Silent Light

Chapter 39

Three Days Later

"He will be awake in three minutes," said Alice out of the blue, from where she was sitting speaking to Hermione. Who had a million questions for Alice, about her vegetarian lifestyle and such. She was writing everything down that Alice told her, Alice saw in her future that she would turn it into a book. So people were more aware of Vegetarian vampires, shed a new light on vampires on a whole. Perhaps in time that would ensure they were not all deemed 'Dark Creatures'. Edward true to his word had contacted Hermione and Ron three days ago. They had insisted on coming straight away, after getting time off from their field choice. Ron was talking to Sirius, and Draco was talking to Narcissa and Andy, he'd finally found what he was looking for. Draco was telling them he was going to ask for Leah's hand in marriage. Since her father was dead, he was going to ask her mother. Draco had been brought up with values that might seem old fashioned in this world. Still he was going to do the proper thing, like the gentlemen he'd been brought up to be, by his mother anyway. His father was a whole different other story. His mother told him to wait a few weeks, and then do it, and not to steal the limelight from Jacob and Lavender. Both of them had been through a lot in the past few years.

"I'll go up, everyone else stay here," said Edward his voice booked no room for arguments.

"Do you think he will be okay?" asked Hermione her voice high pitched with her worry.

"I'm sure he will be fine," said Carlisle kindly, Harry was strong, if anyone could do it, he'd bet his fortune it was him. Harry was kind-hearted, stubborn and wouldn't harm a soul. Unless of course they threatened someone he loved, then it was all out Armageddon. He was so strong and powerful, definitely a force to be reckoned with.

"If he finds it hard, we can leave," said Ron, comforting his fiancée. Not that he wanted to leave, but if Harry found it hard he would. He'd do anything for his best friend, even if it meant staying away. Harry deserved happiness, and Ron was over the moon that he'd finally found it. Go figure he'd find it in this small insignificant little town called Forks. It was a given though, that he wouldn't find it in the Wizarding world. It was all down to Sirius ending up here, that he had to thank for this. Ron remembered a time when Harry being a vampire would have scared the day living lights out of him. Although being confronted with a fully grown werewolf at the age of thirteen, would soon help him get over his fears of all 'Dark creatures'. It made him think of Severus here, of all the nasty things he'd said about him over the years. He felt so much shame, but it helped that he was just a young immature boy then. One day he'd get his chance to apologize for his behaviour when he passed on from this world. If Severus was still there and not been reincarnated. If anyone deserved a second chance at life, a normal happy life, it was that man.

"He will be fine," said Alice rolling her eyes, this was Harry they were talking about after all. She hadn't seen anything, only the time when Harry would finally wake up.

Edward they noticed had left the room already.

Edward entered Harry's room, a place he'd been more in the past three days than ever before. He felt extremely guilty about the pain he knew Harry was going through. Not even knowing he would be a vampire, stronger, more lethal and that he wouldn't have to worry about him again helped soothe that guilt. His pride though had shot up more; Harry had bore the pain with decorum. He'd hardly screamed Edward hadn't come across anyone like that yet. Emmett, Rosalie and Esme had all screamed in agony, even he knew he had. Other than groaning and very infrequently screaming Harry had been silent. Nevertheless Edward knew what Harry was going through, with his ability to read minds.

Just as he reached Harry's bed, red eyes opened, disorientated.

"Harry?" asked Edward, keeping his voice very low, knowing Harry would be sensitive to sound, touch, sight and especially taste. At least until he got used to them being so much more than he was used to.

"Edward?" croaked Harry, his throat was burning like wild fire, he realized what had happened. What he was and he could hear the heartbeats of everyone down the stairs. He didn't once, much to Edward's pride, think of eating them. Or rather draining them dry as a vampire would do. No Harry was sniffing the air around him, trying to figure out who was down stairs.

"How are you feeling?" asked Edward kneeling down beside his mate, taking his hand in his.

"Weird, you feel different," admitted Harry finding it rather odd.

"Since you are one of us now, we will feel the same," explained Edward still speaking quietly. Secretly amused by his mates disorientated thoughts, he hadn't had a mate when he was turned, so it was rather amusing to hear his thoughts of what was different.

"The baby!" cried Harry sitting up abruptly, his eyes wide with fear. He was now beginning to remember the things that had led up to him being turned.

