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~Alone With the Likes of You~

Hinamori Midori stood her ground against Aruto Tsukiyomi. "My daughter could whip that pathetic son of yours into shape in no time and you know it! She is prim and proper and everything a young lady should be!"

Aruto wasn't going to take it form Midori either. His son my not have the best mannerism in the world but he was no jerk. "Don't you dare talk about my son like that! He knows when to push the limits and he knows when to behave! Your daughter is a stuck up brat!"

Midori moved to slap the man, but he caught her wrist and pulled her closer to himself. "I'll prove to you that my Ikuto is more of a man than your daughter is a lady!"

Midori scoffed at his over confidence. "Like you could do that! How?"

Aruto smirked. "I propose a bet. Send Amu with Ikuto to our summer home on the coast. They will have to spend the entire summer alone together there. Whoever leaves first loses."

Midori thought the offer over for a while. She wouldn't get to see her darling Amu all summer but the man was infuriating. She couldn't back out of it now. "What do you want if by some divine intervention you win and Amu flees from your son's horrible habits?"

Aruto thought it over carefully for several seconds before allowing his smirk to come back in full force. "If Ikuto wins then he can do whatever he wants with your daughter."

Midori gasped at this and narrowed her eyes. "And if Amu sticks it out and teaches your son some manners while staying pure then what?"

Aruto kept his smirk firmly in place. "She can do whatever she wants with Ikuto."

Amu strolled through her backyard which was the size of a small park. Her mother was loaded, but she rarely used her mother's money. She had no need of it. She didn't want anything expensive. She was a simple kind of girl.

Her mother on the other hand always had the best of the best and when Amu was going to be anywhere outside their property lines she was forced to dress prim and proper as well. No one knew her preferences in fashion. Their maids had to keep their mouths shut unless they wanted to be unemployed permanently. Amu had no idea why her mother didn't want people to know about the way she dressed, but she didn't push the subject.

The only person left in her life to care for was her mother. She'd do anything to keep her happy even if it made herself unhappy. She'd also do anything to keep her four best friends out of trouble. They happened to be her maids so they were the only people available.

Ran, Miki, Su and Dia always listened to her problems and gave her advice. Amu wasn't the best at interacting with new people since she was homeschooled and only left their estate for functions. She was basically a prisoner.

Amu sighed as she sat down on a stone bench. She had just returned from a prim and proper dinner at some local mansion so she was still in her dress and heels. Her mother had asked for her presence so she couldn't change out of them just yet.

Amu wasn't prepared for thin arms to wrap around her and a breath to blow in her ear. "Well isn't it the prim and proper Amu."

Amu gasped and shot to her feet. The arms released her and she spun to find a boy that looked a few years older than her with one foot on the bench she had just been sitting on. His elbow was on his knee and his hand held his chin. His dark blue eyes seemed to be gazing into her soul as she faced him. "Who are you?"

The boy smirked but didn't change his position. "That hurts Amu. You should know who I am. We've been to plenty of the same functions."

Amu's prim and proper defenses came up. "I apologize for not recognizing you. What brings you to my estate?"

The boy rolled his eyes. His father had already filled him in on how he was to spend his summer so he decided to seek the girl out to see what she was like before hand. She was rather boring so far. "I came to see you Amu. Aren't you glad to see me?"

Amu thought the statement and question over. Her mind was screaming that the boy was a stalker and a pervert and that she should run, but she didn't want to disappoint her mother. "I can't recall who you are. Why would I be glad to see you?"

Ikuto scoffed as he straightened himself out. She was definitely going to be a drag all summer long. He was going to have to do his best to get her out of the house as fast as he could so he could do what he wanted. "You'll learn to be happy when you see me."

Amu blushed slightly when she heard that comment but maintained her manners. "You are being very forward. I don't know who you are and yet you insist I should be happy to see you. I apologize for disappointing you, but I must go and meet with my mother now."

She spun on her heel and left the boy at the bench. She could hear his chuckling as she left and hoped that he'd leave their property. She didn't want to be kidnapped in the night.

Amu passed a worried looking Dia on her way inside. The maid was fidgeting with her hands and Amu knew that was her way of showing her worry. "What's up?"

Dia smiled at the girl as she finally entered. "I was worried that you'd be late in meeting your mother. She's been calling for you."

Amu huffed and rolled her eyes. She always felt comfortable enough to relax into her real character when it was just her and her friends. "I love mama, I do, but seriously. I can't take it for much longer Dia. I need to get out of here!"

Dia nodded without saying a word. She watched Amu carrying on her way. Whispering so that no one could hear her words, Dia sighed. "Be careful what you wish for."

