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Chapter 9.2: Hot Mess (or Devil's Do it Backwards)


"What do you mean 'no'?"

Nero glared at Dante where the elder was sitting on the opposite end of the bed, drawing up his knees almost defensively. "I mean no. As in, 'not a chance in Hell' or 'only in your perverted dreams', old man."

The two of them had been in Dante's room since that morning when Nero woke after sneaking into the half-devil's bed. After that awkward confrontation that ended in both of them confessing their hidden feelings, neither had seen a reason to leave except for basic necessities. Nero wouldn't say it out loud, but he just didn't want to go anywhere. He wanted to stay in this haven they'd made, forget the world and never leave Dante's side. Sappy as that sounded, the older man seemed to be of the same mind. Up until this very moment, there wasn't a second that some part of their bodies weren't touching, mostly due to Dante refusing to remove his hands.

Right now, though, the suggestion the pervert just made was completely ruining that 'lovey-dovey' feel they'd both created. Nero accepted the fact that they were in some form of an official relationship now, and that included certain aspects that they hadn't shared before. Though he'd been mindless, the two hunters did already have sex. Several times in fact. There was no reason for the younger to be acting like a blushing virgin.


"Come on, kid, don't be a prude. How do you know you wouldn't like it?" Dante persuaded, crawling across the distance between them and crowding the younger man against the headboard.

"Because it…it's just sick." Nero mumbled; face red in an instant as he turned his head away. He wasn't used to seeing the other man naked, and right now neither of them was dressed.

"Is it?" Dante hummed, petting at his mate's hair and felt a smug spark of victory as Nero slowly relaxed in spite of himself. "I think it'd be rather sexy myself." He whispered, staring down at Nero's half-enraged, half-embarrassed face. "I bet that demon of yours thinks so too."

Nero tried his best to scowl at that, but damn it, the bastard was right. The instant Dante made his suggestion, the younger's demon side had sat up to attention and started to purr at the mental image created by the elder's words. It wanted to please its new mate and was pushing at him to just give in.

"I wouldn't even know how to go about…doing something like that…" He said hesitantly, gasping when Dante grabbed at his left wrist and leaned away, guiding Nero's hand down between the younger's legs.

"Just touch yourself like I said."

Closing his eyes, Nero fisted his hand against his thigh. It was embarrassing just to think about touching himself while the perverted old man watched, even more so because the thought aroused him, but a foreign part of him wanted to give it a try, wanted to be a little adventurous. Letting out a frustrated breath, the teen opened his eyes and sent Dante a determined look. The old man was challenging him. He couldn't refuse. "Fine. But if I do it, then I get to top you." He remembered doing that at least once during the heat, but he didn't remember what it felt like. If he was going to throw out all of his inhibitions, might as well go all the way, right?

He'd expected Dante to balk, but instead he looked pleased. "Deal."

He was still hesitant to start, but moved his hand up and lightly gripped his half-hard cock a bit awkwardly as he leaned back on his other hand. At first he couldn't look down at all. At himself or at where he knew Dante was sitting and watching eagerly. The first couple of strokes were indifferent, didn't feel good or bad. Nero was beginning to think that this was a bad idea when he made the mistake of glancing towards the elder man.

Nero felt his heart stop in his chest. Dante was sitting on the end of the bed, chin resting in a hand, eyes half-lidded and they weren't even trained on the teen's hand that was still moving idly over his now full erection. Instead those burning eyes were on his face, watching attentively and through that haze of lust was a deeper emotion that had Nero blushing for an entirely different reason. They had only started into this side of their blooming relationship, and yet Nero knew without a doubt that he trusted Dante completely. He wouldn't be doing this otherwise, no matter what arguments the elder gave him. Once he accepted that, Nero found that he could relax.

Confidence rising, he moved his hand a bit slower, tightening his grip on himself and pausing to rub light circles over the pink head. His heart was starting to pound harder and he had to look away from Dante's piercing gaze. It was just as well, since Nero felt his eyes closing of their own accord as he increased the pace of his strokes, little shivers of pleasure skittering up and down his spine.

Still feeling those eyes on his body, Nero quickly discovered that being watched but not touched was making him even hotter. His movements became more natural, falling onto his back as he brought up his demonic hand instead of leaning on it, sucking two armored fingers into his mouth. He forgot modesty, forgot about anything but just the moment he was caught up in. His left hand continued to deliver smooth strokes as he panted heatedly around his fingers, pulling the damp digits from his slackening lips.

He trailed his right hand down his chest, pausing a moment on his stomach while he concentrated on slowing the hand wrapped around his now dripping cock, aiming for a gentler pace as distraction while the hesitant hand slid lower. The talon-tipped fingers curled around his hip and Nero swallowed hard before parting his legs further. His breath caught as he rubbed the wet fingers lightly against the tight ring of muscle he encountered below.

