Episode 10: Dragon Halfa

In a underground cave, Malachite, Hunter J, Rito and Zeltrax were in their meeting room discussing some matters.

"So far we haven't located the Dragon Balls or the Chaos Emeralds and it's making the progress become slower." Zeltrax reported.

"That ain't cool, if you ask me." Rito said. "Anyway can we make this meeting short, I got something watch on TV and I don't want to miss it."

Everyone including Hunter J glared at Rito.

"What's so great about watching the TV when we're behind schedule!" J snapped.

"It's simple really, it's about the bidding of a special gem they are giving away and the richest people are gonna be there." Rito answered.

Malachite however looked on interested. "What special gem is it?"

Rito pondered. "Let's see um... from the picture of it they showed looked like a emerald type that was glowing brightly and it happen to be sky blue." he said as he showed a poster that's showing the picture of what Rito had described.

"What?!" J yelled as she snatched the poster from Rito and looked at it. "If that's true then this could be one of the Chaos Emeralds we were looking for. One of us should attend the auction."

Zeltrax shook his head. "As much as I agree with that idea, but that won't work."

Before J can make a comeback, Malachite intrudes.

"Zeltrax is right, those heroes, the Ultimate Defenders will suspect something since their "World's Greatest Detective" and worst of all one of the Sailor Scouts, Sailor Jupiter will find out what we are up to and ruin it." Malachite said agreeing with Zeltrax.

"I don't suppose a distraction will be helpful on keeping the do-gooders from noticing we stole the Chaos Emerald from under their noses." Rito said out loud.

The members heard what Rito had blurted out as they stare at him then looked at each other and smirked.

Ethan and Mewtwo looked at the city on a roof. Everything was right.

"Man, I'm bored." Ethan groaned. "What about you, Mewtwo?"

"I'm fine." Mewtwo answered.

"You know. Since our last battle, I'm starting to want some more." Ethan continued as he looked bored at the city.

Mewtwo chuckled. "I think you like the action, don't you?"

"You said it."

Suddenly, some animal voices were heard. Those animals were fighting. Ethan and Mewtwo looked at the place where the sound was heard and jumped towards it.

On the place, two animals, a dog and a cat started to fight. The dog bitted the cat's tail and the cat slashed the dog's face hurting it.

Ethan and Mewtwo landed and Ethan stopped this.

"Hey, what's going on?" Ethan asked.

The dog and cat got away injured as they look each other growling.

"I wonder what happened here…" Mewtwo said confusing.

"Well, this "dog and cat fighting" stuff is typical." Ethan shrugged. "Let's come back. Don't worry about that Mewtwo."

As they walked back, something just happened! four goons appeared from nowhere and took the animals away. Ethan and Mewtwo turned back just in time to see this. The first man has greyish pale skin and red hair, which he wears with old-fashioned sideburns. He wears a white disco suit with a pink shirt and wears a gold medallion on his neck and shoes. The second man has black spiky hair and dark eyes, and he wears a pair of yellow-orange sunglasses, a black jacket with a grey shirt, black pants and black shoes. The third man has a bandage across his nose, wears a suit with a white shirt, a red tie, black pants and shoes. The final man has spiked red hair, a thin moustache and chin beard, and wears a blue muscle shirt and jeans. They are Finn, Chow, Ratso and Hak Foo.

"Valmont's henchmen!" Mewtwo snapped.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Ethan demanded to the goons.

The goons ignored them and gone away with the animals.

"Get back here!" Ethan ordered. "After them, Mewtwo!" he turned to Mewtwo, who nodded.

Then, they chased the goons.

The goons ran to a sort of shelter and entered on it. When Ethan and Mewtwo followed them, they saw something strange.

"Animal shelter?" Mewtwo asked as he looked at the sign.

"Why would Valdemont's goons took the two animals to an animal shelter? This is weird." Ethan wondered. "By the way, I heard about this place. Since there was a plague around the town that only affects to dogs and cats, this shelter was built to cure the animals."

"Exactly." Mewtwo agreed. "But… Why Valdemont would order to his henchmen to bring animals to this place?"

"I don't know, but let's check it out!" Ethan answered as they entered inside.

Inside the shelter, as Ethan and Mewtwo walked, they saw several dogs and cats on cages, some of them coughing, others were shivering.

"Dude… Poor guys." Ethan said sadly. "They better find a way to help these fellas."

Suddenly, on another room, they saw a sort of cameras.

"Security cameras?" Mewtwo asked.

"Maybe to give security to this place." Ethan thought. "Let's keep searching."

Suddenly, the cameras turned on to show the face of Valmont.

"VALMONT!/VALMONT!" Ethan and Mewtwo snapped on shock.

"Greetings, my friends!" Valmont smiled. "Welcome to the Valmont's animal shelter! The place where the poor animals have a new home. A new home, where they can be happy, they can eat whatever they want and they can do whatever they want!"

Ethan and Mewtwo looked at each other confused.

"Is Valmont got crazy?" Mewtwo asked.

"Something must hit Valmont on his head." Ethan shrugged.

"And of course, I, the great Valmont, have found a cure that will save all the animals. Since, I love animals; I'll use the cure to save all of them!" Valmont smiled. "If you have some pets that you want to save, bring them to me and I'll help them. See ya!"

Then, the cameras turned off as Ethan and Mewtwo were surprised.

"Valmont has surprised me…!" Mewtwo said.

"Me too! Come on, let's go!" Ethan smiled as he ran off.

"Ethan! Where are you going?" Mewtwo asked.

"Let's see what's the cure to make sure Valmont is not lying!"

Mewtwo sighed as he flew after Ethan.

Ethan and Mewtwo entered on a sort of basement.

"I think this is the entry to the laboratory." Mewtwo said.

As they entered on the room, they saw that the room was small and besides, it was empty.

"Huh?" Ethan looked confused. "Too small to be a lab, and there's nothing here."

As Ethan and Mewtwo looked suspicious, the door locked itself. The two heroes turned to see the door.

"Huh, what the…?" Ethan was about to ask.

Suddenly, a big camera showed up and displayed an image of Valmont, smiling evilly at Ethan and Mewtwo.

"Greetings, Ultimate Defenders! How are you doing?" Valmont asked.

"Valmont?" Ethan asked shocked.

"Valmont! What's the meaning of this?" Mewtwo asked.

"Fools! Do you think that I would help to these animals? You idiots have really fallen on my trap!" Valmont said before laughing evilly.

"WHAT?!/WHAT?!" Ethan and Mewtwo asked in unison.

"Bwa, ha, ha!" Valmont laughed. "I don't care about these animals, and besides, I can control them! I just made these lies to be rich! When I control the animals, they'll get all the money of the town for me!"


"I don't think so…" Valmont smirked. "But, don't worry; I'll leave you with some friends who want to play with you, my friends."

As he said this, the camera turned off and some walls opened to reveal some rabid animals!

"Oops! I hate to say Mewtwo, but…" Ethan groaned. "We're trapped!"

"I don't think so!" Mewtwo said. "Let me take care of this."

Mewtwo used his psychic powers to control the animals. The animals stood there, paralyzed and with widen eyes. Ethan was shocked.

"Mewtwo! What are you doing?" he asked confused.

"I'm trying to calm them down." Mewtwo answered.


Suddenly, the animals calmed down and smiled at them.

"Cool! Well done, Mewtwo!" Ethan smiled. "You soften them!"

"That was the plan." Mewtwo answered.

Then, Ethan and Mewtwo used their powers to smash the door down.

"Now, let's get Valmont!" Ethan said.


Then, they went after Valmont.

"These things are heavy!" Ratso said, carrying two boxes of drugs.

"Be careful with that, Ratso." Finn said as he carried one. "It breaks and Big V will have our heads."

"Or Hak Foo." Chow added.

"Less talking, more moving!" Valmont exclaimed.

"Why am I doing this?" Hak Foo asked to himself as he carried several boxes.

Then a knock was heard in the door of the warehouse

"Someone's knocking." Ratso said, putting down the boxes. "I'll go check."

Before Ratso could even get near the door, it was blown away and two figures where standing in the doorway.

"How did you two escpae the rabid animals?" Valmont asked, shocked at their appearance.