Amu was certain that the maid had said something as she left, but she couldn't stop to find out what. Her mother was waiting and she didn't want to disappoint. She came to the study to find Miki waiting outside the door. "Hey Miki."

Miki smiled and the whispered greeting to show that she had heard it while opening the doors for Amu to enter. She was certainly surprised when Amu calmly went inside. She assumed her mistress had not heard about the trip she was taking.

Amu smiled at her mother as she moved across the large room. "Mother, what is it that you need to see me about?"

Midori smiled at her only child. "My precious Amu, something atrocious has occurred. Tsukiyomi Aruto made very rude statements about you this evening causing us to challenge each other to a small duel. He thinks that you are too prim and proper. He doesn't see how perfect you are. I tried to tell him that it was his son that was the problematic child, but he chose not to listen. You must be a good girl for mummy and prove the man wrong."

Amu kept her smile in place as her mother filled her in. She'd wondered where her mother had slipped off to for several hours during the party, but knew better than to ask. "What is it that you need me to do Mother?"

Midori smiled a brilliant smile. That man was going to lose. There was no way that her dear Amu was going to be driven off by his ghastly son. "I need you to take a trip away for the entire summer. You are going to stay in the Tsukiyomi's summer mansion out by the sea to prove what a good girl you are."

Amu was surprised to say the least. Part of her wanted to jump for joy at the idea of getting to stay somewhere besides the mansion for any period of time. Her other part cautioned her that this was some kind of trap. "Is that all Mother?"

Midori practically beamed. Her darling Amu was so smart. "You will be spending the summer with the man's son. You cannot leave the mansion no matter what happens between you and that boy or else we lose the wager. If we lose then that dastardly son of his can decide what he wants to do with you, however, if you win then you can decide what to do with that disgusting boy."

Amu let herself have an internal sigh. She knew that it had been too good to be true. She'd have to spend the summer with a boy she didn't know in his mansion. At least it was a big house and near the ocean. With all the servants that were sure to be there, she figured it wouldn't be too bad. "Alright Mother, I'll do my best."

Midori nodded while small tears leaked from her eyes. "You are my perfect Amu! I knew that I could count on you to handle one boy in a house all by yourselves. I told that Aruto that even with out staff you'd be able to take care of yourself."

Amu's previously plan slipped right through her fingers. There would be no staff to set some sort of boundary between herself and the boy. "Are you saying that we will be alone for the entire summer? There won't be any interruptions from anyone?"

Midori nodded again and dabbed her eyes with a lace handkerchief. "I told Aruto that you'd stay pure and stay throughout the entire summer despite the fact that it is just you and that boy. There will be no checking up on you and no contact to the outside world. The house will be well stocked to last the entire summer and you can take all your belongings."

Amu let a slight blush grace her cheeks. "Mother, what do you mean by pure?"

Midori laughed a prim and proper laugh at her daughter's question. "What else did you think I meant my darling Amu? You must not let that boy take your innocence. There shall be no sexual confrontations at all. You are not to touch him or allow him to touch you."
Amu gave herself another internal sigh before nodding to her mother. "When does the summer start?"

Midori took on a smile that was neither prim nor proper. "You leave at first light."

Amu threw more of her clothes into her bag. She couldn't believe that her mother was doing this to her. Was it some sort of punishment? Did she not do enough to please her mother?

Su bustled into her mistress' bedroom in time to witness the harsh treatment of Amu's clothing. "Why don't you let me do the packing desu? I'd rather you not have to wear wrinkled clothing the whole summer desu."

Amu huffed and sat on her bed. She wore a pair of simple black shorts and a green tank top since she wasn't expected to see her mother or any other guests for the rest of the evening. "Fine by me, but don't you dare put any of her clothes into my bags! I already have to spend the summer with a boy I don't know, besides there will be no checking up on us so I can wear whatever I want and she'll never find out."

"Amu-chan you shouldn't be so angry! You get to get out of the mansion. None of us has been able to leave since we started working here. Make sure to take lots of pictures of the ocean so we can see what it looks like!"

Amu smiled at Ran as the energetic girl walked in with all of Amu's toiletries. "Don't worry Ran; I'm going to miss you guys the most."

"I do hope that we're including in that 'you guys'."

Amu grinned at Dia and Miki in her doorway. It wasn't often that they could all five be together. "Of course you're included. You four are my best friends. My life would literally suck rocks without you."

Miki laughed as she made her way to sit on the bed next to Amu. "Don't let your mother catch you talking like that. She'd flip her little lid if she found out that her precious Amu didn't act snobbish all the time."

