – the only kiss he'd ever gotten before was from Lisa in grade two, and that was on a dare.

#49 – Victory ::
He knows he's won by the fact that they're naked and in bed together.

#50 – Defeat ::
It feels as though his heart is being ripped out of his chest – he knows he's lost the only person who could bring him any measure of peace – as he watches him walk away with someone else.