"Mewtwo simply calmed them." Ethan said.

"I would explain, but..." Mewtwo said. "...you wouldn't even understand it."

"Get them!" Valmont said as he got in the truck.

"You heard the boss." Finn said.

"Do we have too?" Ratso asked.

"I don't get paid enough for this." Chow said.

But before any of them could move, they were trapped by Mewtwo and tied with metal bars he bent with his telekinesis.

"I somehow feel insulted..." Mewtwo said.

"Hey Hak!" Etahn called to the redhead. "Ready?"

"Lunging Cheetah strikes!" Hak Foo exclaimed as he rushed Ethan, his hands poised like claws.

"Squirtle withdraws!" Ethan said as he dodged the attack and then kicked Hak Foo. "Hitmonlee hits Graveler!"

"With the force of a meteor!" Hak Foo began to prepare a punch when he was interrupted by Ethan.

"Can you repeat that?" Ethan said. "Didn't hear the last part."

"I said meteo...OHMP!" Hak Foo was again interrupted by a Meteor Punch.

Ethan just smirked as Hak Foo fell and struggled to get up.

"What last part?" Hak Foo said before falling unconscious.

"That trick never fails, dunno why though." Ethan said.

'Well incase you didn't notice... but Valmont has just left with the truck that contains drugs in the box.' Mewtwo pointed out.

Ethan looked at where Mewtwo pointed at and saw that Valmont mockingly waved them good bye as he drove off with the truck that contained drugs in the boxes.

"He won't get that far." Ethan smirked.

As Ethan and Mewtwo fly after Valmont who moments ago is riding inside a truck that he stole which contains drugs. Valmont tried to shoot at Ethan and Mewtwo with his gun but his aim was off. Ethan tried to grab the truck with his hands while flying but Valmont steered the truck to the other side of the road to lose them. Ethan instead ended up crashing towards the stop sign.

After Ethan recovered from his crash at the stop sign, Mewtwo flown down next to him to see if he was alright.

'Ethan, are you alright?' asked Mewtwo.

"Yeah, I'm fine Mewtwo. Thanks for asking. How is it that are three of you there?" asked Ethan who was a little bit dizzy as he stood up.

'Ethan!' yelled Mewtwo in thought speak which shook Ethan's senses back up again.

"Ow! I'm up and where's Valmont at, Mewtwo?" asked Ethan getting ready for another round of chasing Valmont.

Mewtwo points out to Ethan the directions that Valmont escaped with the truck then they go after him.

"Okay, let make this quick so that we can watch happens on TV at home." Ethan said.

"Mewtwo reminds Ethan on focusing on getting Valmont first, then decide on something to do at home.

As Ethan and Mewtwo were closing in on Valmont and the truck he's driving in, Valmont tried to shake Ethan and Mewtwo off his tail but with no such luck happening to him.

'And here I thought Jackie Chan was a pain in the neck compare to these two following me.' thought Valmont as he drived the truck in high speed and recklessly almost running people over which Ethan and Mewtwo had to use their physic abilities to move them out of way.

'Man, where did Valmont learn how to drive?' said Ethan in thought as he watched Valmont and his truck driving skills while Ethan and Mewtwo were still following him.

Ethan and Mewtwo had to use their mental abilities to move the people out of the way or they would end up hurt by Valmont and his reckless truck driving.

Ethan and Mewtwo were gaining on Valmont until he threw some stuff at Ethan which Ethan had to avoid by dodging in mid-air which wasn't hard for the half-Saiyan Ultimate Lifeform to do.

After dodging all that Valmont has thrown at them, Ethan and Mewtwo had enough of this and decide to end the chase now.

"That's it. I can't take this anymore. Time to end this wild goose chase." said Ethan as he used his mental powers on the truck to put the brakes on.

So Ethan used his physic abilities to lift the truck up high in the air which Valmont looked over out the truck window and was afraid that he would end falling off the truck since there was no ground around him.

After catching Valmont and the truck filled with boxes containing the drugs plus exposing his plan and handing him to the authorities, Ethan and Mewtwo decided to head back to Karai's mansion to see if there was something good on TV to watch.

Meanwhile at Karai's mansion, Vegeta was in the gym lifting weights, Lightning, Aqua and Shadow were watching Lita playing UNO with Serah.

Karai was mediating in her room until she heard the communicator beeping and answers it.

"Ethan? Did you and Mewtwo stop Valmont from taking that truck filled with boxes of drugs?" asked Karai via the communicator.

"Yes, we have but we may have a little problem here." said Ethan talking through via the communicator.

"What kind of problem?" asked Karai.

"Trust me, you won't believe this if i told you through the communicator. Me and Mewtwo are heading back to the mansion to show you instead." said Ethan.

'I just hope that Karai is in a good mood when she sees this.' thought Ethan as he and Mewtwo flew on over to Karai's mansion.

Finally landing in front of Karai's mansion, Ethan and Mewtwo walked up to the mansion doors and opened them.

What Karai, Shadow, Lita, Lightning, Aqua, Serah, and Vegeta's reactions were different when they saw Ethan and the 'little problem' that he mentioned.

Karai's reaction in her face is frowning because of seeing so many cats will be a problem for her and that's way too many to keep in her book, while Lita, Serah, and Aqua thinks it's cute that Ethan brought over some kittens with him, Shadow had facepalmed like he has seen it happen before and Vegeta was laughing at the whole thing happening before him.

"Ah ha ha ha. Oh, man. I thought Kakarot was pathetic but you managed to prove me wrong on that one." said Vegeta mocking Ethan. Lightning didn't like the way Vegeta was mocking her adoptive little brother in that manner and gave the Saiyan prince a death glare for that remark to keep quiet.

"Awww, they're adorable. Why are these cute kittens doing here, Ethan?" asked Serah as she picked up one and started petting on him.

"You didn't take these cute little guys from the pet store, did you Ethan?" asked Lita as she went into the kitchen get some bowls of milk for the kittens.

"They do look very adorable and cute little guys but seriously, Ethan. Where did you managed to find all of them?" asked Aqua as a kitten purred on Aqua which she smiled at the sight.

"Even though these kittens are very cute and all. But why are the kittens are here and following you, Ethan?" asked Lightning since she didn't know about Ethan's little problem until now.

"Well, the truth is that they kind of followed me and Mewtwo back here after we were done chasing Valmont around all of Nexus." said Ethan as he remembered how it happen a few minutes ago. "Kind of like the Pied Piper but with kittens following me instead."

"Ethan, I'm afraid that I will not allow another pet or more into this mansion." said Karai as she took one of the kittens and put them outside with the rest of them.

"What? Why can't we have some kittens around the mansion, Karai?" said Ethan wondering why Karai wouldn't want him to keep the kittens.

"Because you already have other pets and they're not normal pets like the cats here." said Karai.

"Oh, yeah. Now I remember." said Ethan realizing what Karai meant about his other pets that only he, Shadow and Karai know about but not the others in the mansion.

"But can Aqua, Serah and Lita keep three kittens, Karai?" asked Ethan who noticed the bond that Aqua, Serah and Lita has with each kitten that they're holding on to and wants to keep them.

"Please, Karai? Can we keep these three kittens? Please?" asked Serah who, along with Aqua and Lita, were begging to Karai to keep at least three of their kittens with them.

"I guess Serah, Aqua and Lita will keep the three kittens." replied Karai which Serah, Lita and Aqua were about to celebrate until Karai put her hand up to explain the rules. "But you three must clean up after the three kittens and feed them every day. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, ma'am." said Lita, Serah, and Aqua as they went over and made some cute faces with their new kittens.

As Serah, Aqua and Lita were playing with their new pet kittens, Ethan couldn't help but smile at the act of kindness that Karai did for Serah, Lita and Aqua for keeping at least three of the kittens with them.

As Ethan and company head to the living room to watch the bidding on TV to start, meanwhile at the bidding party somewhere in Nexus, Bruce Wayne and Diana were there to see if any of items that will up for bidding wouldn't have some dangerous power or prevent some robbers taking all the items.

