Noah Puckerman was not, in any shape or form, friends with self-proclaimed Ice Queen- Kurt Hummel. They put up with each other, they were civil and the only reason for this was because of Glee Club. No matter what, there was always going to be that mutual dislike between the bully and the one that is bullied.

But all the feelings of dislike vanish when Kurt Hummel walks into McKinley high school, with his skin deathly pale and dark rings round his eyes. Not only did he not look well, but something was obviously dreadfully wrong, because Kurt- the person who cares so much about his clothes, was wearing mismatching, crumpled clothes.

That's not right.

If something was wrong with Kurt, then it could affect the whole team, seeing as Regional's are only a few days away, and they worked so hard getting there.

With Glee Club in mind (damn he never thought that would ever happen) Puck walked towards Kurt, who, at that moment, was staring blankly into his locked.

" 'Sup Hummel." He said, he wasn't going to start a conversation with 'You look like the walking dead, and your clothes look like Barney the Purple dinosaur has chosen them.' Oh no. He had way more tact.

Kurt was still looking into space, completely ignoring Puck. Hmmm… maybe he hadn't heard him.

"You okay princess?" Puck said, waving his hand on front of Kurt's spaced out eyes, this dragged him out of unicorn land. Kurt turned towards Puck, a fake smile plastered on his face.

"Ummm…yea, just fine." Was that Kurt's best attempt at lying? Puck was an excerpt when it comes to lying and he could tell from the fake smiling, the looking at the ground and the corners of his 'smile' drooping, that Kurt was not in fact 'fine'. Puck being Puck decided to voice his thoughts.

"Well that's the biggest load of shit that I've ever heard. You're fine are you? That's why you're deathly pale with the biggest dark circles underneath your eyes. You were just now staring into space- that's also never a sign of 'fine'. And have you even noticed your clothes? They're mismatched, crumpled and dirty- something the Kurt I know would never allow himself been seen in, even on his worst days. So yea, I totally believe that utter bollocks of you being 'fine'."

During Puck's speech, Kurt's false smile dropped and his eyes turned wet, brimming with tears.

Shit, he was no good at dealing with crying people; all you had to do was ask his Ma or his sister to confirm that.

After a moment or so a smile returned to Kurt's pale face- though this one was different. It was not meant to be a happy smile, it was one filled with grief and regret.

"I'm going to miss you Puck." Whispered Kurt slamming his locker shut, he turned around, entering the crowd of the hallway. His comment left Puck very confused, why did he say he was going to miss him? Was he planning to go anywhere?

Puck stood there, for what felt like hours trying to figure out what Kurt had meant, but shook his head and decided to ask the rest of the Glee Club later for any ideas.

That was the last time anyone saw Kurt Hummel again