Amu rolled her eyes and laughed with the other girls. "Heaven forbid she finds out. I wish you guys could stay with me tonight. I'm really going to miss you over the summer. I promise to keep a journal and take plenty of pictures so you'll hear all about it when I get back."

Miki looked at Dia who looked at Ran who turned to Su. All four girls had large toothy smiles on their faces. "Your mother commanded that we stay with you in your room tonight."

Amu turned to stare at Miki with hopeful eyes as the girl spoke. She turned to Dia when she began talking as well. "She doesn't want you to go unprepared for the summer."

Amu scrunched her eyebrows down in confusion. "What do you mean unprepared."

Ran started giggling and took several minutes to calm down before she could answer. "Amu-chan, your mother wants us to prepare you in case that 'disgusting boy' tries to make a move on you."

Su nodded enthusiastically in agreement. "We're supposed to stay with you all night in case you have any questions for us desu."

Amu couldn't hold it in any longer. She busted out laughing and the four other girls joined in. Her mother was such a prude! Like Amu had no idea what the difference was between a boy and a girl. She couldn't believe it. "I'm very happy that you get to stay so we can have a slumber party before I leave tomorrow, but if one of you tries to give me a sex talk I swear to God you'll be thrown into the pool."

The girls all nodded their heads as they giggled. Miki wanted to try it just to see if Amu would follow through with her treat. Luckily for Miki she didn't have to be the one to be sacrificed. Ran mistakenly made a racy comment and the other four girls carried her struggling body down the hall to the indoor pool. They all ended up swimming in their clothes before heading back to Amu's bathroom to take a bubble bath.

Amu looked around at her four friends as they scrubbed the pool chemicals off their bodies. She could only see their necks and shoulders because of all the bubbles and her bathtub was so large that the girls had several feet of space between them. "I'm really going to miss you guys."

With that their smiles turned into frowns and they all cried for a while. They fell asleep together on Amu's humongous bed with small content smiles on their faces. They were glad to give Amu one night to cherish in her up coming weeks of hell.

Amu was the first to wake up to her alarm, but being in the middle of all the bodies she couldn't do a thing to shut it off. "Wake up guys. It's time."

The other girls stirred slowly. It was almost as if they thought that if they didn't move fast enough then Amu simply wouldn't have to go. "I'll carry your bags down desu."

For the first time since Amu had met Ran the girl didn't seem to have too much energy. "I'll help you carry Amu-chan's things."

Amu hastily wiped away a tear so the others wouldn't see her so upset. She was glad that Dia had convinced her mother to allow her to wear a beach dress instead of a party dress. She didn't want to be uncomfortable all day long as she traveled. She loved the dress since it had thin straps and reached all the way to the floor. It left some of her back exposed but not much and it covered her chest completely. The fact that it was dark purple and made from just plain old cotton made her love it all the more.

Amu applied her make up and curled her hair and even added some earrings so her mother couldn't complain about her appearance. She was actually expecting her mother to sad at her leaving, but the woman was all smiles as she basically kicked her other daughter out the door. The only people that seemed the least bit upset were her maids.

Amu waved to her mother as she climbed into her limo to take her down to her neighborhood's mini airport. (A.N. They are extremely rich people!) To her surprise Ran, Miki, Su and Dia climbed in after her. They all smiled even though they had tears in their eyes.

"Don't worry guys! If I can figure out a way to send you messages then I'll do it."

They seemed to perk up a little at Amu's confidence. "You can do this desu."

"Yeah Amu-chan! Show that boy who's boss!"

"Just don't do anything stupid."

"I can't wait to hear all about it."

"You guys are going to make me cry again."

All five girls began wailing at the same time. They pulled into the airports parking lot and the driver took her bags to be loaded onto the plane. The girls said their goodbyes and hugged one last time.

"I'm sure the time will pass so fast you guys won't even notice I'm not in the mansion."

The four girls all looked at each other before Dia handed Amu her carry on bag. "Just have fun Amu and remember that we all love you no matter what happens in that damn house."

Amu blushed and nodded before they had one final group hug. The pilot came and introduced himself personally before leading Amu off to board the plane. Amu stopped him though before they could get far. "Just a second, do you mind taking a picture of the five of us in front of the airport?"

The pilot smiled and agreed. He took several shots to make sure she had a good one before handing her camera back to her. Amu smiled again before Miki snatched the camera and took of picture of Amu with her pilot. Amu thanked them all again before following the man to leave for her summer. Oh how she wished she didn't have to go."