As Bruce and Diana were talking to some of the other bidders and business associates at the bidding party, they would have no idea that Tony Dracon, Glasses, and the rest of Dracon's henchmen were getting ready to crash the party the moment the special blue gem would appear.

As the time came for the special gem to be in the bidding next until all of a sudden gun shots were heard and everyone turned to see Tony Dracon, Glasses, and the rest of Tony Dracon's henchmen holding up their guns and aiming them at the bidders.

"Good evening, everyone. My name is Tony Dracon and I'll be taking this blue gem here out of your hands." said Tony as he tried to reach for the blue gem.

Meanwhile back at Karai's mansion, Ethan and the rest of Ultimate Defender saw this and were prepared to head to that auction party to give Batman and Wonder Woman a hand in dealing with those thugs.

"Guys, I think it's time we ruin Tony Dracon's heist and stop him from taking that blue gem." said Ethan as he powered up and flew off to the bidding party while the other Ultimate Defenders headed into the Defendermobile to catch up with the two Saiyans.

Back at the bidding party, Tony Dracon was just about to reach for the blue gem when an energy blast prevented him from taking that gem.

Dracon turned around and saw Ethan and Vegeta floating above him and his henchmen looking down on them and ready to fight.

As Ethan, Vegeta and Diana who with a quick spin to turn herself into Wonder Woman began to fight off against Dracon and his henchmen from stealing the blue gem and other priceless jewels that they might steal as well.

Glasses was shooting at Wonder Woman with his gun which she deflected them with her bracelets to block against while the rest of the henchmen just went after the Half Saiyan Ultimate Lifeform and the Prince of of all Saiyans with no idea of what they're getting themselves into.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne quietly slipped away from the fighting to change himself into Batman which he came back out throwing batarangs at Dracon's henchmen like they were nothing.

Unknown to the good guys, the Dark Kingdom were watching this scene and thinks that this might be the perfect opportunity that they were looking for.

"So, it looks like that blue gem is actually the sky blue Chaos Emerald and I think this little 'distraction' that Tony Dracon is doing the perfect opportunity the Dark Kingdom is looking for, Zeltrax." said Hunter J as she watched the events of the bidding party happening on the TV at the Dark Kingdom's headquarters.

"Yes, this is the perfect opportunity for us to take the sky blue Chaos Emerald before those Ultimate Defenders do." said Zeltrax. "Which is why I'm on my way now to make sure that sky blue Chaos Emerald will be the Dark Kingdom's, not for the Ultimate Defender's or Tony Dracon's."

"Hold it right there, Zeltrax!" shouted Rito as walked up to Hunter J and Zeltrax. "I think I should be the one to grab that sky blue Chaos Emerald for the Dark Kingdom, not you."

"You, Rito? Ha, I think it would be better if Zeltrax went in there himself than you." Hunter J said as she mocked Rito.

"I disagree with that decision of yours, Rito. You'll like end up giving the sky blue Chaos Emerald to some stranger let alone bringing it back to the Dark Kingdom." Zeltrax said.

"Then about a bet, you two?" Rito said. "If I fail to get the sky blue Chaos Emerald, then I'll clean the base. But If I succeed in getting the sky blue Chaos Emerald, then Hunter J will clean the base instead."

"W-w-w-what k-k-k-in-ind of rid-rid-ridiculous b-b-bet is th-th-that sup-supposed to me-me-mean, Rito?" Hunter J stuttered on that bet.

"Come on, J. You aren't afraid to admit defeat in front this imbecile now?" Zeltrax asked which Hunter J gave Zeltrax a icy glare at him.

"Yea-Hey! I resent that, Zeltrax" Rito said when he realized that Zeltrax was referring to him.

"You'll see that I will get that blue sky Chaos Emerald and Hunter J, I do hope that you brought your maid's outfit to clean the base with when I win. Ha!" said Rito as he left to get the sky blue Chaos Emerald leaving Hunter J and Zeltrax alone.

Hunter J and Zeltrax were silent for a minute until both of themselves laughing at Rito and the thought of him succeeding in getting that Chaos Emerald.

"Ha ha aha ha ha. Rito succeeding in a mission to grab that Chaos Emerald? Ha aha ha ha." laughed Hunter J as she hold both sides of her stomach from laughing.

"That'll be the day and it'll be a slim chance of that happening either." Zeltrax said as too laughed at Rito's attempt of getting the Chaos Emerald from the Ultimate Defenders' hands.

Meanwhile back at the bidding party, Ethan, Vegeta, Batman and Wonder Woman were busy having a difficult time by fighting off Tony Dracon and his henchmen and keep the sky blue Chaos Emerald at the same time. It looked grim for the four Ultimate Defenders until the sound of shots were heard and saw the Defendermobile which Aqua, Lightning, Karai, Shadow, Mewtwo, and Sailor Jupiter arrived in the Defendermobile to give their Ultimate Defender's teammates a hand to stop Tony Dracon and his goons.

However, unknown to both the Ultimate Defenders and Tony Dracon and his henchmen, Rito appears unnoticed and sees everyone is indeed distracted.

'Oh boy, everyone is so distracted that they didn't even notice me.' thought Rito as he quietly went over to take the Chaos Emerald.

Rito then went over to the case and grabbed the Chaos Emerald before anybody noticed that the Chaos Emerald is gone.

'Piece of cake and now that I got the Chaos Emerald for the Dark Kingdom, Hunter J would be busy cleaning up the base. Ha ha!' thought Rito as he made his way back to Underground Cave.

Unaware of Rito and the disappearance of the Chaos Emerald, Ethan and the rest of Ultimate Defender figured that it was time to end this fight with Tony Dracon and his goons before someone gets hurt.

As the Ultimate Defenders were finishing up the fight with Tony Dracon and his henchmen, Ethan suddenly saw Rito making his way out of the bidding party and onto the street with the Chaos Emerald in his hands.

Rito thought he was in the clear when he didn't that nobody was following except for a blond haired Ultimate Lifeform looking at him. Rito did a double look at this and thought that he lost them.

"WHAT? I thought I had lost you do-gooders at that party?" said Rito confused since he did almost got away with the Chaos Emerald.

Ethan thought that maybe he could trick Rito out on giving him the Chaos Emerald by using one of the oldest tricks in the book: reverse psychology on him.

"Ehh, what's up, skeleton man?" Ethan asked as leans onto a light pole watching Rito which looked frustrated by this.

"I'll show what's up, you rascally Ultimate Lifeform monkey." Rito said as he tried to shoot at the Ultimate Lifeform only to miss every time as he quickly got tired of shooting and instead try to cut the half Saiyan Ultimate Lifeform.

"Alright and this time It'll be Saiyan Season for you." Rito said as he aimed his weapon at Ethan.

"Skeleton man Season." Ethan said pointing Rito's weapon on him.

"Saiyan Season." Rito said aiming his weapon back at Ethan.

"Skeleton man Season." Ethan said as he switched Rito's aim on his weapon back at Rito.

"Saiyan Season." Rito said pointing back at Ethan.

"Saiyan Season." Ethan said pointing Rito's weapon at himself and smirking at Rito.

"Agh! That does it ! It'll only be skeleton man Season and fire!" said Rito aimed his own weapon at himself which then exploded on his face leaving him to drop the Chaos Emerald at Ethan's feet.

Ethan picked up the Chaos Emerald and headed back with the rest of Ultimate Defender to head back to their headquarters and determined to see if this was a real Chaos Emerald or not.

Meanwhile back with the charred and smoked up Rito, he knew that he was in deep trouble with the Dark Kingdom and not to mention that he lost the bet to Hunter J and will be busy cleaning up the base for his mistake.

"Oh no! They're going to kill me for losing the Chaos Emerald to those guys." Rito said in a panic as he picked himself up of the ground.

As Ethan walked over to his teammates and showed them the Chaos Emerald, they figured that it would be better to take it with them instead of leaving it here at the biding party where it would be more dangerous and not to mention will attract a lot more criminals of coming in to take it.

"Hey guys! Look at what I just found, the Chaos Emerald." Ethan said as he held it up in the air to show them.

"But, Ethan. How do we know that is the real Chaos Emerald and not some kind of phony intimidation of the Chaos Emerald?" Lita said as she looked at the Chaos Emerald real close.

