Can't Fight The Moonlight

I've been dying to do a Muggle Harry Potter for such a long time, but I've never really thought of a storyline that was worthy of him. However, a genius idea (in my head) maybe not so much in paper but I thought I'd give it a go. Please read it though I hope you do even if its non magical it's still going to be a great story! I hope :)

Chapter 1

Harry Potter sighed in boredom for the fiftieth time that day, he was so bored and he couldn't stand it. His father was out with his stepmother and his little brother Sirius James Potter. Named after his father and his father's best friend, his father had remarried when he was ten years old.

Don't get him wrong she was nice enough, but she was different with Sirius. It made him realize what he had been missing with his birth mother, Lily Evans. James and Lily had divorced when Harry was two, James won custody because he had money where's Lily had nothing. Even after the divorce she had nothing, he hadn't seen her since he was thirteen years old.

She had moved to America a small town in Washington called Forks. He got letters from her every week, and call ever Saturday night. James hadn't really grown up he was just a big kid himself, Harry was more mature than his father he was only sixteen so that was saying something. His wife was just as bad as him and half his age, she was only twenty four years old.

He felt like an outsider in his own family, ever since he had confided in his father that he was gay. He had been shocked when he discovered it himself, he preferred the muscular bodies of men rather than the curves of any woman.

Not that James hated him or was disgusted with him, he just wasn't the same. He couldn't explain it but James had changed that day, the seemed more interested in Sirius now than him. He of course at the time brushed it up to being him growing up or whatever. He couldn't deny the inevitable now and Harry didn't know what to do.

Suddenly his favourite song started playing on his mobile, and mum flashed across the middle of it.

"Hey mum" sighed Harry smiling slightly.

"Hey how are you?" asked Lily.

"I'm ok a little bored you?" asked Harry, he wondered if he would ever be close to his mother. He wondered some days about going to America to get away from it all.

"I'm fine son" said Lily sounding cheerful as always.

"Any luck on the job front?" asked Harry.

"Yes! Two part time jobs, one from 2 AM till 10 AM, then there's another one for the Newton Sports Shop that's 3PM till 7PM closing time. I'm considering getting both of them it's not like I've got anything better to do" said Lily sadly.

"Awww mum why don't you go out and find yourself a gorgeous man!" smirked Harry. Then she wouldn't be so lonely and he wouldn't feel so guilty and understanding. They were both lonely and both feeling down and without a man to boot.

"I got your new pictures! They are gorgeous Harry my beautiful son! Your hair is sooo long!" said Lily suddenly as if she was just remembering them.

Harry blushed at the other end of the phone, "Yeah I stopped cutting it a while back…dad isn't happy about that but what can he do? I'll off age now"

"Oh he doesn't know a good look when it hits him in the face! I tried to get him to grow it out it was so unruly!" laughed Lily.

That was another thing he and his mother had in common, her uncommon kindness. His father hated anyone mention Lily and always made faces of disgust whenever he asked about her. Lily didn't seem to harbour any dark hate for his father when she should - he had after all took away her baby.

"You still there?" asked Lily sounding worried "Have I upset you?" she didn't want to upset him not now with them finally getting close.

"I'm here, sorry I was just thinking" replied Harry staring out of his room window. It was the smallest room in the house, all his things were jam packed into it. He had moved into it when his brother was born, this room hadn't been big enough for all the stuff they had bought.

"Will you ever accept my offer to come for a holiday?" asked Lily sadly.

"What do you mean?" frowned Harry confused.

"Well your father always told me you didn't want to come anymore…that you were studying hard for college. You do know that offer hasn't been withdrawn you can come any time" said Lily sounding a little more than hopeful.

Harry was shocked, his father had been going behind his back saying he had said no to go to his mothers since she went to America? Harry swore in three different languages that he knew. Italian, French and English.

"Mum how would you feel about having me on a more permanent basis?" asked Harry hesitantly.

"WHAT?" squealed Lily "I'd love it sweetheart! It's more than I ever dreamed of but why sweetheart? Has James upset you? I'm sure if you give him a chance he will apologize" she finished with certain reluctance.

"Dad hasn't been the same since I told him I was gay…not horrible or anything" Harry went on to reassure his mother "But its different its so hard to explain mum…" sighed Harry in defeat.

"You feel like you both aren't as close as you used to be?" said Lily as if she knew what he was talking about.

