Before anyone kicks off I've adopted this story not stolen it! I'm thankful she trusted me with her story so I can continue it and give it the ending it deserves (Not that her ending would have been bad) Perhaps someone should give me an extra shovel :P I'm currently digging my own grave. You might notice things slightly different, such as the age Harry is turned into a vampire ok? its ninteen now not eighteen apart from that nothing much else will get changed!

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New writer - Debstheslytherinsnapefan

Silent Light

Chapter 1

'Forever' is, indeed, a very curious word.

I remember one day, when I was in second grade, when a classmate of mine asked our teacher how long 'forever' was. She smiled down at him and said that forever was such a long time that no one could define. I remember thinking about that for long nights after that day. How could something be so long that my teacher – a teacher! She was supposed to know everything – could not answer?

But soon I forgot about that, just as I forgot about so many things as the years passed by. I had expected to live such a short life I've never expected to have to think about how long 'forever' was again.

I have an unbelievable ability to be wrong.

For, you see, now I'm nineteen years old… forever.

Funny little word, right?