Fandom: Twilight series
Pairing: Alec/Embry
Theme set: gamma
Title: were you once an outcast too
Warning[s]: slash ; dark themes ; character death ; mpreg ; sexual themes
Notes: Title is taken from the song God Help the Outcasts from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

. were you once an outcast too .

#01 – Ring ::
Humans have strange traditions, Alec decides, and he doesn't see much point in them – so long as Embry knows that he'd never leave him, then he's perfectly content with how they are.

#02 – Hero ::
Alec hasn't exactly been completely honest with Embry about his past, the last thing he wants him to know is that he's that very thoughtful and kind young man who brought back a toddler Embry to his mother after he got lost in the woods; he doesn't need the recognition for that act and he definitely doesn't want the other to feel any obligations towards him.

#03 – Memory ::
There are exactly three-hundred and twenty-two grave markers in the cemetery, Alec has counted all of them each time he comes, but only one of the mute monuments matters to him – to him, it marks the day that he died too.

#04 – Box ::
In a small shoe box tucked away in the back of Alec's closet is the one place where his memory lives on – it's like a lead weight on his shoulders; it's a failure that he constantly has to live with.

#05 – Run ::
Maybe he's taking the cowardly way out, but Embry just can't stand the look he knows his mother will give him if she ever found out that he was in love with another man.

#06 – Hurricane ::
So it's a quick love affair, with both of them falling too hard and too fast, but neither find it in themselves to care; they've been alone for far too long.

#07 – Wings ::
"Your sister looks like an angel."

"I know."

"That's about all she's got in common with one."

"... I know."

#08 – Cold ::
Embry nearly jumped out of his skin when Alec pressed his hand to his forehead; the fever had made Alec's hand feel like ice – which was what the vampire wanted, that was part of the reason why he'd stuck his hand in the freezer in the first place, he had to get Embry's temperature down somehow.

#09 – Red ::
The walls are splattered in it and it's smeared along the ground – someone was dragged away, some part of his mind supplies – and he's horrified about what he knows he'll find at the end of the gruesome trail.

#10 – Drink ::
"Look, I really don't care if it's going to hurt – I'm fine with that – what matters to me most is you and that you don't starve yourself; just take what you need."

#11 – Midnight ::
For one thing, it's very difficult to be sneaky at all when your boyfriend is a vampire; it's difficult to sneak out unnoticed, and if he doesn't know when Embry left, it's impossible to slip back into his room without him noticing when he waited outside his window until he arrived home, which was sometime past midnight.

#12 – Temptation ::
Alec would not deny that there were times where he was awfully tempted to take a taste of Embry's blood, but those were urges that were usually easy to suppress.

#13 – View ::
"I don't know Em, I think that I've got a perfect view right where I am."

#14 – Music ::
The last thing he expected was to come home to sounds of violin streaming in from the sitting room, much less that it was anything but a recording – he hadn't known that Alec was that good, much less that he played at all.

#15 – Silk ::
Alec's hands were soft on his skin, skimming along his sides and sending shivers racing up his spine as his lips claimed his in another scorching kiss.

#16 – Cover ::
With a sigh, Alec pulled the covers up over Embry; even though he was a shifter, that didn't mean that he was immune to the cold as he was.

#17 – Promise ::
"Don't make any promises that you don't plan to keep, Alec; we don't know what'll happen tomorrow or the day after that."

#18 – Dream ::
Alec couldn't dream – a given, he couldn't sleep – and he'd fought back any of that nonsense or wishing for things that he knew he couldn't ever have; Embry's shown him otherwise.

#19 – Candle ::
"The power's out, we'll have to make do with this."

"How'd you find that?"

"I do have excellent night vision, Em, try to remember that for next time; you injured yourself fairly badly on those stairs."

#20 – Talent ::
There are a number of things that Embry doesn't know about Alec – like his love of gardening or the fact that he's extremely talented when it comes to the violin or cello – but he likes surprises, so long as they're pleasant ones.

#21 – Silence ::
The sign he had that something was wrong was the dead silence which hung in the air, he could hear no signs of life; the bloody hand print smeared on the door just told him the worst had happened.

#22 – Journey ::
"Here are your pickles; I had to go to three different stores before I found the exact brand that you wanted. I hope you're happy."

#23 – Fire ::
It feels as though someone's burned him terribly at first – he knows that's not true, but that's what it feels like – but that quickly changes and suddenly it feels like someone's poured liquid desire straight into his veins and he held onto Alec tightly, hoping that he'll ground him as the tide threatens to overtake him.