"Is fine," said Edward holding onto Harry's arms stopping him from accidentally destroying anything. "In fact, I have something to tell you," he confided still keeping a tight grip of Harry's arms. He didn't have to worry about hurting his mate now; it was odd not being careful when touching him. He finally understood himself what Harry was talking about. A smile played across his face, his life was finally whole.

"What? Is the baby okay?" asked Harry eyeing Edward suspiciously.

"The baby is okay…but we had a bit of a surprise, it turns out you were carrying twins." said Edward soothingly, bringing out his cell phone, or mobile phone as Harry called it. He showed Harry a picture of the twins sleeping soundly in their baskets.

"They are beautiful," said Harry, able to take in the picture and process everything in it within seconds. It was rather odd; it was as if he was playing catch up. He could think so much faster, see so much better, even the little dust motes floating around his room. He could see the small cracks in the wall, the scuffs on the carpet, and the unevenness in the paint work.

"Yes, but first we hunt," said Edward getting Harry up off his bed.

"I want to see them, I'm not going to hurt them," said Harry hurt that Edward would think he could.

"I don't think you could hurt the children," said Edward crossly, regardless he continued on "However, you need to eat, you are bound to be starving."

Harry paused at that, rolling his eyes, he hadn't been thinking on it but now Edward had brought it up. He realized he was very hungry, his stomach felt weird, and his throat was burning even more.

"Okay," conceded Harry realizing Edward might know better after all.

"We will see you later," said Edward, Harry knew he was talking to the rest of the Cullen's.

"No problem Edward," said Carlisle, and Harry almost did a double take when he heard him. He grinned widely, he really liked being a vampire so far, and it was so cool he could hear everything.

That done, Edward and Harry jumped out of the window, and into the tree right outside Harry's room. The tree Edward had at first used to spy, er, watch Harry at night. Without any strain they began running, Edward was only able to keep up with him, because he was naturally the fastest. Which might not be the case anymore, since Harry was able to keep a good few feet in front of him. Edward grinned at Harry's amusement, he was whooping in delight, as the air swished around him.

"It's like flying," said Harry, he'd never felt so much freedom before, in his elated state he jumped from tree to tree. Looking back with a wicked grin on his face, he was finally able to keep up with his mate. Sure he could have kept up by Apparating but that wasn't as fun as this.

"Stop here," said Edward, coming to a halt, Harry did the same his red eyes gleaming in merriment. It was odd how red eyes could remind him so much of Harry's green eyes. Yet they did, Harry's nature wasn't lost, just his eyes at the end of the day. It would startle his friends that was a given the first time they saw him. They didn't have a good association with red eyes, Voldemort had had red eyes. Wonders of all wonders though, Harry still managed to look gorgeous and un-scary, not at all like Voldemort.

Edward was about to tell Harry how to hunt, when he opened his mouth though, Harry was gone. Shooting off in the direction he'd heard an elk in, shaking his head in wry amusement. He decided to get something to eat himself, he was rather hungry.

One elk and two mountain lions later they were both finally satisfied.

"So what are you going to name the other one?" asked Edward, both of them walking at a sedate pace, wanting some time to themselves. Edward and Harry both knew the second they got in, they wouldn't have a second's peace for quite a while.

"I don't know you've had three days to come to terms with this! What do you think?" asked Harry wanting his mate's opinion.

"Well we suggested Masen so I thought Evan, after your mothers last name." said Edward.

"Masen Edward Potter-Cullen and Evan Severus Potter-Cullen," said Harry testing the names on the tip of his tongue.

"Severus? I thought you didn't want to use names of those you lost?" teased Edward smiling softly, there was no finer man he'd be honoured his children were named after. Without Severus Harry wouldn't be alive, in more ways than one. If he hadn't warned them in the beginning they could have died. Then he'd spent the last years of his life protecting Harry.

"I have to honour him in some way, he deserves it," said Harry adamantly.

"He does," said Edward, Harry had done more than most; he'd had Severus buried beside his mother. Paying for the burial as well, and ensuring it was tended to. "Are you prepared for what Sirius will say?"

Harry stared at his feet before staring back up at his gorgeous mate "Sirius was never there when I needed him. He couldn't be I guess, then he stupidly blindly put himself in danger…I don't know how but he was an arrogant git even after Azkaban. I thought him dead for years then he came back into my life. Ill always be grateful for it, since it got me you. He's different now, but I'm grown up and I don't need a godfather the way I did when I was thirteen years old." sighed Harry, telling Edward the blunt truth. "A man Sirius hated was there for me, and ultimately died for me too."

