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She came running into her office at 9:30 AM. It was two and a half hours later than usual at a Monday morning. Her hair was a mess, her make-up was a mess and her clothes didn't match. It was a rarity for Temperance Brennan to come in this late, and she just hoped that her best friend, and co-worker Angela Montenegro, hadn't noticed because she would immediately start to interrogate her about details of why she had come in late, and Temperance really didn't want to explain.

Taking a look in the mirror at her office Temperance saw the purple-ish hickey on the left side of her throat 'damn it,' she though 'I don't have anything to cover it with'.

Taking a deep breath, she assured herself that everything was going to be just fine; she sat down in her office chair and began her paperwork.

Two minutes later a greeting could be heard from Brennans office door.

"Good morning Sweetie, "came the sing-song voice of Angela "so, I finished my sketch of our latest John Doe, and he's a..." she trailed of as her eyes widened at the sight of the hickey on her best friends throat. "Wow, Sweetie. Who made that?"

Brennan looked up from her paperwork for the first time since Angela had walked through her door in the hopes of Angela not noticing her hickey, but of course her friend would notice it.

"I- ehh- well, see," Brennan trailed off. She really didn't want to say who it was that had given it to her.

"Is that why you were late, Bren?" Angela asked instantly.

"You noticed?" Brennan winched "I hoped nobody had noticed I was late, but of course you would, 'cause you're always coming into my office every morning to say hello," Brennan said the last part as a statement while looking at Angelas face. It had a huge smile on it.

"You know, a little bird told me that a certain FBI agent wasn't at his office early this morning. Does that hickey on your throat have anything to do with it?" Angela asked excited.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Ange" Brennan said with absolutely no emotion in her voice.


Seeley Booth sat at his desk, two hours behind with his paperwork because when he woke up this morning, he was laying right next to the most beautiful and sexy woman he'd ever seen.

Her head laying on his naked chest and her beautiful auburn hair spread across his upper body. She had looked to sexy laying there half on top of him, that he had started to press light, soft kisses against the top of her head, which had resulted in her waking up and looking up at him with those mesmerizing blue eyes that just begged to be looked in. As she rolled over to her stomach and whispered "Good morning Handsome," into his ear he couldn't bear it anymore and kissed her softly but passionate on her pretty lips. And soon what had started as an innocent good morning kiss, quick became a much more passionate and lustful kiss, that had ended in them slowly making love.

As a result of that he now sat there in his office, two hours late, his hair a mess, his tie sloppily bound around the neck of his slightly wrinkled shirt, but with at huge smile on his face as the thoughts of last night and this morning ran through his head.


Angela rolled her eyes at her best friend's stupid comment.

"Sweetie, I'm talking about that HUGE hickey you have on the left side of your throat, and the fact that you were over two hours late, for you anyway, this morning," Angela insisted.

"But what does that have to do with whichever FBI agent was late for work this morning? And how do you even know he was late, you doesn't work at the Hoover-building," said Brennan.

"Bren, I'm not talking about some random FBI guy, I'm talking about our FBI guy, your partner, our G-man. And I know these things because I know everything about every person I know."

"Somehow I don't find that very reassuring," Brennan said, sounding a little scared.

"What doesn't you find reassuring?"

"The fact that you know everything about everyone you know,"

"It's a figure of speech, Sweetie. It just means that I know a lot about what's happening around me".

"Oh," Brennan said with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Okay, Sweetie. Listen up, I'm gonna go over there, close that door and we are going to sit down on the couch over there and you are going to tell me all about why you were late, how you got that hickey, and who gave it to you," Angela said with a beaming smile on her face.

"I don't have a choice do I?" Brennan asked, a hint of desperation in her voice.

"Nope, because I'm not leaving, and neither are you, this office until I've got the whole story," Angela said while walking over to the couch and plumping down in one end, leaving the other free for Temperance to sit in.

When Brenna didn't move Angela started talking, saying:

"Bren, Sweetie, now you rise and walk over to the couch and tell me the story, if you don't walk over here yourself, I will carry you over here,"

With that threat in her ears, Brennan rose and slowly walked over to the couch at sat down next to the still over-smiling Angela.

"I still don't have a choice, do I?" Brennan asked, still desperately looking for a way out.

"No you don't, so spill," Angela said, with a smile still on her face.

"Okay, so last night..."

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