"Exactly!" said Harry hugely relieved that his mother understood.

"I know how you feel, when I married your dad your aunt my sister wanted nothing more to do with me. Pure jealousy on her part that I had married into a rich family. I know I wasn't always around but we were never the same either" mumbled Lily sadly.

"I have an aunt?" asked a shocked Harry.

"Yes Petunia, I attended her wedding two years before I lost you" whispered Lily painfully.

"Wow there's so much I don't know about my own family" said Harry finishing that sentence bitterly.

"I know son I'm sorry but you really don't want to know her…she has turned into such a snob" said Lily, probably the most horrible word he had heard her utter before.

"So can I come?" asked Harry softly.

"Yes" said Lily Immediately "I can come to England to get you if it will help I'll rent a car and drive right to you"

"I am sixteen I don't exactly need help" replied Harry.

"Yes but still James might not like this" said Lily and she didn't want anything stopping her son coming.

"What if I just got on the next flight out?" asked Harry "I'll leave dad a note"

"No you cant do that son, you need to tell him properly if he doesn't accept it then I'll come and get you" said Lily with a note of finality in her voice. She had her chance of getting her baby back even if it was this late in his life she wasn't going to let anything stand in her way.

"Ok then I'll do it tonight I have enough for a one way ticket to Seattle" said Harry "If I get a plane tonight I will let you know, so you can come pick me up"

"I can pay for the ticket son!" said Lily.

"No its ok I'll be fine just let me do this" said Harry.

"Ok its your choice" said Lily hoping she hadn't pushed him into not coming. She had just wanted to help, she just hoped her son knew that and knows she wasn't being overbearing.

"Thank you I'll be in touch" said Harry flipping the phone down.

He browsed the internet and found a flight, there was more than one seat available. Using his bank card he put in his details, printed out the sheet as directed he started getting himself packed.

In his shoulder bag he put his laptop, mobile phone, I-pod, Wallet the piece of paper and his chewing gum. Then he hauled his suitcase from the cupboard and begun filling it up. Only packing away things he knew would keep him warm, oh he knew Forks was exactly like London so it wasn't too much of a drastic change.

Harry couldn't believe he was actually doing it - he was finally leaving.

"Hey Harry" beamed James coming though the door "What are you doing? Gone with the happy voice his dad now sounded guarded.

"I'm going to live with mum for a while" said Harry.

"On holiday why?" frowned James.

"Not on holiday, permanently" said Harry, it felt so good to say that.

"Why? I'll change if its me!" said James he never thought his boy would leave him to go to his mother.

"It's me and its what I want!" said Harry adamantly.

"What about your brother!" protested James.

"He's going to be fine he has you both! I hardly see him as it is anyway!" said Harry truthfully, he only saw him at dinner time and maybe the occasional lunch they have at the weekend.

"Please don't go" begged James.

"I need this dad please don't" sighed Harry.

"Why?" argued James.

"Because this house has never been the same since I was thirteen!" yelled Harry his pent up anger getting the better of him.

"Thirteen? don't be silly everything's just the same as it was then" protested James.

"I'm going and that's final," said Harry angrily snatching his trolley handle and walking out of his smallish room. "That's my taxi take care dad" said Harry when he heard the toot, hugging his father goodbye before going out. The taxi man helped him put his luggage in the boot before getting into the taxi. Telling the woman where he was going he never once looked back at his fathers figure.

"First holiday?" asked the woman kindly.

"No going to live with my mother" said Harry truthfully before opening his book and began reading. It was half an hour ride to the airport, once there he paid her before getting his things out and going though to the terminal.

By the time Harry was on the flight he was exhausted, he ended up sleeping most of the twelve hour flight. Which he was grateful for, plane rides were so boring that Harry felt like he was going insane. After a trip to relieve himself he sat back down and ate the food which was passed around. Grimacing in disgust, he forced himself to eat it god knows when he would be able to eat again. He was grateful when they took the food away, the smell had been grating on his nerves.

"Coffee? Tea?" asked the flight attendant kindly.

Harry rose his eyebrow, why did they insist on giving out hot beverages during turbulence? Did they truly enjoy watching people burn or love the lawsuits? However, Harry nodded his head, he needed caffeine not that it was very good. It tasted so weak that you could hardly taste it was coffee.