"I understand that, Sirius might not." said Edward in understanding.

"Tough luck," said Harry simply.

Edward smirked in amusement; Harry is nothing if not honest. He'd found that out the first time Harry got really angry. It had ironically enough been at Sirius, when he was speaking badly of Severus Snape.

"Lets go meet our sons," said Edward proudly, as an afterthought he added "Well… maybe you should get changed first." grabbing Harry close to him, amber eye staring at his beautiful mate in awe and love. Harry grabs Edward and passionately kisses him; Edward almost winced at Harry's tough hold. Edward kisses him, for the first time not holding back. Leaning his head against Harry's and wondered once more at his good luck.

"Come on then," grinned Harry suddenly unable to wait any longer to see his little boys.

Edward smiled back, and they both bolted through the trees with one place in mind - home.

Twenty minutes later, they climbed the tree outside Harry's house again. With a thump they step into Harry's room, Harry immediately changing. Edward stepped forward, for the first time seeing his beautiful mate as a vampire in any shape of undress. His fingers trail reverently down his chest; he was no longer marked by the locket. He no longer had any scars come to that. He looked like any other vampire, beautiful and deadly.

Harry looks down, following Edward's fingers, and Harry's join his, looking up and spoke "The burn, its gone." he said looking quite shocked.

"Yes, all injuries someone has a human disappears - the venom." explained Edward. Reaching for a t-shirt he dressed Harry, he wanted to see their children. He could have fun later…just the both of them. They were going on their honeymoon in a fortnight.

"Cool," grinned Harry, grabbing a pair of trousers he takes his ruined ones off and put his clean ones on.

Edward moves to put them in the bin but Harry speaks "Don't," he said Edward looks up confused. "Magic." was all he stated. It was enough, of course, as the Cullen's had come to know magic was a miracle. As proven by the two little boys' that had recently forced their way into the world.

Grinning sheepishly, he merely throws them on the bed, takes Harry's hand, love clearly shining through his amber eyes. Both of them nodded, Harry taking a deep un-needed breath as if preparing himself.

"Ready?" asked Edward, yes life was perfect. He had a family, two little boy's he'd never thought he would have. Better yet, he had a mate, someone for years he thought he'd never meet.

"As I'll ever be," said Harry nodding, but he was clearly a little nervous.

"Don't worry, we wont let anything happen." said Edward, reassuring his mate, but he knew it wasn't needed. Harry could do this, he was strong, good and down right amazing.

"They are coming down," said Esme, telling the humans, since all the vampires already knew. They could hear the conversation taking part up the stairs. Carlisle had smiled in happiness when the locket burn was mentioned. It was the first thing he'd really noticed about Harry. He had thought Harry had been badly abused, he had been, but not the way he thought. The locket he had thought was someone heating it up and pressing it against his skin. What had happened had been so much more courageous. He was still in awe even after a whole year to come to terms with it. He'd never known a human quite like Harry before, and he doubted he ever would have the pleasure again.

"How is he?" asked Hermione her face once more anxious.

"I'm fine Mione," said Harry finally making his appearance. Staring at them anxiously wondering at their reactions.

Sirius gets up and walks over, flinging his arms around him, hugging him close. He didn't care that Harry was hard and cold anymore, he was still his godson, still Harry. He noticed Harry was very reluctant to return the hug, but he knew that was because Harry was scared of hurting him. He had never been gladder that wizards didn't smell. Otherwise he wouldn't have been able to be so near Harry. He would have had to stay away from him for a few years, while he got used to being a vampire.

"Oh Harry!" screeched Hermione, joining the hug tears running down her face in relief.

"Mione," winced Harry, "Not so loud."

"Sorry," she said quietly looking extremely sheepish.

"Alright mate?" grinned Ron, patting him on the back.

"About time," said Draco grumblingly, "I found a solution." he finished grinning wickedly. Only Draco Malfoy could make it all about him, Harry grinned back shaking his head in amusement.

"Well who am I going to cook for now?" said Andy looking at Harry in mock sadness.

Harry laughed temporary stunning the human occupants. "Teddy," he said happily.

"Well thank Merlin for that," smiled Andy.

A sudden cry turned the occupants of the room to the other corner where they had just moment ago been sleeping. Everyone looked as though they were going to dive towards the children.

