Can't Fight The Moonlight

Chapter 31

The End

The group of mysterious students sat in the school cafeteria, all of them had trays of uneaten food upon their plates. When they looked over again less than a minute later, one tray was empty, and another half empty. They all had air of smugness surrounding them, and they were all so beautiful…so hot. As they had soon found out, they were extremely smart too. The teachers loved them, the students envied them. They had been there for a year, and they'd yet to speak to anyone. Everyone loved watching the mysterious creatures, wishing they were them. Many had tried talking to them, only to be brushed aside. One had actually had the guts to ask the single one on a date, let's just say they'd never asked again. It hadn't been the single one that actually scared the girl; no it had been the older brother.

"Who are they?" breathed one of the new juniors, looking utterly smitten.

As if they could hear her they smirked in amusement.

"The Cullen's and Snape's," said one of the seniors who happened to be sitting next to them. "The dark haired ones are the Snape's lighter ones are the Cullen's." in full gossip mode.

"They knew each other like forever before moving here, that's Jasper Cullen, and he's dating Alice Snape. Then there's Emmett Snape, he's dating Rosalie Cullen. Then there's the boys," said the voice filled with disgust, "Edward Cullen's dating Harrison Snape."

"What about him?" asked the eager girl, staring over for a few seconds before ducking her pig tailed head again. She squeaked when the boy stared right at her, feeling mesmerized by his very presence. He was breathtaking, oh; she would have done anything to be part of that group. To be on his arms, dating him.

"That's Jonquil Snape." said the senior bitterly, as if she'd just swallowed a bitter pill. "He doesn't date." she should know, she'd asked him. She'd felt so much disgust for some reason which made her flee. Even to this day she couldn't understand it, and it had terrified her. She had never approached the boy again, giving him a wide berth.

"They don't look like each other much," said the junior cocking her pig tailed head to the side. "Well apart from their eyes." in fact two of them didn't have the amber eyes the others all had, how curious. She bit her lip, hearing who she now knew was Jonquil laughing in amusement. It sent shivers down her back, she so badly wanted to go there and ask him out.

The senior just shrugged not every sibling looked the same, she should know. She was dark haired while her brothers were completely opposite.

"I am so glad this is my last year," sighed Jon, rolling his eyes, he looked like his fathers double. Not only that he liked to adopt his fathers brooding dangerous aura, keeping everyone well away from him. That persona wasn't who he was; when he got home he was a complete different boy.

"You'll get used to it," smirked Edward wryly, he himself couldn't wait until the year was over too. They would be leaving for university again; he'd finally have Harry all to himself again. The last time had been a slice of heaven; both of them had with honours graduated medical school. His mate's experience all those years ago had made him realize what he wanted to do. Ironically enough it took Carlisle stating he'd be a good doctor to make Harry even think about the possibility.

"We all did." said Jasper, looking extremely bored, he no longer had a problem with the blood of the humans. Well no more than the others anyway, he'd finally come to grips with it all.

"I agree," said Harry.

"It's all right for you," said Jon standing up, Harry was the only one that ate anything. Normally he'd eat more; a few things from each of their plates so less went to waste. He never ate human food, not even growing up; it had tasted awful the first time Carlisle had asked him to try. "You don't have the entire population wanting to date you."

"No, just the closeted guys," said Edward stifling his amusement. Causing Harry to whack him painfully in the ribs, Jon just laughed in amusement. His eyes twinkling brightly, much like Lily's did when she was happy. Jon did indeed have a gift, which he'd learned to understand from his father, who was pretty much the same as him. Although no two gift was the same, Jon's emotion transference did what he wanted it to it had no limits like it had with his father. His mum, who unfortunately didn't have a power, was so happy and impressed that both her boys were so...gifted.

"We better go," said Alice standing up just a few seconds before the bell went.

"Yes we best," said Harry yawning tiredly, he and Jon hated having to sleep while the others remained awake all the time. They felt as though they were missing out on so much because of it. It could be worse though, they could require a lot more sleep like humans did. His mum, Severus and Jon had left for Alaska, but Harry and Edward had joined them for a year. He was able to bond with his brother, and of course his now vampire mother. Who'd had a bit of trouble at first, unable to control herself. Then again she had been a newborn, it was to be expected. Everyone understood. Harry though was just grateful his turning hadn't been like that. It had been freaky seeing his mother with red eyes for a month until they'd turned gold. Only then had they both left to further their education.

Lily and Severus had married two years after Jon was born; they had all been Snape's. Then to Harry's surprise he'd been adopted by Severus, taking on his name as well. After all the years of claiming adoption, and being regarded as weirdoes they'd 'divided the family' so to speak. Alice, Emmett, Harry and Jon had taken on the Snape name with their new identities. For the first time they didn't include the 'Hale's' and had everyone else remainingwent by the Cullen name. It made for a less complicated story.

Harry and Lily's start had been rocky, extremely so but in the end it had all been worth it.

Just goes to show, in the end, you can't fight the moonlight (or being a vampire). Sooner or later the night would get to you.

The End

As it says THE END hope you enjoyed it!