Pushing the swill away from him, Harry tried and failed to get comfortable on the chair. Sighing softly, he got up once again to stretch his legs and went to the bathroom. When he got back he sat down and watched one of the new films that were showing on the little screen's plugging in his I-pod he wished for the time to fly in. when there was only an hour to go he text his mother to let her know he would be there soon.

Should he be so lucky.

When they finally landed in Seattle it was daylight again, Harry groaned and stretched his legs, finally. He ended up having to wait thirty minutes to claim his bag from the conveyor belt. shivering and wrapping his arm around him more he went outside to wait for his mother.

He saw her waiting right by the loading area for him, she had a look of awe in her eyes. Once they were within arms reach of each other she hugged him, he could feel her tears running down his neck. Smiling sadly he held onto her and waited on her composing herself.

"Come on then let's get you home!" beamed Lily happily. She took his luggage from him and put it in the boot of her car. They spoke all the way there, she told him how she had a double bed for him, how there was a computer desk, bedside desk how she hoped he liked black bedding as that's what she had got him.

"Mum its fine" said Harry grinning widely, he was finally here and wasn't dreaming.

"Good!" grinned Lily, her red hair flowing down her back.

"So what's everyone like?" asked Harry, he had never lived in a small town just London and it was always jam packed.

"Oh they are great I live next to the chief of police Charlie Swan" said Lily softly. "He has a girl your age moving as well so you might be able to help one another get used to the town. don't worry I'm not trying to set you up!" laughed Lily seeing her son's reluctance.

With a grateful sigh he smiled at his mum and thanked her, it was a long ride back but he hadn't noticed. She showed him his room, he noticed it was bigger than the one he was used to. Putting the picture of him James and Sirius on one of the tables he began unpacking everything else. He was exhausted by the time he was finished.

"Is there any coffee?" asked Harry.

"Sure son want one? I'll make myself one too" said Lily nodding eagerly so happy to be able to do things for her only son.

"Sure strong no sugar and a little milk" shrugged Harry sitting down and flicking though the channels not seeing much on. Just Interview with a vampire, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, they were gorgeous so he kept the film on. He had to admit neither of them were much his type didn't stop him admiring though.

"My god I've not seen that film in a long time" said Lily surprised handing him his coffee.

"Just trying to keep myself awake" admitted Harry, blowing before taking a big gulp of coffee. Now this was more like it, good strong coffee, this should keep him awake.

"I've signed you up for school you start on Monday is that ok?" asked Lily, it was Saturday night so he had one day to get used to the time difference.

"Mum are you trying to kill me? The time difference needs more than one day to adjust to!" groaned Harry knowing she meant well.

"I'm sorry son I'll call them up and give you an extra week" gasped Lily she hadn't even thought of that. She had just needed to brag and of course the school was the first place to do that.

"It's fine if your going to be working I'm going to need something to do or I'll go crazy" smiled Harry softly.

"Only if you are sure" ventured Lily.

"I'm sure" said Harry nodding his head.

"You have your own bathroom, just next door I have one down the stairs that I use so you can put all your things in there" said Lily.

"Fantastic I'll have one after this the flight was very long"

"Ok" said Lily, it was eight o'clock in the evening so Harry wasn't going to have to wait long before getting a decent nights sleep.


"We have two new students at Forks" sang Alice.

"Great more gossip" sneered Rosalie, filing her nails rolling her eyes. So the people at Forks were going to tell the two newcomers all about the details on their family. She silently wondered if she could sit and listen to Stanley going on about Esme again without killing her.

"Interesting" frowned Alice.

"What?" asked Rosalie curiously.

"I just get a feeling something important is going to happen" frowned Alice.

"With the humans? Doubtful" scoffed Rosalie.

"You're probably right" said Alice nothing fun ever really happened.

Oh she didn't know how wrong she was.

Dont Kill Me :) I'll Send In The Dogs LOL Ok This Story Is Slightly Different From My Other Stories But You Never Know By The End Of It He Just Might Have Some Gifts! Will Edward be interested in them both? or will he only find one of them interesting until something happens? and what will happen? will the evil vamps Victoria Laruent and James go after Bella or Harry? who will end up the vampire? who will end up the vampire mate of Edward Cullen? will i have the werewolves in the story? from the beginning? will they be friends of Lilys as she lives next door to charlie? R&R plz