Amu went crazy taking pictures of everything inside the plane including herself as she removed her makeup and earrings and threw her hair up into a messy ponytail. She told the girls that she'd get photos of everything and she meant everything. She took pictures of the clouds out side her window and she took pictures of her window.

The flight lasted six hours and she figured her camera was always ready if something else came into her view out her window. She dug around in her bag to find her iPod fully charged and a brand new journal. She smiled as she looked down at the black cover with dark blue flowers scattered across it. They were clumped in the bottom left hand corner to scatter out as they moved away from that spot.

Amu hugged the book and opened it to find that the girls had each left their own special message inside the front cover.

Ran had written in a pink pen: 'Go get'em Amu-chan! I know you'll have a blast no matter what that boy tries to pull! Can't wait to see you at the end of the summer!'

Miki's message wasn't quite so energetic and was written in a blue pen: 'Just have fun and don't worry about your crazy mother. Remember she can't check up on you so relax and be yourself without worrying for the whole summer.'

Su's message was neatly scrawled beneath Miki's in green ink: 'Have fun desu! Don't let that boy get to you desu! I love you desu!'

Dia's yellow inked message was at the bottom of the page: 'Hold you head high no matter what and don't forget that you are Amu! You can do anything! We'll always be your best friends but maybe it's time to make some more. Try and let others in. You never know… you might even fall in love.'

Amu shut the book quickly. She didn't want to think about what Dia was implying. There was no way she was going to fall in love with this boy she had to spend the summer with. It was only one summer and she was certain that she'd most likely never see this boy again. Furthermore she was only seventeen. What did she need love for?

Amu sighed and leaned against her window. She opened her journal once more and took out a pen from her bag. It was dark blue. She began her first entry by writing 'Day One' at the top of the page. Part of her wanted to write something smart like 'Day One of Summer Hell' or something along those lines, but she couldn't incase the book fell into unwanted hands. She decided that this was something that she'd never do to her children.

Amu made sure to leave plenty of room incase she wanted to add more to it later since the day wasn't over yet. She leaned back and fell back asleep until the pilot woke her up to inform her of their arrival. Amu gathered her things and got her camera ready. She took pictures of where they landed and the car she was riding in to the house. She took pictures o the route to get there and the front of the house as they wound up the drive. She even snapped pictures of the driver carrying her bags inside the door. She continued to take pictures of the inside of the house until a hand snatched her camera away.

"What do you think you're doing? This house isn't open to tourists."

Amu's eyes widened as she took in the annoyed looking boy in front of her. "Wait a minute. I know you…" Her voice drifted off as she thought hard. Realization smacked her with full force in the face. "You're the perverted stalker from my garden."

The boy's eyes shot wide open before he began smirking. "Ah so the prim and proper Amu has finally arrived. Welcome to my humble abode. Or should I say our humble abode?"

Amu rolled her eyes and snatched her camera back. She lifted it up and snapped a picture of his face before he could stop her. "I don't care what you call it as long as you leave me alone. I've never been allowed to leave my house before so I'm going to enjoy this vacation no matter what bull shit you try to pull."

The boy couldn't believe his eyes or ears. The girl was standing in front of him with one hand on her hip and her camera in the other. She had one leg straight supporting her weight while her other knee was slightly bent jutting out her butt. She had on no jewelry, that he could see, and no makeup. Her hair looked as though she had thrown it up without much thought and her dress was way too sexy to be proper. On top of all that she had just cursed at him and put him in his place.

"Don't worry Amu, I was going to see if I could get you to run screaming within the first week, but after seeing how much fun you really are I can't wait to spend the summer alone with you."

Amu rolled her eyes and turned away from him. "Just show me to my room whatever-your-name-is."

The boy slid in front of her with an eyebrow already raised. "You're staying in a house with a man that you don't know the name of?"

Amu dropped her head back as though she thought he was stupid and wasting her time, which she did. "I know you're a Tsukiyomi. My mother forgot to mention your name among the many vial names she called you. You don't have to tell me because I don't actually care. We don't have to talk to each other if you stay away and leave me alone."

"I can't do that. As much as I don't want to have to do this either, our parents made a deal and as proper as your supposed to be or not I'd rather not leave my fate in your hands. You have three options. You can call me Ikuto-koi, Ikuto-sama or just plain old Ikuto."

Amu looked at Ikuto for a moment. She let her eyes roam up and down the older teen's lanky frame before smiling sweetly at him. "Tsukiyomi-san it is."

With that she snapped a picture of his shocked face and wandered off with her carry on bag.

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