Nero forced his heavy eyes to open, watching Dante's reaction as he got the courage to push one of the slick fingers inside himself. Those watchful eyes darkened, focused on the glowing appendage, the elder's lips parted slightly as his own breath drew short at the arousing display before him. At first it had been trust that encouraged him, but now Nero found that, in pleasuring himself, he could also pleasure Dante. He let his head fall back again, moaning as he pushed his finger in deeper, careful at first but the hot, almost silky muscles clamping around the intrusion broke down his control fast, and a second finger soon joined the first.

Nero let the sensations overtake him again, fingers mimicking the quickening strokes on his throbbing erection, his legs beginning to involuntarily tremble. The pain, the pleasure and the small undertone of shame were all driving Nero crazy and even without seeing it, he could still feel Dante's gaze on his body. But though the teen's soft cries rose in volume and frequency as his burning release drew closer, not once did Dante reach out to touch him. Somehow, the lack of the elder's touch, constantly anticipating something that would never come, made Nero's orgasm all the more intense when it slammed into him.

And though he had nothing to do with it, Nero still screamed Dante's name as he emptied himself, coating his hand and stomach in warm seed.

Removing his hands after a moment of trying to catch his breath, Nero opened his eyes slightly, immediately met with Dante's as the other man was suddenly hovering only a few inches away. It was a bit of a shock, but Nero felt too languid and drained to react beyond a sharp inhale.

"Don't tell me you're done already." Dante taunted, voice low with a husky edge that made the younger's still laboring heart skip a few beats.

"W-what?" he gasped.

"You had your fun, where's mine?"

Nero honestly had no idea what Dante was talking about at first. As the afterglow of his mind-numbing orgasm faded, however, he remembered their deal. If he did what Dante suggested, Nero got to top the older man.

Great, now he was embarrassed all over again.

But a deal was a deal and Nero really did want to try topping when he was in his right mind, so after a few minutes of rest, enduring Dante taking liberties in touching his still sex-flushed body, the younger man finally sat up, ignoring the dull ache in his backside as he placed his hand on Dante's chest, pushing the elder back until he was the one hovering above the other. He really didn't know how to start this either, and his flustered hesitation was showing since Dante chuckled at him, earning the half-devil a glare in response.

"Just do to me what you did to yourself. It looked like it felt good." Dante suggested, still smirking even though he was the one on his back now.

As irritating as that self-assured look was, Nero still took the direction. He figured it was only right to start with a kiss, and though he promised to bottom, Dante still put up a fight for dominance the second Nero's tongue invaded his mouth. The elder hunter was winning the duel, at least until Nero snaked a hand down and gripped the neglected erection straining between them. A few short, hard strokes had Dante gasping and gave the teen the opportunity to dominate the kiss.

Nero was still a little hesitant, but didn't let it show as he broke away from the kiss, continuing the firm strokes; watching Dante's face as the fleeting expression of surprise and then pleasure chased across the strong features. Proud to garner such reactions, he licked at his own fingers again, sucking them into his mouth briefly before he started to slowly move down the elder man's body, tongue darting out occasionally to taste the warm skin stretched over firm muscle. It was a little weird, doing this to someone as opposed to doing it to himself, but Nero boldly gave the thick erection in his palm a gentle squeeze while the fingers of his other hand trailed down lower.

Dante hissed in a breath when he felt Nero pushing a finger into him. It barely stung and he was happily distracted by the lazy strokes on his cock. He shifted a bit to reach a hand down and help direct the teen's motions, silently teaching the kid what he preferred. Not that what Nero was doing was wrong at all. Hell, he was in heaven just having the other touching him. He never thought he'd say it about anyone, but seeing Nero taking charge over him was damn hot. The younger hunter just looked so focused, determined to do everything right. Dante grit his teeth as his back arched suddenly when Nero forced in a second finger, the sharp edge of pain only made the pleasure stand out more and he couldn't stop the moan that was ripped free.

That small sound only encouraged Nero as he did as thorough a job preparing the older hunter as a horny, hot-headed teen could. Dante would've thought the impatience amusing if he weren't caught up in the middle of it all, heat flushing over him as he pushed his hips back against the intruding fingers, shamelessly moaning in approval when they struck at his prostate.

It apparently became too much for Nero to hold back, since the kid took his hands away and crawled back up Dante's body. The half-devil only smiled and wrapped his legs invitingly around Nero's waist. "I love you, you annoying brat."

Nero grunted at that, frowning down at him with a look between disgruntlement and reciprocating the emotion. Dante just tugged him down for a brief kiss, only to break away and throw his head back into the bed when the punk suddenly thrust into him, no doubt as punishment for the name-calling. The younger was forced to pause at the almost unbearably tight heat gripping him.

Heart racing already, Nero hitched in a breath and started a slow, hard rhythm once he could move again, Dante panting beneath him and groaning lightly at every thrust. But again, impatience won and Nero quickened his pace, gripping at Dante's hips and unintentionally adjusting the angle so every thrust stimulated that pleasure spot inside the elder devil hunter.

The air rapidly grew hotter, harder to breathe. And Dante either wasn't aware of or didn't care how his moans came with more frequency, urging the younger hunter on. "Nero…" that was all he could seem to get out, but it was all Nero needed to hear, groaning as he felt the pressure building to an unbearable high, trying to fight back his oncoming orgasm until the elder finished first, fisting his hand around Dante's leaking cock in desperation and stroking in time to the erratic movement of their hips.

