Summary: Emily Saunters had dreams of becoming an opera singer, be famous in the opera house. But with her mother's pressure, she is forced to do ballet which she comes to despise. Suddenly she ends up falling, thus breaking her ankle, leaving her nothing to do other than sit and watch the ballerinas dance. While exploring the opera house one night, she accidentally come upon the opera ghost, who was thought to be dead. Erik had met a witch who cursed him when he was a young age because he had treated her harshly. He must find love before the ruby jewelry swan drops it's final feather wings or he'll stay deformed this way forever. Intrigued by his dark past and mysterious personality, Emily is determined to find him love, but she is caught between Erik and their blossoming love and her arranged marriage.

A/N: after watching the phantom of the opera for god knows how many times, I decided to write a fanfic of it! Yay! Yes, I will still continue foreign affairs but with ap classes catching up to me, I have no time D: so this is the summary and I will put up a preview for it as a teaser because it takes a while for me to sit and think and come up with how to write the chapter


p.s I changed my name since the other one didn't really fit me right.