"Don't," said Edward, "This is Harry's turn." he finished ignoring Rosalie's pout.

Harry walked across, staring down at the Moses basket, to his crying child. This one had his hair colour, with Edward's amber eyes. Smiling in awe he carefully picked him up; unable to believe he'd created something so beautiful. A bottle of milk was put into his hands, he smelt blood. Turning his head he saw Edward feeding the one with copper hair blood.

"He refuses to drink anything but human blood," said Edward simply, at Harry's unasked question.

"What about Evan?" grinned Harry, deciding to name his brown hair one Evan, and the copper haired one Masen.

Edward smiled in fondness, "He likes both but Carlisle thinks we should give him it if he will take it."

Once Evan had drank nearly it all, Harry gently placed him on his shoulder, patting very gently on his back. Putting hardly any pressure on it, trying to wind him now crabby son, who wanted to drink more. As quickly as the room was active, talking, laughing and in general having a good time, it was deadly quiet. As a stunned silence descended over the crowd.

Evan had summoned his bottle to him, three days old and he'd just done magic. He was a wizard just as much as he was a half vampire. Not only that but Edward couldn't hear any of his son's thoughts. Harry didn't even wince when it hit his head; in fact the new born vampire barely even felt it.

"Oh my god," said Esme putting her hand to her mouth in shock.

"Well Harry he's just taken your place," grinned Sirius a look of unholy glee on his face. The first two years of a child's life was the most fun, they did the most amusing magic. "You were five months old before you did that."

"Well they are Harry's children…what can anyone expect?" grinned Ron.

The room broke into chatter once again only more excitedly.

"Well done sweet boy," grinned Harry, cooing at his three day old baby boy proudly. He wasn't sure what to feel, he was a vampire, he'd given birth two little boys. Now they were already displaying magic. Not only were they going to be strong, but they were already displaying magic. It was mind blowing, and a small part of him was terrified he'd be a failure as a father. Staring down at his baby, then up at Edward he finally understood Nymphadora Tonks. She'd followed her husband to battle, yes, but Harry knew he'd do the same with Edward. She had known Teddy would grow up in a peaceful world, with some family.

Edward smiled well Harry's thoughts had been wrong, regarding Tonks after all. He had thought Harry would think and hate her more. Yet he finally understood her and Remus of course. Walking over, his little boy safe in his arm, he put his other one around Harry. "We will be fine." he said soothingly. For someone that could be so damn powerful and sure of himself, when it mattered - he was so self conscious.

"I hope so," said Harry.

Harry hissed blinking in surprise; Edward had Evan out of his arms within seconds. Edward was glaring at Andy in anger; it was the first new born reaction he'd seen from Harry yet. The Cullen's were up and surrounding Harry in seconds, of his hissing.

"Are you okay?" asked Edward cautiously, both his children were taken by the Black females.

"I'm fine," said Harry reassuring himself as well as everyone else.

"Andy do not do anything like that again!" snapped Edward angrily, "He could have hurt the baby and you! He might be doing well but he's new born. He isn't used to everything yet!"

Andy stared wide eyed, nodding her head dumbly, fearfully remembering to use the camera without the flash. She had at least gotten a picture of the family together for the first time. She was going to give them a nice photo album as present in a few days. Since they hadn't really celebrated the birth of the babies yet.

"So why are they still so small?" asked Harry trying to make the tension in the room.

"Poppy has been checking them every day, it seems as though they will grow normally." said Hermione sitting down, the others all did the same. Finally reassured Harry wasn't about to snap.

"Why did they grow so quickly in the womb then?" asked Harry reclaiming Evan from Andy. Who stared at him apologetically, Harry just shook his head and smiled reassuringly at her.

"We have no idea," said Carlisle, "It is rather odd, but we think maybe magic and vampire venom had an interesting affect."

"So they will grow normally?" asked Harry sighing in relief.

"They will," reassured Carlisle smiling at his newest family member, vampire wise, since Harry had been family since he first started dating Edward.

"Where is Poppy?" asked Harry finally noticing she wasn't there.

"She's asleep," said Draco quietly, "She's been awake for almost two days, and she wanted to make sure you were alright."