"There's only one way to find out if this is the real Chaos Emerald or not." Batman said. "We'll perform some kind of tests to see if it's real or not back at Karai's Mansion."

The rest of the Ultimate Defenders agreed with the Dark Knight and decided to head back to Karai's mansion and see if what they got in their possession is the real Chaos Emerald or not.

Meanwhile, Rito headed his way back to the base and getting ready to face the wraths of both Hunter J and Zeltrax and the Dark Kingdom's for letting the Ultimate Defenders take the Chaos Emerald from him.

"Well, Well. If it isn't Mr.'I'll bring the Chaos Emerald for the Dark Kingdom' has made his return." Zeltrax mocked as he was laughing at Rito's current state with Rito still covered in smoke and his body is in charred black.

"Ha ha. Very funny, Zeltrax." Rito said annoyed.

"So where is the Chaos Emerald that you promised us and the Dark Kingdom at, Rito?" asked Hunter J.

Rito panicked. 'Oh no! If they find out that I lost the sky blue Chaos Emerald to the Ultimate Defenders, then Hunter J will win the bet and I'll end up cleaning the base and face the wrath of Malachite because of my mistake.' thought Rito as he tried to figure a way out of this perdicament that he put himself into. 'Not to mention that Zeltrax will be mocking and laughing at me for this for a very long time.'

"I sort of lost the Chaos Emerald." Rito said meekly.

Hunter J and Zeltrax's eyes widen when they heard this.

"YOU WHAT?" Hunter J and Zeltrax yelled at Rito which he had to covered his head.

"I sot of lost the sky blue Chaos Emerald to those do-gooders the Ultimate Defenders at that bidding party." Rito said as he cringed in fear.

"You imbecile. How are we going to get that sky blue Chaos Emerald for the Dark Kingdom now, huh?" Hunter J said as she pointed at Rito.

"At least this wasn't a total lost, Hunter J. Rito did lose the bet to you after all which means..." said Zeltrax grinning sinisterly at Rito.

"He'll have to clean up the base for his mistake of letting those Ultimate Defenders having the sky blue Chaos Emerald instead. Ha ha!" Hunter J finished as she chuckled evilly.

Rito sighs in defeat and said "I guess I better get started on cleaning up the base." Then Rito starts to leave to get started on his cleaning chores.

After Rito left, Hunter J turned towards Zeltrax and asked,"Zeltrax, what are we going to do about the Ultimate Defenders? They're getting awfully suspicious on our activities and we don't want them to find out about our plans."

Yes, I agree with you on that one, Hunter J. Which is why I will start searching for someone or something that will get the Ultimate Defenders occupied while we continue on our business for the Dark Kingdom uninterrupted." Zeltrax said coming up with a plan.

"Well, whoever or whatever you find to distract those meddling Ultimate Defenders better be good, Zeltrax." said Hunter J.

Meanwhile back at Karai's Mansion, Ethan and the rest of the Ultimate Defenders have made it back after that battle with Tony Dracon and his henchmen did at the bidding party.

"So Bruce? How are we going to know if this the real Chaos Emerald or a cheap knockoff of it?" Lightning asked.

"We'll have to perform some tests in the Batcave to analyze the Chaos Emerald and see, Lightning." said Batman as he took the Chaos Emerald to the Batcave to perform tests on it.

After everyone followed the Dark Knight to the batcave under Karai's Mansion, Batman placed the Chaos Emerald inside one of his machines and was studying the readings of the emerald's energies. Then Batman wanted to know if they have in their possession is the Chaos Emerald or not and said, "Ethan. Why don't you o try using your Chaos Control with the sky blue Chaos Emerald to see if it'd real or not."

"Okay and I guess it'll be worth it to see if it is the real Chaos Emerald, huh Bruce?" Ethan said looking confident.

As Ethan was using his Chaos Control on the sky blue Chaos Emerald and suddenly everyone was shocked that the sky blue Chaos Emerald remained glowing after Ethan's use of Chaos Control which confirmed to everyone that it does make a good piece of evidence that they have in their possession is in fact the real Chaos Emerald.

"Well, I guess this can confirm that what we have in our hands is the real McCoy, huh guys?" Ethan said as he smiled.

"Yeah, Ethan. It sure does." Serah said looking at the glowing Chaos Emerald and smiling at Ethan.

"Well, we know now." Shadow said admiring the Chaos Emerald still glowing.

"Yes, and we know we're keeping it safe from anyone who will use it's powers for evil." Aqua said.

"Aqua's right and now we make sure that nothing or anybody tries to steal this Chaos Emerald on our watch." Lightning said.

"Nice way of putting it, Lightning." Lita said.

"That was the worse thing you said about this to confirm the Chaos Emerald is real or not, Brat." Vegeta said annoyed at Ethan's response.

After further studying of the Chaos Emerald, Batman turned to his fellow teammates and said, "We all can confirm now that this is the real Chaos Emerald means that every crook, supervillain or someone with an ego will try to take this Chaos Emerald from us. But we also agree that it needs to be safe and locked up tight, right?" Batman said looking at them.

"Agreed." Ethan, Vegeta, Lita, Serah, Wonder Woman, Lightning, Aqua, Karai, Mewtwo and Shadow said all at once.

"Also Bruce, don't forget that we also must bring the rest of the Chaos Emeralds back here when we find them and keep them safe from anyone who will use their powers for evil." Karai said.

"So, how many of those Chaos Emerald there are?" Vegeta asked since he didn't know about how many Chaos Emeralds they have in their possession.

"There are seven Chaos Emeralds each, since we have the first one which means it makes six more for us to find, Vegeta." Shadow answered.

"Seven of these Chaos Emeralds? They're kinda of sounding like the Dragon Balls since both the Chaos Emeralds and Dragon Balls each have the exact same number." Vegeta said relating on the subject.

Meanwhile at the underground headquarters of Sector 13, Zeltrax had finally found the right person or thing for the job of dealing with the Ultimate Defenders.

'This look like the place and just hope that the Twelve Talismans do the trick or else there's going to be some major pain for that imbecile when I'm through with him.' thought Zeltrax as he looked around and finally found what he was looking for: the statue prison of Shendu.

"Who dares approach me?" the stautue of Shendu said.

"It is I, Zeltrax. And I need of your abilities to 'help' me with this problem that needs to be dealt with, Shendu." Zeltrax said to the statue of Shendu.

"Ultimate Defenders?" the statued Shendu repeated confused.

"Think of them as troublesome like someone you know." Zeltrax said.

Shendu eyes glowed more red when he realized what or who Zeltrax was talking about and said,"Yes, I know that feeling all to well. Alright then, we have a deal, Zeltrax."

"Excellent. Now all you have to do, Shendu, is cause much of a distraction for those 'Ultimate Defenders' as long as you can until we-I mean I finish up my business." Zeltrax said as he placed all Twelve of the Talismans on the statue of Shendu which the entire statue begun turning into full flesh and blood again meaning one thing. Shendu is free from his statue prison once again.

"At long last, I HAVE RETURNED!" Shendu said shouting his voice so loud that alerted the rest of the agents of Sector 13 to investigate the commotion.

"Yes and now that you're free, Shendu. You just alerted the entire Sector 13 to come down!" Zeltrax snapped as he and Shendu decided to leave Sector 13 with Zeltrax teleporting the two out of Sector 13's secret headquarters.

Meanwhile back at the base of the Dark Kingdom, Rito who was wearing some of his cleaning clothes walked out of the kitchen after he spent countless hours on cleaning it to the last speck of dirt was gone.

'Me and my big mouth.' Rito though after he scrumb down what's left the kitchen. 'I hope that I'll never have to clean up in that kitchen again as long as I live.'

Unfortunatley for him, he saw Hunter J walking into the kitchen and in the next few minutes he heard all the commotion in the kitchen to see it looking like a mess again. Obviously, Hunter J did this on to him on purpose because she was giving Rito an evil grin and said in pretend sympathy, "Oh I'm so sorry, Rito. I guess that you'll have to clean the kichen again, huh?"

Rito just groaned in annoyance as he started to scrumb on the floors to clean it up again.

