"Captain Cross!"

At the sound of an anxious feminine voice, Captain Akira Cross stops in mid-halt and signaled for her men of ten to stop marching through the corridor. Glancing over her shoulder, the Captain grinned at the sight of her childhood friend running around the corridor in a huff of sweats. Nurse Kelly Rose was your average girl next door with her curly honey blond hair and emerald green eyes and creamy tanned skin. And with the way she was running distracted the men from their female counterpart by the pretty Nurse. Cross shoots the men a warning look, they quickly turned away, before she flashed Kelly a small smile.

"And what can I do for you today, Nurse Rose?"

Even if the Captain did sounded casual, a part of Kelly melted at the low sensual voice. The crush Kelly had for her childhood friend never went away. "Don't give me that innocent look, Captain," she poked Cross in the chest. "Have you forgotten your appointment today?"

Cross grimaced. "Honestly, I don't need a checkup."

"It's been two months since you missed your appointment," she reminded. "Don't you understand the injuries you have must be kept under heavy watch?"

Two peaceful months without your pestering me, Cross thought with amusement but made sure to keep the smirk off her face.

"I need to train my men," Cross glanced over her shoulder at the rookies standing not far from her with their own amused faces.

"Forward and March!" she barked, the rookies startled before complying. "Percy, take charge until I'm done," she ordered one of her squad leader, Percy. He gave her a brief salute before following the trail of rookies. Cross watched them marched towards the training area before returning her attention to the nurse. Kelly couldn't help but admire Captain Cross's strong authority over the soldiers in their small Colony. Everyone in their small community admired their Captain's strength and power. Since her taking the role as Captain four years ago, Akira Cross was the youngest in any Colony to become second in command. After all, her father, General Edwin Cross, was the one to train the girl at the age of six. Kelly knew most of the men in the military didn't like the fact a woman was commanding them, but their fear of the General kept them in check.

"Perhaps another time, Nurse Rose?" the Captain made a turn to leave.

Kelly's full pink lips tightened in grim lines. "I bought that before, Captain, and I won't again."

Not that it was Kelly's fault. At times Captain Cross can be charming to both male and female. There was just something about those forbidding purple eyes of hers that seem to hold your very soul. Kelly actually swears sometime Cross doesn't seem all that human!

"I really need to start training my men, Nurse Rose."

Kelly tilted her chin up and stubbornly crossed her arms under her breasts. "The sooner you come back with me into the medic quarter, the sooner you can return to your men and train them."

Cross would have glare back, if the situation wasn't so damn amusing! Where Cross stood at five foot nine, Kelly's height had an advantage of five foot three. In fact, Kelly only seemed more enraged at the sight of Cross's amused face.

"This is a serious matter, Captain!" she snapped, not caring who watched or heard their conversation in the hall.

Cross held up her hands in a mock surrender. "No doubt about it, Nurse Rose," she assured the fiery nurse. "But after training and then I will see to you in the medic quarters."

Cross merely tilt her head to the side and grinned. At that little Kelly felt her heart give a little jerk, ever since childhood Cross had that effect on Kelly. Indeed, Captain Cross was a beautiful woman and can be charming as a man. But unfortunately, the Captain was a flirt with woman but when it came down to it, she preferred men in her bed.

Although, Kelly couldn't help but study her friend from head to toe, today the Captain wore her gym attire with the black legging, and black tank-top and black boots. Normally, Cross had her black-blue hair down but since she was going to train today she had it tied back. But what caught Kelly's eyes and the eyes of everyone else were the color of the Captain's unusual purple eyes. One can't help but stare at those magnificent eyes and drown in those beauties.

Cross was a mixed between Caucasian and Japanese, her skin was mostly tanned from the sun when they leave for missions. She had that exotic look that attracted both male and female. Kelly's emerald green eyes wonder lower. Tall and slender, her body was built like an athletic swimmer. The muscles on her arms were only noticeable whenever the Captain flexes during training. Despite the scars she's achieved from battles with rebellious gangs who refused to stay within the Colony, she was still prefect to Kelly's eyes.