"She felt guilty she couldn't help you," said Sirius smiling wryly. Poppy had always had a soft spot for anyone who was in her hospital wing as much as Harry had been. She had been extremely fond of Remus. Since he had been in her hospital wing every month, nobody could beat her record. Well Neville Longbottom probably came close; Harry had told him how clumsy the child had been.

Harry shook his head in amusement.

"So what are their full names?" asked Ron changing the subject.

"Masen Edward Potter-Cullen and Evan Severus Potter-Cullen." stated Harry proudly.

"Poppy wants to fill the birth certificate in," said Rosalie quietly.

"Snape?" asked Sirius, jealously twisting like a living thing in his stomach.

"Without him, I wouldn't be here, never mind them," said Harry defensively.

"I like it Harry, they are great names," said Hermione beaming proudly.

"I was thinking about Jonquil, it's a flower but I didn't want to give them weird names." said Harry grinning at Hermione, obviously happy now that the name issue was out of the way.

"Meissen is a type of pottery as well, so Masen is as close as you could get to it," Hermione informed them, causing Alice to giggle, the girl really did know a lot for a human. She was extremely smart and Alice really, really liked her. She hoped that Hermione would stay around for a while longer this time.

Harry just smiled sweetly at her; he had missed Hermione a lot, and her knowledgeable brain. He wondered where she got all the information she knew from, but he already knew that really. Hermione was the biggest bookworm he'd ever seen, and it still baffled him to this day, how she had ended up in Gryffindor. She had started out one hundred percent pure Ravenclaw. With them though she'd found her courage and love for life outside of books. He sniggered remembering her remarks during their first year.

"She actually said that?" asked Edward choking in shock.

Harry laughed in rancorous amusement nodding his head.

"Who said what?" asked Ron curiously, looking between Edward and Harry.

"We could have been killed or worse expelled!" said Harry in a perfect imitation of the way Hermione said it during their first year.

"She needs to sort out her priorities," said Ron laughing along with Harry, remembering his own response.

Hermione blushed darkly but a small smile played across her face the good old innocent days where school mattered. Unfortunately she hadn't been able to stay like that, with Voldemort coming back each year. She wasn't being big headed when she thought she knew they wouldn't have figured out a lot of the clues without her. It was just the truth starting from what the stone actually was - the Philosopher stone.

"What happened to it? The Philosopher stone?" asked Edward curiously, sitting down, Narcissa placed the baby in his basket, he was finally finished and sleeping peacefully now. Harry was just finishing with Evan; once he was in his basket Harry joined Edward.

"Dumbledore said he destroyed it," said Harry sitting himself comfortably.

"Why destroy such a priceless item? And I thought your world was closed off from ours? I mean a lot of people know about the stone and they aren't magical." said Jasper ever the reader - just like Hermione.

"Good point," said Harry, "I don't have an answer." he said to everyone staring at him, which was just the Cullen's.

"Nicolas was six hundred and sixty five, and Perenelle was six hundred and fifty eight when the stone was destroyed. They lived out their remaining life in Devon, it's never been told whether he used the stone to make himself wealthy or not. Now say they were a hundred when it was created, that makes the stone five hundred odd years old. The charms concealing us from normal people were created four hundred years ago. Which makes it a one hundred year before it was illegal to use magic in front of them. It's no surprise the story became well known by that time." she said in her normal lecture tone, ignoring the looks of shock, surprise and incredulity written across their faces. She was used to it! She'd been getting them from years, especially from her best friends.

"I see," said Jasper thoughtfully, vowing to speak to the girl in more detail, hoping to get into a debate with her over something. She was very good; she'd make a fine vampire at that. He didn't mean it in any sexual way, he loved Alice to pieces, but Jasper loved a good debate. She he could see would be fascinating to have a good talk with.

"What would I do without her? My brain would be empty," grinned Ron in amusement.

"It already is," teased Hermione.

Ron gasped in dismay mocking faint.

"Boy's," said Hermione rolling her eyes, causing Alice once again to giggle, Hermione grinned at her in return.

Harry just looked around his family, and he did indeed consider every single one of these people family. He'd die for every single one of them. As he looked around he realized, he'd finally found his light. The war was over, and it sank in for the first time that he was finally safe and more importantly - happy. Edward brought his newborn mate to his chest very aware of his feelings. Yes they were both happy, they'd finally found the light. There were no more monsters waiting around the corner. Whether it be, what they believed themselves to be, or a real threat - all were neutralized.


All he could think was 'I could get used to this'.

He did indeed.


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