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It was going to be completely brilliant, George was sure; he'd spent weeks getting everything perfect, sneaking off to the library when no one was able to tell in order to research and make everything just right. He'd checked the moon patterns, and now he had a week booked in a beautiful part of the Lake District. One week in a beautiful little cottage where they could relax, be together and just for once be completely human. He'd checked the time off work and checked that she could too. Perfect.

There was a wide smile as he walked into the dining room where they all sat, watching the television. It was about one in the afternoon and he'd just gotten back from the library, carrying the printed copies of information for her. His eyes were lit up behind his glasses as he looked between the three of them; Annie was cross legged on the tatty chair they'd put in the corner, looking at him with a curious expression as he came in. Mitchell and Nina were sat at the table, the vampire with a cigarette in one hand as his eyes flickered from the TV to his friend, feet up on the chair in front of him and back to the wall.

Then there was Nina. He moved towards her and she leant up toward him, kissing him gently, "Hey. Why're you so excited?" she asked him, his good mood infectious. He sat down in the chair next to her, putting the sheets of paper on the table in front of her. Annie moved over, pushing Mitchell's legs off the other chair as they all peered at the sheet in front of them. "I have booked us a holiday!" George sounded very proud as he looked between them all, the warmth of the pride radiating all through him. "Me and you, Nina. Just the two of us... the three of us." He gently placed his hand on her stomach. Annie made a tiny 'awwh' noise at that.

"What?" Nina read the sheets in front of her, resting her hands on top of George's. "Ohhh! You sweetheart." She picked it up to look at it properly, "Lake District? I've never been there!" she looked ever so happy, eyes sparkling and grin wide as she hugged George around the shoulders. He looked at Mitchell and Annie. "It's in two weeks..." they'd shifted just two days ago. "Two weeks today. Surprise." He laughed softly, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. Mitchell shrugged. "Cool. Need a break from you soppy people." He joked, taking a mouthful of tea and looking back to the television.

Annie seemed to regain herself and went off immediately to make George a cup of tea, as he and Nina talked rapidly about everything there was to do, what to take, about work and everything being sorted out. When she was certain of everything, Nina wriggled past and George and headed upstairs, eager to pack. George was smiling as he drank his fresh cuppa, Annie going upstairs to help Nina with her packing, excited for them. Mitchell and George sat in silence for a few minutes as George looked at his vampire friend. His eyes were brooding today, his clothing just the drab brown vest top and usual black skinnies.

"Mitchell…" he asked, cautiously, getting a "Hmm?" in response. "You alright?" the werewolf frowned as his vampiric friend shrugged. "Don't you e worrying about me. You'll be fine. You'll have fun. I'm gonna catch a shower." He watched Mitchell head out of the room, feeling slightly unsettled, but the sensation was soon forgotten in the course of the day.