So I guess I should let you guys know that I'm about to post the third chapter of the sequel. It's called 'Alone With You'. Look it up if you're interested! Thanks!

Because I don't want to break the rules...

~Short Scene!~

Holding hands, Ikuto and Amu walked down the terminal towards their gate. The plane waiting for them would take them to Singapore. There they'd start their new life together. Doubts rant through the pinkette's mind as they got closer and closer to their destination. Ikuto's hand anchored her down and reminded her that she chose to be with him. No matter where they went, she wanted to be with him.

Ikuto could tell that his pinkette was a little frightened. The girl hadn't ever left her house before the beginning of the summer. This was understandable. Just before they walked down the hallway to the plane, Ikuto shoved her against the wall and ran his nose along her neck. "I love you Hinamori Amu. I promise to never leave your side."

Amu smiled as she clung right back onto her blue haired lover. "And I you. Let's go."

Ikuto let out a small fake pout before taking her hand and once again heading for the plane. This time, Amu had no room for doubt in her mind as she smiled at the beautiful boy next to her.


I hope you guys liked that short snippet!