Dean drove only a few miles down the road and pulled up to a smalled diner and stopped the car. "Are you trying to get me in trouble by forcing me to eat at another diner?" Mallory asked.

"Time to live on the wild side. Plus I won't tell. If I remember right you love to sneak on." Dean said and got out of the car and Mallory followed. She had always wanted to try this place. Anything was better than the same diner food she was use to.

The two walked in and took a seat at a small table in the middle and ordered and few burgers and a few shakes, "So you take all your dates to a diner like this or am I just special?" Mallory smiled at him.

"To be honest I just take them to a motel." He winked, "But you knew that already."

"All too well." She laughed, "But this is nice. Its more relaxed. I don't feel like I have to sleep with you after we leave for spoiling me."

"Well in that case, check please." Dean said and Mallory reached over and slapped his hand, "What?"

"You're funny." She said. "So what brings you back to this little town after all this time? Not really a lot here."

"Memories I guess. Me and Sam where just driving one day and ened up here. I'm glad we did though. I should have been back sooner."

"I'm glad too believe it or now. I'll be honest, when I first saw you I wanted to kill you but I'm glad I didn't."

"Me too." Dean said, "I've made some mistakes in my life but walking out on you was the worst."

"Life's giving you a second chance." She said, "Its up to you what you do with it now and by the looks of it you are doing right."

Dean wished he could believe that but he new his clock was ticking. There was no second chances for him. He was screwed and he was going to hell.

After they finished eating and Dean took care of the tab he took her to a park where they use to go to after school for a little afternoon sex in the back of his car. Now that he thought about it out of the ten times they had sex only two were actually in a bed. He was a jerk back then but he was going to make it up to her.

Dean and Mallory walked along the path talking and laughing about all the memories they had together. It was a great month for them both with a very unexpected out come. But like Mallory told him, everything happens for a reason. She was meant to be a mother.

"So Matt... he's really a great kid. You did good Lori." Dean said, "Better than me."

"Thanks but I could have used help." She said and looked over at him.

"I know I suck. But I'm here now."

"Good. So is there anything you want to know about him?"

"Everything." Dean said, "I want to know it all. From the beginning."

"Oh wow. Ok well I told you when he was born so we can skip that. He was a really good baby during the day but at night he would cry all the time. Back then I use to think maybe he was missing having a dad but I don't know. When he was two he broke his arm."

"How?" Dean asked.

"Climbing. He was a climber for sure." She laughed, "When he was five he told me he had four girlfriends. I figured he got that from you. Also the fact that's when when he asked for a Metallica tape. I tried to talk him out of it but he is hard headed. When he was six he started asking about you. Where were you, what did you look like, how come you never came to see him."

"What did you tell him?"

"Just that you moved a lot and didn't know about him. He's smart so he knew what that meant and I'm not saying that to make you feel bad. He never asked about you after that. He could see it wasn't something I liked to talk about. I tried for years to forget about you but as soon as I thought I did here you are but its ok."

"I can't tell you how sorry I am Lori. I freaked out and ran."

"I know. I was mad for a long time but when I look at Matt its hard to be mad at you. You gave me him and for that I should thank you."

"Well then you are welcome for knocking you up." Dean laughed, "It was fun on my end."

"You would say that." She smiled over at him, "But I mean it. Matt is great. I don't know what I would do without him in my life. And now he has you."

Dean knew he may regret this but he had to tell her the truth. That he wasnt going to be around forever. It may be hard for her to understand but he had to get this off his chest.

"Lori listen, I need to tell you something and I need you to be quiet until I get it all out."

"Ok what is it?" she asked.

"Ok well..." Before Dean could say anything he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, "Hold that thought." He said and answered, "What is it Sam?"

"We have a case and we need to get on it now."

"Cant it wait?"

"Not if you want to live."

"Fine give me a half hour." Dean said and hung up the phone.

"Everything ok?" Mallory asked.

"Not really. I have to leave but not for long. Just something me and Sam have to take care of."

"But you're coming back right?"

"I plan on it."

"Ok but at least tell Matt bye."

"I will. Lets go get him from school." Dean said. Maybe after this hunt Dean would never have to leave again.

Dean and Mallory picked up Matt from school and took him back to the house. Dean tried explain why he had to leave without telling Matt the truth but it wasnt going to well.

"Take me with you. I like cars." Matt said. "I can help you sell parts."

"I know but me and Sam need to do this...uh...job alone. We can make a lot of money." Dean said.

"I can help. I'm great at selling stuff."

"I know but I'll be back in a few days and we can hang out." Dean said. "I'll even let you help me work on my car."

"Yeah right. This is your way of ditching us again." Matt said.

"No its not. I'll be back."

"Whatever." Matt said and turned away from Dean.

Dean sighed and got up from the bed, "I'll call you later." He said and walked out of the room.

Dean walked down the hallways and saw Mallory leaning on the couch, "I guess it didnt go so well." She said.

"No but I will be back. Three days tops."

"I believe you." She smiled, "Just be careful I guess. Dont drive fast and wear your seat belt."

"You do sound like a mom." Dean said.

"I guess I do and dont think I wont turn you over my knee."

"Kinky. I could use a spanking." Dean winked.

"Just go so you can get back and good luck with the sale or whatever." Mallory laughed.

"Thanks. I'll see ya." Dean said. He leaned in and gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

Mallory blushed a little and toughed her face as Dean walked out the door. She was starting to like having him around.

Dean got into the drivers side and looked over at Sam, "I hope your right about this."

"Me too. Bobby called and said he had a lead on Lilith."

"Then lets go get the bitch and keep my ass out of hell." Dean said and backed out of the driveway. Little did he know that him and Sam werent alone. Matt lay in the back seat covered with a small blanket. He was determind to stay with his dad no matter what.

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