Meanwhile back at Karai's Mansion, the Ultimate Defenders were still busy analyzing the Chaos Emerald and keeping up with the reports coming from the city until they heard a beeping sound coming from the Batcave.

"I need everyone to come to the Batcave. We have a situation that's happening in Nexus." said Batman speaking through the intercom.

"We're on our way, Bats." said Ethan as he and the rest of the Ultimate Defenders headed to the Batcave to know what was going on in Nexus from the Dark Knight himself.

"Bruce, everyone's here." said Karai. "So what's the big problem that's happening in Nexus?" asked Ethan.

"This is the problem which is happening in Nexus right now, Ethan." said Batman as he typed in some stuff on the computer screen and showed them a demonic looking dragon rampaging across the city with the people fleeing from him as he breathed fire onto the buildings.

"Whoa! Talk about big, scary and ugly there." Lita said as she watched the strange demonic being destroying everything in its way.

"Well if the brat is going then I'm going with him." Vegeta said with his arms crossed.

"Geez, spikyhead. What will we ever do without you?" Lightning said sarcastically at the Saiyan Prince.

"Enough arguing, you two. We have to head downtown Nexus and stop this monster from harming any more innocent people." said Wonder Woman.

"Diana's right. We'll need to deal with the threat that this creature possess first." Mewtwo said telepathically.

"Alright. We're heading to downtown Nexus to stop this whatever this is from causing harm to anyone else." Ethan said as he powered up and flew off to confront the demonic demon.

Vegeta powered up like Ethan did and followed Ethan with Wonder Woman using her flight to catch up to the two and Mewtwo using his psychic powers to levitate him and Lightning to where Ethan was heading to.

Batman just sighed as they didn't get the chance to listen to him to tell them about the part which was the demonic being's name before they left.

"Bruce. What's wrong?" Serah asked noticing the Dark Knight's look.

"They didn't get a chance to learn about this particular demon being's name before they left, Serah." Batman replied as he showed Serah, Shadow, Karai and Lita the name of the creature on the computer screen. "Because his name is Shendu."

"So, Batman what is worse about that demon dragon 'Shendu'?" Lita asked.

"What is worse about Shendu, Lita, is that he has the mystical Twelve Talismans that grant him unknown and unlimited powers that he can use to do anything that he wants to." Batman said.

"Shendu is a Demon Sorcerer of Fire and is from the Demon Netherworld where all the Demon Sorcerers including Shendu himself resides there, Lita." added Aqua.

Serah and Lita were shocked at this because they now know what kind of threat that Shendu is not only to Nexus but the entire world as well.

Ethan, Vegeta, Wonder Woman, Lightning and Mewtwo have made to downtown Nexus and the demonic sorcerer detected their presence.

"So this is the 'Ultimate Defenders' that I heard so much about?" said Shendu almost mocking at them. "Ha ha ha aha ha ha."

"What's so funny, Dragon breath?" said Lightning angrily at the demon sorcerer.

"What's funny, my dear, is that I expect to fight against strong opponents, not mere amauters." Shendu scoffed at the Ultimate Defenders which made Lightning and Wonder Woman mad at the demon sorcerer for insulting them.

"We'll see who's laughing after we're done with you, Demon." Wonder Woman said.

"Yeah, what she said." Ethan said as he, Vegeta, Lightning and Mewtwo are backing up their Amazon teammate.

"Then come at me,'Ultimate Defenders.'" Shendu said challenging them.

"How about me, Demon?" Vegeta yelled as he charged toward Shendu with his fist powered up to knock the demon sorcerer into a dead corpse until Shendu surprised Vegeta and the others witness one of the Demon Sorcerer's abilities: Leviatation as he flew up out of the Saiyan Prince's punch and delivering a punch of his own at Vegeta which he felt a lot of pain coming from one of Shendu's punches.

"My powers are far more that you can possibly imagine, 'Ultimate Defenders.'" Shendu said as he demonstrated two of his abilities before the surprised heroes present. "My abilitites of Leviatation and Super Strength are undefeated by the likes of your kind and anything else that you can throw at me."

"Stand aside, spikyhead and let someone who knows how to fight a demon come through." said Lightning as she raised her Gunblade up in the air to cut Shendu in half before he suddenly vanished right before her eyes leaving Lightning confused.

"Huh? Where did that he go?" asked Lightning angry at Shendu's attempts of toying with them.

"Here I am." said Shendu before he reappeared right in front of Lightning and gave her a quick kick with another of his new abilities that he showing them. "Invisibility and super speed are another one of my many abilities that you foolish heroes don't stand a chance of beating me."

"Enough! Mewtwo and I will handle this Demon." said Wonder Woman as she threw punch after punch at the demon sorcerer while Mewtwo use his psychic attacks on the Netherworld demon with everything that the two of them can give to him.

'Wonder Woman, move out of the way. This attack should put this demon sorcerer downn for good.' said Mewtwo telepathically to the Amazon which she understood as she moved out of Mewtwo's range to fire a psychic ball with such power at the demon until a large crater was made.

'Let's see if he can survive that.' said Mewtwo until he and the others were shocked again because Shendu was still standing and from the injuries that Wonder Woman and Mewtwo had done on him was healing his whole body.

"Still surprised, Ultimate Defenders? I guess I didn't mention that I also have Healing and Immortality as another one of my abilities, huh?" Shendu said looking at the Ultimate Defenders' looks on their faces.

"Here, catch this one, Ultimate Defenders!" Shendu shouted as he shot beams of explosive flaming energy at them which they had to avoid form getting burned to a crisp.

"So which one of your abilities is this one supposed to be, Dragon breath?" Ethan asked as he was feeling a little tired from dodging Shendu's flaming attacks.

"Combustion." Shendu replied acting all confident about his abilities.

"Don't tell me that you also have some sort Heat-Beam Eye Blasts in there as one of your abilities next?" Ethan said half-joking at the demon sorcerer which Shendu gave Ethan a dark and sadistic smile on his face.

"As a matter of in fact, I do." Shendu said as his eyes started glowing red before firing his optic blast at Ethan.

"Me and my big mouth." Ethan facepalmed himself.

After Ethan shielded himself from Shendu's Optic blasts, Ethan was fighting the demonic sorcerer Shendu, Ethan's strength began to quickly debilitate. Lightning noticed that Ethan was losing his strength and power fast. Lightning tries to help by fighting off Shendu but only got hurt when Shendu grabbed her and threw her toward the building wall getting herself hurt in the process.

'I know I shouldn't do this but after seeing Lightning get hurt by this demon beast, I got no other choice.' thought Ethan as his anger surged through his body, causing him to gain a massive power increase, his hair is stands up and has a red tint, golden aura all around him, he also have a bulkier body except for the eyes which are whited out like a certain Saiyan's, enough to quickly overwhelm Shendu.

Shendu noticed the level of Ethan's powers increasing dramatically as Ethan threw quick and powerful punches after another as Shendu had barely enough time to recuperate.

As Ethan was fighting against Shendu, Vegeta is watching the fight but had his attention on Ethan for some reason.

'I can't get the feeling that the brat is this powerful. There's got to be a reason for the brat's power level to decrease for one minute and his power increase the next.' Vegeta thought as he continued to watch Ethan as he was getting ready to knock Shendu's head off for hurting Lightning. 'There has to be a reason for this.'

Vegeta gasped and saw what shocked him next: Ethan's aura is covered in is gold.

"Impossible. Has that brat's finally be able to become into a Super Saiyan as well, or is this clear evidence that he will become a Super Saiyan sooner or later?" Vegeta said realized something by looking at Ethan.

'How's this possible?' Shendu thought as he was slowly having a hard time when a Half Saiyan Ultimate Lifeform was pummeling him down every second with no chance for him to recover.

Ethan looked down at Shendu all beaten up and thought that he defeated Shendu enough as the False Super Saiyan fades him returning him back to normal. He quickly noticed the shocked look on Diana, Mewtwo, Vegeta and Lightning's faces.

"What's with the shocked looks, you guys?" Ethan asked.

Shendu was looking for a opening when the Half Saiyan let his guard down.

'I'll just have to trick this pest into thinking that I'm unconscious so that I can use my 'other' ability on him when I get the chance.' Shendu thought as he was 'unconscious' on the ground for Ethan to check to see if Shendu was down for the count or not.

