This was unreal. I was getting dressed to go to a wedding I never imagine would happen. Edward was getting married to Helena. At Carnivale, Edward explained about finding Helena. "I found her in Asia, while I was traveling." My brow furrowed, "You left your family?"

He sighed, "Not for the same reasons as last time. You know we travel on our own from time to time. She was depressed from losing Felix. She was more than confident that she was going to get him back. I thought this wasn't the same woman that made me believe she was you. Helena was very vulnerable and in pain." My lips pursed together, "Oh." Not a drop of sympathy in my voice

Edward took my hand and guided me off the dance floor. Several pairs of immortal eyes were on us as Edward and I walked together. My hand was curved over his arm, in the same fashion as a romantic couple. The two of us sat on a bench under trees. There were twinkle lights through the branches and leaves, very much like the prom. "Helena was, well, she was where I was a few years ago. You've no idea how much I missed you."

"I know what you mean," my eyes closed, leaning my head on his shoulder. We knew each other's pain from that time all too well. There was still a pang of pain in my chest when it thought about it. "From then, she and I just got closer. Helena spent many nights crying on my shoulder about Felix. She told me of the years she wished to see him again. She looked after his supposed grave. We found each other in broken places and healed one another. She asked me about my past and our relationship. Sometimes I was able to see into her mind. Her thoughts of you weren't the best, so she kept them to herself."

My eyebrow arched, "Well, before she came to Volterra, I did the same thing. Tried to get to know as much as I could about her. What was it about Helena that appealed to Felix?" Edward nodded, "You are related. She wanted to know why you appealed to me." Edward stared off to the dance floor. His eyes were locked on Helena as she spoke with Emmett and Rosalie.

"So," I deduced, "you helped each other learn to love again, only to start loving each other." Edward chuckled, his eyes still on her, "Exactly. I mean, I look at you," his head turned towards me, "and the way I feel about you is still there," his fingers brushed along my palm, "but Helena's there in my heart and she's more."

She was more. I had to admit that hurt a bit. But it was fitting. I had Felix and my love for him surpass the love I have for Edward. In the past few years, Edward and I became very close, best friends. Not to say we weren't before. When Felix and I argued, Edward was the first one to call me, courtesy to Alice's visions. To this day, whenever I was upset, I still played my lullaby.

Edward was still in my life and I liked it. Now, it was my turn. My turn to watch someone I loved with someone else. Was this part of my punishment for my indiscretion? The pain was there but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Seeing Edward and Helena together, it could've been much worse to see, but I had Felix.

Felix was with Esme, helping her set up for the ceremony. Edward was gone and Alice was dressing Helena. Edward was quite predicable when you knew him. Finding him was no problem. He wanted to escape for a while; wedding day jitters. The two of us sat in a meadow much like the one in Forks. Guests have been arriving all morning to the Cullens' French countryside manor. Edward assured me the meadow in Forks would always be ours, no matter who goes there with him.

"You came to find me," he asked, not turning towards me, "Leaving Felix with the Denali Clan. He's had a past with Kate." My body tensed. "It's fine. I trust him." I pushed my jealousy away as quickly as it came. Edward chuckled after I nudged his shoulder. "You know, I'm very happy for you, but I get the feeling you're trying to escape." He shivered slightly, "I'm not. I just needed some time to myself."

"Hmm," I responded, "well, the ocean is to the west. If you're interested?" Edward laughed, then turned to kiss my cheek, "Thank you, Bella. I needed that." The wedding was in an hour, but neither of us moved. A slight breeze blew through the meadow, moving the flowers around us. We leaned against each other, back to back.

"Bella?" Edward exhaled, looking down at me, "You know I love you." I nodded, "And I love you." Our bodies moved apart, still moving like magnets, to look at each other in the face. "Edward, part of me wishes that it was you on my wedding day. But, I don't think I made the wrong decision. I hope you feel the same way."

His arm moved around my body, "I know. Sometimes I lose myself and forget Helena's not you. I know I'm making the right choice. I think we were meant to love each other first, then marry Helena and Felix. Only you could melt his heart, to show him there is more to this life."

