A/N: I'm unsure of what this is.

I was in the mood to write a little Bade and this was the result.

Disclaimer: I do not own Victorious; that very awarded title goes to the comedy genius; Dan Schneider.

She's like the vast night sky; coated in mystery.

And he's like the shimmering stars that grace the obfuscating darkness.

She was dripped in melancholy - before he came along.

His scintillating attitude was marred - before she strode into his life; brusque and statuesque.

He loves her.

So much.

So much it makes his heart throb, and his pulse escalate.

So much he knows life without her is insurmountable.

She loves him.

So much.

So much it makes her skin prickle, and her anger surge.

So much she can't pry herself away; she'll never let him go.

Some doubt them.

Some think their insane.

Few have gone beyond the surface of their relationship.

And those four know for a fact that this is how their probably gonna be for the rest of their lives.

"How does he love her?"

"Why does he stay with her?"

"She's heartless; he deserves better."

Its difficult to walk into Hollywood Arts and not hear the whispers; the faux claims. The lies.

They think she impervious -their wrong.

He knows; better then anyone.

He's not blinded; he knows that she is vindictive and wicked; her luculent eyes are like frost.

But he also knows the genuine Jade; that he is proud to say he has only seen.

Tears stream down her face. (A little to frequently; and Beck is asking himself whether or not he's to blame).

She collapses in his arms. (Because her life is sometimes just a little over-bearing).

She loves (him).

"Say that you love me." She mumbles, gazing at their twined fingers.

The smile tugging at the corners of his lips is irresistible; the sensation irrepressible.

"I love you." He whispers, brushing his lips across her forehead.

Her relief is almost tangible; he wonders why she can doubt him after all this time.

(2years, 4months)

He loves the girl with color-tinged, coiled hair; and exasperated emotions.

She loves the guy with the casual smile and tranquil tendencies.

Simple as that.