As Ethan was approaching Shendu's unmoved body, Wonder Woman grabbed his wrist stopping him from going any further.

"Wait, Ethan!" Diana said as she stopped him from going any further near Shendu's "unconscious" body.

"Why, Diana?" Ethan asked.

"Because it seemed a little too easy for him to give up like that." Diana said as she looked on the fallen Demon Sorcerer's body on the ground.

Ethan look down at the fallen Demon Sorcerer. "See, you guys. He wasn't so tou-" Ethan said in mid-sentence until Shendu surprised Ethan by using his Animal Shapeshifting Ability on him to turn him into a creature that Shendu knows wouldn't be a threat to him and he turned Ethan into a dirty blond kitten with aquamarine blue eyes and have a tail.

Diana looked at Ethan now as a kitten and remembers this thing happening to her before.

'Something the matter, princess?' Mewtwo asked in thought.

"Just having a odd and weird sense of Deja-vu all over again, Mewtwo." Wonder Woman said as she didn't want to remember or tell them that time with a certain sorceress named Circe turn her into a pig anytime soon in front of her teammates.

Lightning was in rage at Shendu for turning her adoptive little brother into a kitten while Vegeta is angry deep down in his heart about this but refuses to say it out loud in front of the others for the moment.

"I knew that I would have to take care of one of you troublesome 'heroes' down to size and it seems it did the trick." Shendu said acting all cocky and confident as he was pointing at the now Ethan as a kitten.

Lightning and Vegeta both charge in to battle Shendu, but only to be stopped by Shendu's Levitation then the Demon Sorcerer uses his Astral Projection ability to switch Lightning and Vegeta's bodies by placing Lightning's ghostly form into Vegeta's body while Vegeta's ghostly form into Lightning's body.

"Great Arceus! My spirit is in this body!" Vegeta yelled speaking in Lightning's body.

"I'm not liking this any better than you are, spikyhead!" Lightning snapped as she was speaking in Vegeta's body.

Shendu decided to make his leave seeing on how that the Ultimate Defender are a joke let alone a challenge to him.

"So long, 'Ultimate Defenders'. It's been a real treat for me to use my abilities on such group of jokers. Ha ha!" Shendu said with a sadistic laugh as he used his levitation ability to fly himself away.

Wonder Woman couldn't believe on what just happened to them a few minutes and now it only just got worse for them.

"By Hera. I don't know if Karai and Serah will be going to take this bit of news to them that Ethan's now a kitten and Lightning and Vegeta are now in each other's bodies difficult." Wonder Woman said.

Meanwhile back the villain's base, Zeltrax and Hunter J was watching the battle that the Ultimate Defenders had with Shendu and they were impressed of what they saw.

"Most impressive work that Shendu did to those Ultimate Defenders. Wouldn't you agree, Zeltrax?" Hunter J said asking Zeltrax who was thinking about something.

"Huh? What did you say, Hunter J?" Zeltrax asked bringing his senses back to reality.

"I was saying Zeltrax that Shendu here really is impressive on what he did to those Ultimate Defenders in that fight." Hunter J said. "Why what were you thinking about anyways?"

"I was thinking that I might be having second thoughts about that Demon Sorcerer Shendu running around out there in the world and if by chance he knows anything about the seven Chaos Emeralds and the Dragonballs that he himself might use for his own personal means instead of our goal for the Dark Kingdom, Hunter J." Zeltrax replied.

"You may right about that, Zeltrax. In case of that Demon Sorcerer does figure out the what the seven Chaos Emeralds and Dragonballs really do and the power they represent, we'll need of a way to stop him just in case he decides not to listen to us." Hunter J agreed.

"I guess we better head back to Karai's mansion and tell Batman about the unfortunate events that happen to our teammates, princess." said Mewtwo as he looked at Lightning who was in Vegeta's body yelling at Vegeta who was Lightning's body yelling back at her.

"Agreed, Mewtwo. Although Karai and Serah won't like to hear about this." said Wonder Woman as she picked up the dirty blond haired Ethan kitten in her hands while Mewtwo uses his telekinesis abilities to levitate the other two, Lightning and Vegeta, back to Karai's Mansion.

When Wonder Woman and Mewtwo had arrived back at the mansion, they seen that Batman was there waiting for them along side Serah and Karai wondering on the events involving Shendu and from the looks of both Wonder Woman and Mewtwo's faces, Batman knew something happened to them.

"I'm gonna take a guess and say that things didn't go exactly as the way things went, huh?" said Batman.

"You could say that, Batman." said Mewtwo as he slowly dropped Lightning and Vegeta back on the ground.

"Not to mention that we put everything we had in that Demon Sorcerer and he managed to make us look foolish." said Wonder Woman. "Not to mention he was toying with us and had Ethan turned into a kitten here and switch Lightning's and Vegeta's spirits into each other's bodies."

"Wait a minute. Are you saying that Ethan's now a kitten and Lightning and Vegeta's spirits are in each other's bodies now?" asked Karai to the Amazon Princess which she could only nod her head for the moment.

"A kitten? You don't mean?" asked Aqua as Diana shows the others of Ethan's kitten form which Ethan could only meow to them at this point which means a problem for them since Ethan's a kitten now and won't be much help to them. But with Serah, Aqua and Lita's cases however.

"Oohh, Ethan's so cute as a kitten." Serah said as she petted on Ethan the kitten's head which he purred from Serah's touch.

"Aww, look at you, Ethan." Lita said in a cute voice to Ethan the kitten which he meowed to them.

Aqua even thought Ethan was turned into a kitten, found Ethan as a little kitten cute too.

"The brat's cute? What about me? I'm stuck in a body that I don't even like!" Vegeta yelled angrily through Lightning's body which Lightning didn't like that.

"I'm not liking this any better than you, spikyhead and you better not do anything to my body either." Lightning said with fury through Vegeta's body which Vegeta was mad.

"Is there any way that we undo Shendu's spell or whatever on my sister and Vegeta, Bruce?" said Serah asking the Dark Knight as they watched the scene with Lightning and Vegeta arguing in the other's bodies.

"Someone has to stay here and keep Ethan the kitten safe. Any volunteers?" said Diana asking any of the members around.

"I'll stay here and keep Ethan kitten company, Diana." said Serah smiling as she held on Ethan the kitten in her arms.

"Okay then. It looks like the rest of us will go out and look for Shendu before he causes more damage done to Nexus." said Lita as she and the rest of the other Ultimate Defenders leave the mansion to find the Demon Sorcerer.

"I should stay here and make a magic potion that can be helpful to us and then catch up with the rest of you later." said Karai as she headed towards the lab to make the magic potion that they might need for their fight against Shendu.

The rest of Ultimate Defenders were in Nexus searching for Shendu's location and possibly find out more about the way on reversing whatever spell that Shendu placed on Ethan, Lightning and Vegeta.

Meanwhile back at Karai's Mansion, there was a red Bioship that was fixing to land on the front lawn of the mansion and Serah, Ethan who is still a kitten and Serah was holding on to him in her arms, and Karai went outside the front lawn to see who was there.

The Bioship started to land and the hatch opened up and out came four figures that walked out of the bioship.

The first figure was a 21 year old man with black hair, blue eyes, and wearing a black shirt, brown pants, and white shoes. His name is Terrence Silva.

The second figure was a 16 year old girl with brown hair, blue eyes and wearing a blue dress, she was also wearing a water tribe necklace on her neck. Her name is Katara.

The third one was a 19 year woman with blue eyes and brown hair, and she was wearing a pair of yellow gloves, black and yellow dress skirt, black pants and yellow boots. Her name is Janet Van Dyne or to be better known as Wasp.

The fourth and final figure was a 17 year old boy with dirty blond hair, dark brown eyes, white skin and wore a long black shirt with beige jacket, dark blue pants and blue shoes. His name is Joey Wheeler.

"Hello Serah. Hello Karai." said Katara as she, Terrence, Wasp and Joey went over and meet Serah and Karai.

"Hey, Serah." said Terrence waving one hand over to Serah and Terrence turned to Karai and said politely, "Miss Karai."