My arm moved to hug his other shoulder, "That's what he said." I tucked my face into his neck. Old habits die hard as Edward touched my temple lightly, his arm wound around my waist locking me in his embrace. This didn't feel dishonest, it was comforting. I stared back into his honey gold eyes, "I miss you. Every single day." He smiled my favorite crooked smile, "I miss you too. But, we'll see each other." I smiled at him, "Yes, especially for that hot affair we'll have twice a year."

Edward laughed, "There's always that." Our affair has been over for year, but there were times when I thought about it. His smile disappeared, "Can you forgive me?" There was silence for a moment, "There's nothing to forgive. Those times were both our faults. It's time I'll cherish, being with you." I wasn't mad at him. Edward stood up, taking me hand, "We better get going." Not releasing each other's hands, Edward and I ran through the trees back to the ceremony.

Alice was waiting for us with her hands on her hips. "Edward, you're cutting it kinda close." Alice tugged at his arm, dragging him off to the altar. Alice gave me on last look and shook her head before disappearing, making me laugh. "What's so funny?" Felix took my hand, "Alice." Felix touched my face, "Are you all right?" I looked up at him, kissing his hand, "Yes, let's go find our seats."

Felix and I sat together and witnessed the union of Edward and Helena. Music began as Rosalie played the piano and the procession walked down the aisle. Felix played with my fingers, turning my wedding band around my third finger. As the couple said "I do," Felix and I looked at each other. We leaned closer to each other, locked in each other's gaze.

Neither of us were paying any attention to the ceremony. We were just in our on world, where there was only me and him. Next to me, Bree nudged my arm to look forward. Edward was kissing his bride and everyone applauded. "You almost missed it, Mom." Felix held me closer as the newly married couple walked up the aisle. "Girls, don't fight," Felix instructed as we walked out to the reception. Bree and I were 'his girls,' as Felix put it. Bree was our daughter and Diego was our son.

Everyone watched as Edward and Helena shared their first dance. I was locked in Felix's embrace as we stood on the side of the dance floor. Soon, others were welcomed to dance along with the new husband and wife. Felix and I kept to ourselves, hoping to slip away without anyone noticing. I wanted to leave. It was painful watching the Cullens interact with each other, with their new daughter. Their new daughter and I was an onlooker. A member of the Guard. I leaned against Felix. He bent down to my ear, "No one would notice if we left." "Bella, go," Alice walked over to us, along with Bree and Rosalie.

"No, Alice. We can't do that." Alice rolled her topaz eyes, "Bella, go, already. And don't forget." She tugged at my arm, "We're supposed to go to Tokyo for our vacation." I rolled my eyes, "I remember." She gave me my jacket, "Bye Bella." I waved over my shoulder.

Felix and I walked through the mansion. My hand was locked in Felix's as we left. This mansion, this house could have been my home. I could spend my days in the sun, wrestling with Emmett, going out with Esme and Alice, reading with Carlisle and running with Edward. But, that wasn't the life I was meant to live. I was with the man I love and he was my future. We spent our days in the sun. We spent countless intimate moments together. We've been to many places and we will see them again as time goes by, watching the changes of humans.

The two of us got into Felix's Camaro and drove away. He held my hand. With every touch from Felix, I felt better. His fingers glided along my collarbone, up and down my arm. My shield went into Felix's mind and he was thinking the same thing I was. Both of us were glad Edward and Helena had each other. But, he was thinking about the fact that now Edward had someone from himself.

Well, that was safe. I was Felix's, now and forever and he was mine. Felix looked at me. I smiled happy in the fact that Felix was all mine. There was no more fear of losing him. I was strong enough to protect him and stronger still because we were together. There was no force on each that would separate us. Not because we were members of the Guard or vampires. We would never be separated because we were in love. That was a bond nothing could shatter.

The car slowed and stopped in front of our villa in Marseille. Felix leaned closer to me to press his lips to mine. "You looked so beautiful today. It was unfair to the bride." A giggle came out, "Thank you, but I don't believe you." His brow furrowed and I leaned closer to him, my lips barely touching his, "If you meant that, you would show me." Felix was out of the car and opening my door, "How would you like me to show you?" My mind ran through several ideas until I settled on one, "Surprise me." Moving with inhuman speed, Felix took me up into his arms and carried me into our home.

We spent the rest of the night in each other's embrace, as we always would for the rest of our forever.