A rose dropped on me while I was napping. I peeked my eyes to see an amused Emily grinning down at me.

"Very nice, Erik," She said, coming around the bed to lie beside me. Erika had been put in a crib that Lilly was kind enough to bring.

"What?" I ask, pulling her toward me.

"You scared the ballerinas from your presence," She picked up the rose, twirling the stem between her fingers.

"It's my nature," I retorted. "I had to do something,"

"Now the whole theater is taking about you,"

"Good. It means the fear hasn't left yet,"

"They call me big sister,"

"Because you're old." I received a whack on my chest by the rose.

"I'm only 18. Don't make jokes when no one's laughing," I hid my grin.

"Why did they call you that?"

"Well, because I am the oldest. But also because I had more experience with this theater. They still remember the play I was in. and stood up to me when Mme. Benoit hit me,"

"Hit you?" I ask, getting angry. I knew Antoinette had gone to America with Meg but how did Jean hire a maniac like Mme. Benoit?

"Where? Show me," Emily lifted her gown and a long red line had stood out against her pale skin.

"That woman…." I said darkly.

"Is the only choreographer who agreed to work in the theater," Emily chimed in. "She's the only one who is not afraid of you. Until your rose, that is," Emily shrugged.

I stood up from the bed to go to the liquor room. I had kept a cream around here somewhere. While searching, I heard Erika cry and then Emily talking softly to her.

When I had found it, I walked back, ordering Emily to sit down. I squeezed out a good amount and spread a thin layer over the gash.

"Does it hurt?" I ask.

"It stings."

"The cream will sooth it," I said, cleaning my finger on a towel.

"Thank you," Emily say, pulling up to kiss me.

"You're very welcome, Madame," I smiled. She wrapped her arms around, pulling me down.

"I don't want to crush you,"

"You wont," I weaved my fingers through her silky hair. It's been so long to feel her soft lips against mine. I had missed kissing these lips.

"The baby," I said between kisses.

"She's asleep." A loud chime echoed from upstairs to down here 7 times and she gasp, pushing me off as she got up.

"I'm going to be late!" Emily ran up the stairs.

"Late for what? For being here? Darling, you're really early,"

"Mme. Benoit has made me practice late tonight. I'll be back at least 11."

"Too long," I protested.

"Tell her that," Emily said, running back down to kiss me. She managed to slip away before I could even hold her back.

"I have to go. Regrettably," Emily say disappearing behind the doors.

"Of course. I'll have a talk with this…Madame…" I spotted Christine's wax figurine and a made a face, going over to it. She was staring at me in pity. Or happiness. I took a thick red blanket and draped it over her. Better.

"Well, I think the Phantom is alive," I heard. I remember my lair use to be soundproof. I'll have to repair some walls starting tomorrow then. It was a little girl's voice I heard when I appeared between the walls.

"What do you mean?" Another girl's voice said.

"Well, for one, the rose. Two, Amelia was found dead. Everyone knew he did it. It scared me more than anything." I peeked through the walls, seeing two figurines passing by. One had black hair and the other brown hair. They were small but their height made up for their figure.

"I've heard stories about how the Phantom fell in love with one of the Prima Donna; Christine Daae was her name, I think," It was the brown haired girl that spoke.

"But they couldn't be together. It's almost like the story of Beauty and the Beast."

"Do pray tell how is it similar to that story," I spoke, making the two girls scream; they clung to each other looking around.

"Are you….the Opera Ghost?"

"One and only," I spoke.

"Do you think your life story is like the beauty and the beast?" The black haired girl ask.

"Child, you should know three reason why my life is not like the fairytale. One, I'm not a hairy beast. Two, I'm not a prince. And three, I don't get happy endings. That is until Emily." I blurted out the last one.

"Emily?" The black haired girl gasp. "You're in love with Emily?" Damn my blabbering mouth.

"Listen you," She said, glaring straight ahead of her. "Stay away from Emily!" I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Helen," the other warned, pulling at her arm.

"Why so?" I purred.

"She's like a big sister to us. And we won't let you harm her. Or…we'll kill you," I let out a booing laugh that startled the two of them and continued laughing until tears came out of my eyes.

"I'm glad to know she's being looked after. Just to warn you, she can disappear very quickly,"

"Helen, let's go. I'm scared."

"You should be," I say eerily, creeping behind them. The two turned slowly behind them, screaming at the masked face, running off.

I let out a chuckle, "Still got it."

I stumbled and grip the bar to keep my balance. It has been an hour in doing the dance steps. As of right now, I was done with pirouette over and over until everything was spinning around me.

"You are a beautiful swan. Fan out your wings." Mme. Benoit said. I followed what she said, fanning out my arms.


I spinned, stopping toe pointe.

"Good. You are getting better," Mme. Benoit said.

"Mme. Benoit," I panted. "Can I take a break? I don't think my muscles will handle anymore. Nodding, she gave me five minute break, disappearing into the kitchen.

I collapsed on the floor, my hands and legs spread wide. The ceiling was swirling around, making the angelic paintings look real.

"Emily! Emily! Emily!" Multiple voices shouted.

"Oh lord, what is it now?" I sat up but was tackled by hugs from Helen and Joana.

"What's the matter? You two look like you've seen a ghost!"

"We were heading to sleep," Helen panted.

"And the Phantom talked to us!" Joane screeched. I gently calm both of them down.

"What happened?" I now had something to talk about to Erik.

"I asked him if his life is like the fairytale Beauty and the Beast." I chuckled at that but let Helen continued.

"And he said he was coming after you. We were scared for you and came here."

"that's very sweet of you two girls. But I'll be fine. I have Mme. Benoit to scare him-" A loud scream followed by a string of curses and we looked at the direction where it was coming from. Mme. Benoit running out, her face paler than the moon.

"Mme. Benoit?" I ask, coming over to her with Helen and Joana clinging to my arms.


"It was him!" She gasp. "The Opera Ghost! I had insulted him and now he's out to get me. Practice is over. Go to your room. All three of you. You'll be safer in a group." Mme. Benoit said as she scurried off.

"I told you," Helen said, biting her nails. A nervous habit I always told mother.

"Come on let's go to bed, babies."

"We're not babies!" Joana protested. A loud bag came from behind us; both screamed running off to the dorms.

"Thank you, Erik, for not making them able to sleep tonight."

"You're very welcome, my love," He replied. I shook my head and went to the dormitory.

"Emily, will you stay with us?" Sarah ask. None of the girls were asleep because of Joana and Helen constant talk of the Opera Ghost.

"I can't. Jean is waiting for me. But I'll be here tomorrow night."

"You promise?" Josephine ask. Her whole body and neck was covered by the blanket; she was looking at me with wide scared eyes.

"Yes, I promise. Until then, keep one ear and one eye open for the Ghost. He tends to come into this room when I was here."

"Emily!" Helen squeaked.

"I'm jesting!" I laughed. "He'll only harm you if you disobey his orders. Good night," A chorus of weak good nights came to my direction as I shut the door.

"You're going to be with Jean?" Erik ask, leaning against the wall.

"Of course not. I'm in the Prima Donna room,"

"Well, at least I'm closer to you," He grumbled.

Author's Note: I know, I know. you all waited like an eternity for this to update and finally here it is! I was actually excited that this story is revived and I hope you all enjoy it! Please check out See No Music and I spy a bat both are new and very very interesting haha ^_^