"Yo, how's it hangin, Serah?" said Joey as he gave Serah a happy grin on his face.

"Serah, Karai. Good to see you two." said Wasp cheerfully.

After Terrence, Katara, Wasp and Joey greeted Karai and Serah, they noticed Ethan as a kitten and their reactions to this were surprised to see him like this.

"Ethan? Is that you?" Terrence asked concerned.

"That Shendu turned Ethan into a cat?" Joey exclaimed in shock.

Katara then picks up Ethan from Serah's arms and pets him and said, "It's so cute."

"And adorable." Wasp added as she looked at Ethan thinking he looked really cute as a kitten.

Aqua and Lita looked deadpan with a frown when they're where cuddling Ethan.

"And that's not even the worst part about this!" Lightning screamed in Vegeta's voice and body.

"I'm not liking the whole thing either!" Vegeta yelled in Lightning's voice and body which made Terrence, Katara, Wasp and Joey looking back and forth at them.

Terrence found this situation with Vegeta and Lightning's spirits in each other's bodies too strange for him, Katara and Wasp thinks that Lightning and Vegeta's "situation" with their spirits swapped in different bodies was creepy for them.

Joey on the other hand finds it hilarious for Vegeta to be in Lightning's body that he started laughing at him.

Vegeta glaring at Joey for laughing at him.

'As soon as my spirit is back in its rightful place and body, the first thing I'm going to do is straggle that kid.' Vegeta thought as Joey continued to laugh at Vegeta's misfortune.

As the remaining Ultimate Defenders returned to Karai's Mansion to tell Terrence, Katara, Wasp and Joey on their situation with Shendu, they all went to the living room and told them on what happened to Ethan, Lightning and Vegeta during their battle with Shendu.

When they where done explaining about the entire battle with Shendu, including the moment when Ethan almost went into a new state of form.

Terrence, Katara, Wasp and Joey were shocked on not only Ethan's power level went up in that form.

"So what do you think of what kind of form did you guys think it was?" Terrence asked to the other Ultimate Defenders but they don't know what that form is, except for Vegeta and Mewtwo.

"Perhaps it was some kind of form that was Super Saiyan but an incomplete version of it." Mewtwo said making his assumption of the situation of Ethan's incomplete Super Saiyan form.

"What did you mean by "incomplete form of the Super Saiyan", Mewtwo?" Katara asked to Mewtwo.

"For example, take Vegeta here." said Mewtwo pointing at Vegeta's way. "On how he can transform himself into a Super Saiyan with some effort and practice for some time and also can turn into a Great Ape without breaking a sweat or energy for that matter."

As Ethan and the rest of the Ultimate Defender with Terrence, Katara, Wasp and Joey moved from the living room to the Batcave.

Batman showed Terrence, Katara, Wasp and Joey the battle that Ethan and the other members had to go through from Shendu.

"So we now know all about Shendu's abilities and strengths." Batman said as he turned to the four plus Ethan the kitten which he listened too.

"But now we just to figure out his main Achilles' heel, his weakness. Right, Batman?" Terrence said to the Dark Knight which he nodded.

"Right, Terrence and I think I got a plan on how to defeat him in battle." Batman said as he showed Terrence, Katara, Wasp, Joey and the rest of the Ultimate Defender his plan on stopping Shendu.

"But how are we going to get my sister and Vegeta's spirits back into their rightful bodies, Batman?" Serah asked concerned.

"Not to mention turning Ethan back form a kitten to his good self again, Serah." Aqua said reminding Serah of Ethan's current form.

"By going after the Sheep and Monkey Talismens from Shendu to reserve the effects on Vegeta, Lightning and Ethan." replied Batman as he typed in on the Batcomputer to pinpoint Shendu's location.

Back at the Dark Kingdom's base, Hunter J and Zeltrax were watching the Ultimate Defender discussing their plans on defeating Shendu with Terrence, Katara, Wasp and Joey.

"It looks like the Ultimate Defender will be having some help with the aid of the dragon halfa and his friends in their fight with Shendu." Zeltrax said.

"That should be the least of our worries for the Dark Kingdom, Zeltrax. Our biggest worries should be about the Ultimate Defenders than both the Ultimate Defenders and Shendu right now." Hunter J said as she watched the monitors of the Ultimate Defenders making their leave with Serah and Ethan the kitten staying behind at Karai's Mansion.

Meanwhile, Lightning and Vegeta decided to talk about their current situation.

"Look spikyhead-I mean Vegeta. You and me both know that we despise each other but right now we both are going to have to cooperate with each other until we are right back in our rightful bodies. Truce?" Lightning said holding Vegeta's hand out.

Vegeta looked at Lightning in the eye and knew that she was serious about this. "Okay, truce." Vegeta said using Lightning's hand to shake it. "But only until we right back into our rightful bodies again."

Lightning and Vegeta then practiced on getting used to the bodies they are currently in right now to prepare for another fight with Shendu soon.

As the Ultimate Defender and Terrence and his team found Shendu, Terrence was about to charge at the Demon Sorcerer until he heard someone shouting.

"Stop! I have made a magic potion that will help us defeat Shendu." Karai said as she, the Ultimate Defenders and Terrence and his team put on the magic potion on their hands to penetrate Shendu's skin and take out the talismans.

After they got their hands covered with Karai's magic potion, Terrence jumped on to Shendu's back as the others went for the other Talismens. Terrence pulled out the Dragon Talismen and Shendu threw him off his back. Terrence quickly uses his dragon wings to fly himself out of harm's way.

"Guys, I got one of the Talismens and it's the Dragon Talismen." Terrence said as he dodged Shendu's eye beams at him.

"Then let's get the rest of the Talismens." said Wasp as she fired bio-stingers at the Demon Sorcerer while Katara, Aqua, Batman, Sailor Jupiter and Shadow pulled out some more Talismens out of Shendu's body.

Aqua got the Rabbit Talismen in her hand, Sailor Jupiter got the Ox Talismen, Katara got the Snake Talismen, Batman got the Horse Talismen, and Shadow got the Dog Talismen.

"No! What are you mortals doing?" Shendu asked in anger.

"Taking you down, you monster." Wonder Woman said as she used her rope to lasso in the Demon Sorcerer as Joey, Wasp, Lightning, Vegeta, and Karai grabbed the Talismens from Shendu out of his body.

Vegeta had the Rooster Talismen in her hand, Lightning got the Tiger Talismen, Wasp got the Pig Talismen, Joey got the Sheep Talismen, and Karai has the Monkey Talismen in her hand.

Finally, Mewtwo grabs the Rat Talismen from his body which Shendu noticed that he was turning back in his stone statue prison.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Shendu screamed as he was back in his stone statue prison, never again to cause destruction and horror on the planet.

After Shendu was back in his stone statue prison again, the good guys cheered except for Batman, Karai, and Wonder Woman.

"This isn't over yet, everyone. We must now use the Sheep Talismen to restore Lightning and Vegeta's spirits back into their rightful bodies and use the Monkey Talismen to turn Ethan back to his normal self again." Karai said reminding them.

"Before we do that, someone has to get Ethan from the mansion and bring him here." Aqua said.

"I'll go get Ethan since I can use my psychic abilities to bring him here to us, Aqua." Mewtwo said as he used his Teleport ability to get Ethan.

As Mewtwo teleported from the location with the others to Karai's Mansion, Mewtwo went inside to get Ethan until he saw Ethan coming at him trying to get away from Serah who had three kitten clothes for him to try on and they were a pink Ballerina dress with a pink tutu, a yellow and black cheerleader outfit with pom poms and The Statue of Liberty dress with a plastic torch toy all in Serah's hands which made Ethan the kitten looked nervous and embarrassed.

Mewtwo looked at Ethan the kitten as if Ethan was telling him "Please help me, Mewtwo."

Mewtwo could only laughed a little at the situation that Ethan was in right now and decided to teleport them back to the others to return Ethan back into his regular non-kitten self again.

As Mewtwo and Ethan made it back with the others were waiting with the twelve Talismens in their hands including the Sheep and Monkey Talismens that they'll need to reverse the effects that Shendu did to Lightning, Vegeta and Ethan. Lightning and Vegeta decided to have one more moment to talk about on how they respect one another on how it was easy for them to get along.