But there was a reason Kelly was being overprotective of Cross. She just wished her friend can understand that! The images of soldiers bringing in a blood covered Cross sent a shiver down her spine.

"Kelly, I honestly don't understand why you need to treat me like a child," Cross rubbed the bridge of her nose; already she can feel a headache. "If I feel any pain or discomfort I will seek you out."

"Even if you did feel any pain or discomfort, you will try to hide it from me!" she bit out. "Remember the time when broke your ankle while training your men and I told you to stay in bed for at least a month?"

At Kelly's words, Cross left eye gave a twitched. The damn nurse knew her too well. She didn't need to ask, the day she broke her ankle the stubborn Captain went back to training her men in two days.

"Dammit, Kelly, we will discuss this later," Cross made a move to walk away but halted when the little nurse's hand shot out and grasp her wrist.

Cross turns around and opens her mouth to snap at the annoying nurse, but the words stuck in her throat at the sight of tears!

Tears of all things!

The Captain admits there was only one thing she was afraid of and that was tears and Kelly knew this. Cross never knew what it was about tears that frightened her, she just known she didn't like it.

"Akira! It's been six months since that battle you had with that creature," she whispered under her breath, her eyes overflowing with tears. "I have to make sure everything is healed. You were badly injured when they brought you to my father…" she sobbed and looks away. "I thought I was going to lose you." Kelly had stood beside her father, the head doctor, as he stitched up the unconscious Captain.

Looking from left to right to make sure no one can see, Cross pushed Kelly into an empty storage room behind her and pulled her into a tight embrace before shutting the door behind them. Kelly let out a broken sob before embracing her longtime friend. The serious of the Captain's old injuries must be causing Kelly distress. Cross knew her friend never cries in public places!

Just thinking about that fateful night bought a fear Kelly have never known to her very core. When they brought Cross after her battle, never have Kelly witnessed the sight of her friend covered in so much blood, both hers and the enemy's. Kelly actually thought Cross was already dead. It took two months before the Captain was finally able to leave the bed without reopening her wounds. Ever since then Kelly had kept a close eye on the her. Despite Cross assuring her everything was fine, Kelly didn't want to take any chances. The doctors and nurses in the medic quarter were still somewhat amazed at Cross's speedy recovery, it was a trait the Captain inherited from her father. Kelly's father, the head doctor, once told her a story of how badly the General had gotten injured during a mission and had a huge gash on his right thigh. And in less then two day it was completely healed.

"You worry too much, Kelly," Cross whispered, her fingers toying playfully with a blond lock. "Worry any harder and you will grow white hair."

Kelly choked back a laugh. "Please…I have to make sure…"

"Kelly, you said so yourself it's been six months, I'm pretty sure after so long that everything's fine." Cross assured the whimpering nurse.

Kelly pulled back from the embrace with every intention to argue. But at the sight of Cross's arm smile, Kelly's heart melted. With another sob, the little nurse buried her face Cross's chest.

"Why do you have to be so damn sensitive?" Cross whispered.

Unable to help herself, Kelly grinned through teary eyes. "Because I love watching you panic when I cry."

Cross grimaced, but what her friend said was true. Since childhood Cross never knew what to do when her little friend cried. If anything, she remembered a time when Kelly had cried when Cross had to leave for training with the General for a year. The little pigtail girl drooled and sobbed her eyes out on the awkward tall tom-boy on the day Cross was leaving. The only thing Cross did was give the sobbing girl a pat on the head before leaving.

"I'm fine, trust me. I've been in training since I left medic quarter," Cross assured her in a firm tone. "You can watch me train if you like, just don't interfere, okay?"

After a few hiccups and sniffles, Kelly nodded and followed the Captain toward the training room.