Dante couldn't take anymore of the overstimulation, crying out Nero's name hoarsely as he came in the teen's hand. The increased friction from the devil hunter's muscles clamping brutally around him was Nero's undoing as he released only a few thrusts later with a cry of his own.

Nero collapsed onto his chest, but Dante just wrapped his arms around the younger man as both tried to catch their breath. Slowly they began to calm and eventually Nero lifted his head.

"Love you too, you old pervert." The adorably sleepy, satisfied look on his face only tempted Dante all the more to kiss him even as he chuckled at the kid's words.


The warm spray fell over him and Nero could only sigh in pleasure at the relaxing sensation of water sliding over his skin. He'd finally managed to crawl away from Dante after the elder fell asleep. He was tired from all the romping around in bed, but he couldn't sleep; too wound up after what he'd just done. Nero carefully placed his demonic hand over his face while his left hand braced him up against the wall. He was absolutely mortified by his own indecent immodesty. Something about Dante just brought out a dark side in him that he didn't think existed. He didn't think it was bad, per se, he was just embarrassed and unused to such behavior coming from himself; sometimes completely without his consent.

So caught up in his thoughts, the young hunter didn't hear someone open the bathroom door and then step into the shower behind him. He only became aware of the smirking being when two strong arms wrapped around his middle and a broad chest pressed into his back. Nero stiffened instantly, a sharp breath hitching in his throat. Instinctively he tried to elbow the offender in the gut, but found his arm caught and pinned above his head.

"C'mon, kid, it wasn't that bad." Dante said teasingly, licking at the small shell of Nero's ear, feeling the other trembling against him. "Didn't mean to scare you." He chuckled.

"Y-you didn't." Nero denied quickly, tugging at his arm until Dante released it, instantly spinning around to glare at the older man, backing up against the shower's wall, briefly considering covering himself, seeing as the pervert was eyeing him up and down like the younger was a piece of meat and he was starved. Hadn't he had enough yet? He managed to keep his hands at his sides, refusing to give Dante anything else to tease him about. He just wasn't used to being this intimate with someone. "Get out."

Dante raised an eyebrow at that demand, placing a hand on the wall by Nero's head and leaning in close. "Why? It isn't anything I haven't seen already."

Got him there. Nero heaved a sigh and turned his face away, absently scratching at his nose before he caught himself and quickly jerked his hand back. "I know I'm not an expert, but aren't couples supposed to work their way up to stuff like this?"

The elder only grinned at that and leaned in close enough that their noses touched. "Ah, but didn't I tell you, kid? Devils do it backwards." The deep, provocative way Dante said that only brought up recent memories that had Nero blushing furiously. He tried to cover it up with anger, but he couldn't hide his stutter.

"T-that's stupid! And d-do you mind? Little personal space maybe?" Nero placed both hands on Dante's chest and gave the elder a hard shove that barely garnered him a few inches of breathing space. The small shower could barely hold the two of them, and the heat created from the water that fell over them only made that space seem even smaller. He could feel Dante's heart beating strongly under his palms and his fingers twitched, eyes reluctantly shifting up to meet icy blue orbs that made him feel anything but cold.

As if drawn in, Dante found himself leaning forward until he could capture those sweet lips he was learning tasted absolutely delectable. He didn't bother to rush it, lazily rolling his tongue around Nero's as both took turns tasting the other. He couldn't have imagined a better way to spend his free days. Learning every inch of his young mate's body, discovering those hidden spots, it was almost like he was having sex for the first time again, finding new pleasures right alongside Nero.

When they finally broke away, Dante lightly rubbed his nose against Nero's and grinned when the younger burst out laughing. "What the hell was that?"

"I don't know, but I like it, think I'll do it again," he wasn't daunted by the young man trying to half-heartedly fend him off, nuzzling into Nero's cheek and nibbling at his ear, enjoying the sound of the other's laughter. Nero didn't laugh enough, Dante decided, and made it his goal from then on to change that.

Once the laughter faded and the kid relaxed against him, Dante rested his chin on Nero's head, absently trailing one hand along the almost graceful line of the teen's back. His heart was racing at just holding Nero, but he liked it; hoped that he didn't ever stop having that reaction. This was his, and he would do everything within his power to keep it.

"Dante?" He felt Nero stir slightly and pulled back, staring back into those passionate, entrancing eyes.

"Hm?" Dante was curious what Nero was going to say, but then became concerned when the younger's features suddenly twisted into an odd expression, his nose crinkling, all of it happening in a split second and he never got the chance to react before Nero sneezed on him.

The young man's eyes went wide as he covered his nose and mouth, at first mortified at what he'd done, but quickly dissolved into another fit of laughter that was almost painful to restrain. "T-the look on your face is priceless!"

Dante closed his eyes and sighed, wiping at his face and was never happier to be in a shower since he could clean himself. "Thanks a lot, punk. Love you too."

Nero just laughed harder.

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