#24 – Strength ::
Sometimes, Alec finds it difficult to be patient and hide his strength – when the furniture movers get the design all wrong, he took it upon himself to rearrange everything himself, nearly giving Embry a heart-attack when he came home to find him balancing the couch with one hand.

#25 – Mask ::
"You shouldn't look so serious daddy!" Esther crooned, mimicking Alec's frown almost perfectly. "Or else your face will get stuck like that!"

#26 – Ice ::
Against his skin, Alec's fingers feel like ice, but it feels too good to ask him to stop and Embry knows that he'll warm up much faster this way.

#27 – Fall ::
Below them, the sea crashes into the cliffs – it's a long way down, Alec notes – and while Alec isn't worried about himself, he does fear what might become of Embry if he misjudges his jump.

#28 – Forgotten ::
Alec can barely remember his life before Embry crashed into it, and he's perfectly fine with that.

#29 – Dance ::
It's a deadly dance that they're engaging in, one wrong step could spell death.

#30 – Body ::
Esther is tiny as Alec takes her into his arms for the first time, but she's just as beautiful as ever and the way that Embry's skin glows is even more so; he couldn't be happier.

#31 – Sacred ::
He'd heard people refer to pregnancy as being sacred, that the woman who brought new life into the world ought to be revealed, but he'd heard the opposite too; but Alec thought that Embry was nothing short of beautiful while he swelled slightly with the growth of their child.

#32 – Farewells ::
"I'll come back; I'm not ready to say goodbye to you just yet."

#33 – World ::
It never fails to thrill Alec that even in this huge world filled with billions of people that he found the one person who could complete him so easily.

#34 – Formal ::
Embry isn't used to the stiff suit that Alec gives him, but he's suddenly glad that his lover had the foresight to buy it for him because he would feel much more awkward without it at some of these events they have to attend.

#35 – Fever ::
Whenever Embry falls ill, it causes Alec more worry each time as his fears that maybe this time the fever won't break and he'll be left alone assault him – as it drags on, it gets harder for him to think positively.

#36 – Laugh ::
"I don't think I've ever heard you laugh before; you should do it more often."

#37 – Lies ::
Alec knew that Aro was lying – he knew exactly who was responsible for what happened to his family and he swore that he would avenge them, even if it killed him.

#38 – Forever ::
"Right now, I don't want to think about what might happen in the future – we might not have a forever – I want to think about the here and now because that might be all we have."

#39 – Overwhelmed ::
For Embry, it was a lot to take in that he was a mother and that he had successfully given birth to a healthy little girl who looked like a spitting image of her father – it was almost enough to make him cry.

#40 – Whisper ::
The whisper would have been lost to the loud music of the club if it hadn't been spoken right into his ear, "I look forward to it."

#41 – Wait ::
It was the time spent pacing back and forth in the waiting room of the hospital that killed him slowly inside; it was the not knowing which was eating away at his insides – that was the most anxious moment of his entire life.

#42 – Talk ::
The one thing that Embry hated, was the fact that when he let it slip to his mom that he was seeing someone, his mother decided that it was the perfect time to have 'the talk' with him and thoroughly embarrassed him – it was even worse because Alec overheard the entire thing and found it absolutely hilarious.

#43 – Search ::
Naming their child was much easier than Embry had been led to believe; the search was short, Alec chose the name.

#44 – Hope ::
"As 'cheesy' as it might be, you taught me never to give up, Em; you taught me that there's always hope."

#45 – Eclipse ::
Nothing else was as important to Alec as his family was; they were all that mattered to him and all that helped him with moving forward each day.

#46 – Gravity ::
"I really don't think that you understand the gravity of your situation, little sparrow; for you see, I have something very important of yours that I think you might want back undamaged."

#47 – Highway ::
Surprisingly, Alec was an extremely safe and cautious driver who took no chances, not even on the highway where most people would be speeding along; it was sort of admirable.

#48 – Unknown ::
There's a lot that Alec doesn't know, but he's fine with that, so long as he knows that Embry will be right there beside him as he faces it down.

#49 – Lock ::
Forcing the lock on the window was the easy part, it was getting out that was the issue.

#50 – Breathe ::
The quiet sound of Embry breathing was reassuring, it meant that he was still with him and it was a sound that Alec treasured.

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