"That was some very impressive moves that you gave to that Demon Sorcerer there, Lightning." said Vegeta giving Lightning some compliment and respect for her skills.

"Yeah and you did pretty good for yourself there, Vegeta." said Lightning giving him some of her respect. "It's no wonder on how easy it was for the two of us to get along and finish this."

"Well, this is been fun and all but i think it's time we get back to our rightful bodies. Right, Vegeta?" asked Lightning as she held out Vegeta's hand to shake it which Vegeta shook it with Lightning's own hand in return.

"Right, Lightning." said Vegeta as the two headed towards the group getting ready to return to their rightful bodies again.

"Lightning, Vegeta. Are you ready to return your spirits in their rightful places again?" Batman said asking the two which they only nodded in response to his question.

"Then's let's begin. Lightning, Vegeta. You two need to hold onto the Sheep Talismen for the effect of your spirits to be put back into your bodies again for it to work." Karai said telling Lightning and Vegeta her instructions on what to do with the Sheep Talismen.

As Lightning and Vegeta each hold to the side of the Sheep Talismen, their bodies went limp and their astral spirits came out of the bodies and went back into their rightful bodies as Lightning and Vegeta woke up and were glad to back in their own bodies again.

Now that Lightning and Vegeta's spirits were back inside their rightful bodies, there was just one thing left to do: using the Monkey Talismen to change Ethan from a kitten to his regular self again.

Batman aim the Monkey Talismen at Ethan the kitten to change him back. Ethan the kitten could only look on as the blast hit him changing him back.

"Whoa! Good thing that I'm back to myself again or else I would've end up coughing up a hairball there." Ethan said as he joked about this.

As Ethan and the Ultimate Defenders were celebrating on, Terrence and his team were glad that Ethan was back to his self again. The moment was short-lived as Zeltrax teleported in with some Tyrannodrones and Triptoids right behind him. Ethan and the Ultimate Defenders got into their fighting stances while Terrence and his team also took on their fighting stances.

"Well done, heroes. Now hand over those Talismens to me now!" Zeltrax said.

"No." Ethan said as he refused to deal with the villain.

"Then you will fall to your demise, heroes." Zeltrax said as he used an ax with the shield to strike at Ethan and Terrence with but they moved out of Zeltrax's attack in time.

The Tyrannodrones and Triptoids attacked the others but Katara, Wasp, Joey and the Ultimate Defenders have the advantage over them with the help of the twelve Talismens that they have.

Some of the Triptoids tried to attack Aqua but she uses the Rabbit Talismen on them with her quick attacks.

Three Tyrannodroids got Sailor Jupiter cornered until she smirked using the Ox Talismen and started to take down the three Tyrannodroids combined with her powers and the Ox Talismen's ability.

"Wow! The speed of this Rabbit Talismen is impressive and useful." Aqua commented as she looked at the Rabbit Talismen in her hand. "How about you, Lita? How's the Ox Talismen working for you?

"The Ox Talismen is great, Aqua. Check this out." Sailor Jupiter said as she used the Ox Talismen's power to actually lift three Tyrannodroids with just one hand with no problem at all.

The Triptoids all tried to attack Katara but she used the Snake Talismen's invisibility to avoid the Triptoids, leaving them confused. Suddenly a whip of water hits them to the sides knocking them down.

The Tyrannodroids all attacked Batman with everything they had only for Batman to use the Horse Talismen's healing ability to heal himself. Then he beats them down like they were nothing.

"Alright, let's see what this Pig Talismen can do." Wasp said as she used the Pig Talismen's ability and energy beams came out of her eyes and she shot down most of the Triptoids. "Whoa! This Pig Talismen rocks, you guys."

Vegeta looked at the Tiger Talismen in his hand. "Well, I wonder what kind of ability that this Tiger Talismen would do?" Vegeta said confused about the Talismen's ability.

Karai used the Monkey Talismen to transform the Tyrannodroids and Triptoids into kittens which all them meowed.

With Ethan and Terrence were at, the two stood their ground against Zeltrax as he used his ax to almost cut them down. But Ethan and Terrence dodged every swipe and Terrence used the Dragon Talismen to shoot a fireball in Zeltrax's face but Zeltrax used his shield to block the fireball at him.

"You should've given me those Talismens when you had the chance and now you two will pay for your foolish choice." Zeltrax said as he swung his ax down on Ethan and Terrence again only for them to fly up to avoid getting slashed by Zeltrax.

"You're just like a black knight. You should never want to underestimate your opponents." Ethan warned to the ax swinging Zeltrax as he continued his attack on Ethan and Terrence.

"Stand still and fight like a man." Zeltrax yelled angrily as he charged towards Terrence and Ethan as they continued to dodge his attack on them.

"Take this, you black knight wannabe." Terrence said as he used the Dragon Talismen to shoot a fire ball on Zeltrax's face as Zeltrax dropped his ax leaving him unarmed with any weapons on him.

"AHHH! My face!" Zeltrax screamed as he covered his face from Terrence's attack with the Dragon Talismen's ability.

The Tyrannodroids and Triptoids continued to attack the other Ultimate Defenders and Terrence's team with no such luck thanks to the Talismens that they have in their possessions.

Ethan grabbed onto Zeltrax and used his Force Palm to strike at the cyborg knight wannabe while Terrence used his Rasengan to hit Zeltrax at the same time as Ethan's Force Palm hitting him on his chest.

"Ahhh!" Zeltrax screamed in pain. He was barely alive but was still beaten that he had no choice but to retreat from the battle.

"Enjoy your victory while you can, heroes. This is only just the beginning. Until we meet again." Zeltrax said giving his warning to Ultimate Defender and Terrence's team as he teleported away from the battle.

After the Ultimate Defenders and Terrence's team left the area, they took Shendu back to Sector 13.

As Ethan and the other Ultimate Defenders decided on keeping the Talismens and use them just incase that they might need them for going up against other dangerous villains.

"Well, it's time for us to head back to Edenia and see if there's anything going on back home." said Terrence as he and his team were about to leave until Batman stopped them for a moment.

"Just to let you and your team know, Terrence. If your team or Tsunade need to contact us for any further assistance, we'll be there." Batman said.

"That's good to know and that goes the same for you guys as well, Batman." Terrence said as he and his team were heading outside using the Bio-Ship to head back to Edenia.

As Katara, Wasp, and Joey went inside but before Terrence went inside, Ethan quickly caught up with him and said, "Tsunade did a good job of teaching a friend I met on giving her that superhuman strength."

Unknown to Ethan, Aqua was behind a tree listening in on Ethan's conversation and was jealous to hear that "this girl" that he spoke of and that made Aqua mad of the so-called "this girl" Ethan spoke of because of this connection.

As Terrence nods about that, he then joins his friends in the Bio-Ship as the ship leaves. After waving goodbye to Terrence, Ethan turned around to face a very angry and enraged Aqua giving him a dark look.

"Oh, h-h-h-hey, Aqua. What w-w-w-were you doing behind me, huh?" Ethan said who looked so nervous and scared of Aqua's enraged look that she was giving him that he wished he was anywhere but here right now.

"Um, Aqua? Are you okay? Because you're starting to scare me right now." Ethan said as he slowly tried to back away only for Aqua to use her Stopga spell on Ethan to prevent him from leaving.

"Uh oh!" Ethan squeaked. He was trapped by Aqua's spell and there was a zero chance for him to run from an enraged Aqua now.

"Ethan, who is "the girl" that you mentioned to Terrence about?" asked Aqua which she said "that girl" with much venom on it.

"Um, just a friend I was talking about that is all, Aqua." said Ethan as he did his best to calm Aqua down.

"A friend?" said Aqua puzzled.

"Yeah, just a friend." said Ethan. "Now can you please help me out of you Stopga spell here, Aqua?"

"Oh, right." said Aqua as she undo the Stopga's effect on Ethan which he was able to move again.

"Thanks, Aqua. Now let's back. Everyone's wondering where we are by now." said Ethan and he and Aqua left to join the other Ultimate Defenders back to Karai's Mansion.