DISCLAIMER: Weather Warden belongs to Rachel Caine. Lyrics from the song "From a Shell" (in italics) belong to Lisa Germano.

~ And The World Stands Still ~

And the world spins round while the people fall down.

The Demon made it so that I could feel Rahel's pain, because it wanted me to suffer. I hate this feeling, but although she is suffering, at least this means that she is still alive...

Then the pain disappears.

I turn to David and ask, "What happened to Rahel?"

And when David turns and gives me that blank look, I know. In the split second before he speaks, I know exactly what he is going to say. What I fail to realize is how much hearing those two words will break my heart.

"Who's Rahel?"

And the world stands still, not a sound, not a sound.

~ end ~

A/N: Yes, I just killed Rahel.

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