Outtakes Part 3

Part of Miranda's conversation with Andy's parents on Andy's birthday as heard by a busboy standing discreetly behind a potted plant.

"You don't deserve her."

"True. However, surely you cannot expect me to turn her away. No, no, that is not a question. I let her walk away once. I do not have the strength to do so again. Therefore, I will remain with her for as long as she will have me."

"I just don't understand. You treated her horribly, yet she doesn't seem to care."

"It was a job. She was expected to complete her assignments quickly and professionally. She understands why I treated her that way. I simply cannot accept shoddy work. Regardless, she worked for me over six years ago. She let it go. I suggest you do, too."

"We may not be able to protect her from you, but we'll still see her on the holidays and her birthdays—"

"Not quite. We will have to share such visits. I propose she travel to you for Thanksgiving and Easter. She shall remain here for Christmas, New Year's, and her birthday."

"Now wait a minute, Miranda!"

"You are free to come here during those special occasions."


"I can't believe we are striking a deal with the devil."

"I won't let her go. The only reason we are having a conversation is because she will be extremely upset if you become estranged again. For Andrea's sake, I apologize for my part in upsetting you and your daughter."

"We probably could have handled this better. I regret what I said."

"He's right. We could have behaved in a more civil manner."

"Well. We are in agreement then. And the holiday schedule?"