First attempt at a Klaine fic and I hope you like it! I plan on this being a multiple chapter story so check in later if you want more.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or the song I'll Be There for You by the Rembrandts

Kurt has been waiting for Spring Break the moment Winter Break had ended. Classes usually take up so much of his and Blaine's time that there never seems to be enough time to spend with each other, despite the fact that they share an apartment now. Their flat in the Washington Square Village is modest but Kurt doesn't care about that. After 3 years of being with Blaine, he still cannot believe his luck. When they graduated high school, they were both destined for NYU. Kurt to study fashion and Blaine got into the Tisch School to study musical theatre. In the midst of their second year at university, they still have trouble keeping up with the fast lifestyle that was typical of a New York student.

Kurt's standing over the sink, looking out the window with sleeves pushed up as he cleans the dishes from last night's stir-fry. He's busy thinking about all the things he wants to do with Blaine for the upcoming week. Neither of them could afford to leave the city, so they had decided to make it a staycation this year. Putting a clean dish onto the drying rack, Kurt wonders what Blaine has planned for the weekend. It's Friday and Kurt's last midterm had ended by 10 this morning, but Blaine had a performance to rehearse until the late afternoon. Running the sponge around the rim of a bowl, he hopes that Blaine's day has gone well.

Kurt's mind wanders toward the last time he and Blaine had more than an hour of free time, back in January before the hectic schedules of the two burgeoning artists kicked in. It was a Sunday and they had sat through an all-day marathon of Friends, having fun imitating the characters and making fun of the silly plot lines. By 8, though, the two had gotten restless. Blaine sat on the couch, leaning up against the armrest with Kurt lying between his legs, his head resting in the crook of Blaine's neck. As another episode started to play, Blaine lowered his lips to Kurt's ear, singing along with the show's theme, only he seemed to give the song new meaning. "I'll be there for you…" Blaine crooned softly into Kurt's ear, and Kurt remembers feeling the heat of Blaine's breath against his neck.

Lost in the daydream, Kurt is barely paying attention to the courtyard he was staring dazedly at, not even noticing the curly-haired figure jogging across the pathway into the building. He picks up a glass and begins to run the warm water over it before returning to his train of thought. "…when the rain starts to pour. I'll be there for you, like I've been there before," Blaine made the song his own, singing gently to Kurt while pulling the other boy closer to him. Kurt joined him, finishing the chorus, "I'll be there for you, 'cause you're there for me, too." At the last lyric, Kurt leaned backward into Blaine's chest, relishing in his boyfriend's warmth and the comfort his strong arms brought. Kurt remembers tracing the veins that trailed down Blaine's arms before Blaine had slowly pushed his hands down Kurt's chest, rumpling the cotton T-shirt he was wearing.

Lost in his imagination, Kurt jumps as those same arms wrap themselves around his waist, pulling him back to the present. He drops the glass he'd been rinsing (how long had he been washing that one cup?) into the sink where it makes a comical plunking noise, splashing water onto Kurt's arms.

"Hey!" he jokingly reprimands Blaine as he twists to face him. Nearly the same height, with Kurt only an inch or two taller, Kurt barely had to tilt his head down to meet those hazel eyes he'd come to know and adore.

"Hi there," Blaine says, with a smile on his face. He lifts his head up to kiss Kurt hello. Usually it was just a quick peck, but this time Blaine lets his lips linger. They have time, now. He pushes Kurt against the counter and the taller boy responds by pulling his arms over Blaine's shoulders, one hand on the back of his neck, tracing shapes into his hairline with his index finger. Kurt sighs into the kiss, languishing in the sweet hint of tangerine left on Blaine's lips. He must have had a snack before his scene, Kurt thinks. Much too soon, though, Blaine pulls them apart, walking over to the refrigerator for a water bottle.

"How was your day? Did your midterm go okay?" he asks, taking a sip and setting the bottle on the counter.

"It went well. I had a little trouble remembering the details for some of the essay questions, but overall I'm confident. As for the rest of my day, I've spent most of it cleaning, trying to waste away the time until you showed up. Interrupted a little daydream I was having, by the way." Kurt turns back around to wipe up the soapy water left by the dunked glass with a rag.

"Oh, really? May I ask what you were thinking about?" Blaine asks, with playful tone in his voice. He grabs Kurt's arm, pulling the dish-towel out of his hand and dragging him to the couch where they both flop down.

"I was just thinking that it's been so long, much too long, since we've had any real down time. Just the two of us. No homework, or projects, or group-studies or whatever. Just you and me, like this," he gestures to the two of them resting on the couch, their legs already intertwined upon the brown leather ottoman sitting in front of them. He nudges Blaine's knee with his own to emphasize his point.

"I was thinking the same thing, earlier. About how the last time we had any real time was that Sunday in January. Man, that seems like forever ago. Don't we live together?" he jokes, meeting Kurt's eyes. Kurt raises an eyebrow in response.

"That's the night I was thinking about, actually," Kurt toys with Blaine's fingers, enjoying the contrasting textures between the rough, calloused skin and his own smooth touch.

