Hello to you reader, this is my second fic, and my first with my OC, give it up for Jared.

Jared: Thanks guys.

Eloroy: no prob, could you do the disclaimer to?

Jared: Sure. Eloroy does not own need for speed. The need for speed series belongs to EA and it's developers.

Eloroy: On with the story.

One day in the town of Autobahn circuit, there was a man Named Jared watanabe who was born in Germany. His father was the king of a racing group, until one day when His rival, Ryan cooper, beat him sending him away. That night, there house was robbed, forcing them to send Jared away. Now Jared hopes to get back with his family. And this is where it starts.

"Man, Miami sure looks like the perfect race to race, don't you agree?" "Yup" his friend replies. His friend is Gregory Macdonald, But they call him G-mac. Apparently, he and Jared met while Jared was in tri-city area. During Jared's time there, he manages to find out about an undercover operation that caused too much trouble, forcing him and G-mac to leave for Miami. "Man, I hope that chase can get us into the scene" Jared says looking at the truck.

In the truck were two of Jared's cars, a Ford GT, and a Dodge Viper GTSR. Currently Jared was riding in his other car, a Chevrolet corvette ZR1. "Heck yeah, I agree. Lets hope things don't get too hard for us like in tri-city." G-mac says. "Dude don't worry, If we need to do undercover operations, I always got the F430 Scurderia and 911 GT2." "You're right man, I think I worry a bit too much." "I agree." They both laughed after Jared finished his sentence.

Once Jared decided to give the ZR1 a break, they stopped at a garage. As soon as Jared got out he saw 2 cars heading towards the garage. One of them Was a Nissan GT-R, The other was a Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR. Once Jared and G-mac recognized the Dodge from the chase, They decided to greet them. "Hello guys, I'm Jared and this is G-mac." "Yo guys" G-mac says. Once they Finished with the ACR owners(Royce and Hector) they greeted the Nissan owner(Both were girls, Nikki and her daughter). Jared Decided to ask" could we stay here for a bit?" After they said yes, Jared went inside, thinking that this is his first step to Making it into Miami.

Well guys how did you like this? I may continue this if you guys think it's good. G-mac, Hector and Nikki are from Need for speed Undercover, just incase you were wondering.

Well, see you for the next chap. Eloroy/