"Mmmm, it was a good night," Blaine runs his thumb over the inside of Kurt's wrist and Kurt can tell he is reminiscing just as he had been earlier. Kurt leans across the couch, closing the distance between them with another slow kiss. Trapping the boy underneath him, Kurt puts a hand on the small of Blaine's back as their lips trace over each other, palming the satiny fabric of his vest. Blaine's mouth parts just slightly, but that's enough for Kurt to push in his tongue, raking it over the actor's teeth. Blaine bends his knees, reaching them around Kurt's slight frame and digs his heels into his ass, eliciting a sigh from his boyfriend.

Kurt pulls away just slightly, his lips brush against Blaine's as he asks, "Should we move this to the bedroom?"

Biting his lower lip, Blaine almost doesn't hear what was asked of him. His voice is deep and gravelly as he answers, "No— no… we have time for that all of this—" Blaine's hips grind harder against Kurt's "this week."

Kurt inhales sharply from the friction of their bodies rubbing together with such urgency, silently agreeing that there is no way they would make it to the bed. He slides his tongue over Blaine's lips before pushing back in, exploring the warmth of his mouth.

Kurt's lips leave Blaine's but not without lingering on his bottom lip, sucking gently before his mouth moves down his jaw. Blaine hasn't shaved all day, and the stubble across his jaw scratches wonderfully against Kurt's chin as he traces his tongue over his Adam's apple. Blaine's hands have come to life along Kurt's torso, flying eagerly against his sides, rubbing the fabric of Kurt's shirt and creating a delicious friction and heat that seem to pool in the center of both their stomachs. He grabs at the sides of the shirt, tugging it out from under Kurt's belt and designer jeans. He runs his hands over Kurt's flushed skin before settling them on his hips, gripping them as if holding on for dear life.

All the while, Kurt is tonguing the dip in Blaine's collar bone, still ferociously palming the back of Blaine's clothes, his other arm shaking as it strains to hold himself over the shorter boy's body. Blaine begins rocking, legs still wrapped around him and hands firm on his hips and Kurt can no longer balance himself. His arm gives way and his chest crashes into Blaine's, both grunting with pleasant surprise. Pressed even closer to Blaine, Kurt can feel the strained outline of Blaine's erection through his already tight cotton pants. All the blood rushes straight for his groin just when Kurt thought he couldn't get any harder. Kurt's hips instinctively begin to move in synchrony with Blaine's, following a rhythm that's familiar, but forever exciting.

Blaine's head is swimming with thoughts targeted at getting as much of Kurt as he possibly can. Damn school to hell, they can't go this long without each other ever again. They have so much making up to do. Thank God for the break. Kurt's mind is along the same track, thinking for a second how this is an amazing start to what is promising to be a very good week before he loses his train of thought as Blaine moves a hand behind Kurt's neck and pulls him closer, crashing their lips together.

Kurt struggles to breathe as their pace quickens, the sheer need of each other surpassing any other thought. Right now, there's only one goal. Blaine's lips are shaky and for a second he opens his eyes and looks up at Kurt. The boy's face is flushed and slightly damp from exertion, but he looks incredibly happy. As if sensing his gaze, Kurt opens his own eyes, connecting with Blaine, the corners of his mouth pulling up in a loving smile.

Overcome with emotion, Blaine bucks up and they roll off the couch, Kurt's back crashing against the plush rug on the floor. Blaine is now holding himself over Kurt, rocking with even more fervor, his cock so hard and eager it hurts. Kurt's hands reach around and squeeze at Blaine's ass, and before Blaine knows what's happening he's coming with a guttural moan that cracks at the end. Kurt is soon to follow, kneading Blaine's cheeks and not even caring that he's ruined yet another pair of designer jeans. Blaine collapses on top of Kurt, and rolls over to lie between him and the ottoman. He reaches a hand down and twines his fingers with Kurt's, squeezing gently and Kurt squeezes back in response. Neither of them says anything for a few minutes, instead concentrating on the rasping sounds of each other's breath. After a moment, Kurt turns his head toward Blaine, his cerulean eyes heavily lidded and a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

To Kurt, Blaine is the vision of perfection right now. His eyes are closed, though Kurt has a feeling he is aware of Kurt's stare and is just soaking up the attention. His usually perfect curls are in disarray and his skin is dewy, his lips full and red from satisfaction. Before long, Blaine opens his eyes slowly and turns his head toward Kurt, leaning over to place another lingering kiss on his boyfriend's lips. Kurt could probably lie there forever, but Blaine slowly gets to his feet before offering a hand to help him up.

He grabs Kurt's other hand when they are both standing and gives him a deep and meaningful look, "I love you, Kurt." And as always, Kurt can detect the note of sincerity in Blaine's voice when he says his name.

"I love you, Blaine. Let's grab a shower and head over to the Red Lion for a drink and something to eat. Sound good?"

Blaine only nods in response and still holding Kurt's hands, backs into the bedroom, shutting the door quietly behind them.