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Lifetime of Lies

Special Agent Gibbs walked into NCIS. He was on his to the office to start work for the day. He was almost to the elevator when a woman light brown hair bumped into him.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I…"

Gibbs didn't hear the rest of her apology. He was too busy trying to figure out who she was. He recognized her. He stared at her to try to figure out where he knew her from. After a few minutes, he got it. "Clare Jacobs."

The woman was surprised to see that this man recognized her. She looked at him closer and then figured out why. "Jethro."

"It's been a long time, Clare," Gibbs said. Clare was someone he'd dated in high school. It hadn't worked out obviously, but they were close at one point.

"Yeah, it has. And by the way, it's Clare McGee now," she said.

Gibbs sighed. "So you married the bastard."

"Come on, Jethro, it's been over thirty years. Can't you let this grudge against Brad go?" Clare asked.

"I don't have a grudge against him. I just think he's a bastard. You gonna tell me I'm wrong?" Gibbs asked.

"Look I know he did some stupid things, but that was years ago," she said.

"So what brings you here, Clare?" Gibbs asked. He had to wonder how his old high school girlfriend ended up at the place he worked a lifetime later.

"Oh, I'm just here to see someone," Clare said evasively.

Gibbs looked at her suspiciously. For some reason she didn't want him to know why she was there. That told him that there was something she didn't want him to know.


Gibbs turned saw Tim McGee coming towards them. "McGee?" After saying it, he could've slapped himself upside the head for not putting it together sooner. McGee was the same last name as Clare's bastard husband.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Tim asked.

"Can't a mother come and visit her son?" Clare asked smiling. There was also a bit of uneasiness in her voice.

"Well, of course you can, it's just that I didn't expect you. Is Dad with you?" Tim asked. He hoped the answer was no. He didn't really get along with his father.

"Not this time," she said.

Gibbs stayed silent during the whole exchange. He was too busy trying to wrap his mind around it. Not just the fact that one of his agents was the son of his old girlfriend, but also because of what it could mean. They were together not long before Tim was born. He would have to be pretty stupid not to figure out what that could mean.

"Oh, Boss, this is my mother, Clare-"

"We know each other, Tim. We were old friends in high school," Clare said.

Gibbs eyed her suspiciously. She was deliberately keeping the truth of their past relationship from her son. That was one more thing that didn't sit well with him.

"Oh, wow," Tim said surprised. He never would've guessed that his mother and Gibbs knew each other. "I can't believe you guys know each other.

"It was a long time ago. So are you going to take me to your place?" Clare asked her son, trying to change the subject and get out of there.

Tim turned to Gibbs. "Is it alright if I just run her there quickly, Boss?"

Gibbs nodded and headed for the elevator. All he thought about on the elevator ride was the encounter he just had and what it could mean for both him and Tim. Tim was the right age. It had been thirty-four years since he'd been with Clare. That was less than a year before Tim was born. He needed to find out exactly when Tim was born so that he could determine exactly how big the possibility was that he was the young agent's father.

After what seemed like forever, the elevator stopped where his office was. He immediately walked through the office and up the stairs towards the director's office. He then barged right in to Director Vance's office.

"Oh, please come in, Gibbs," Vance said sarcastically.

"I need McGee's personnel file," Gibbs said abruptly. He had no time for small talk, he needed answers.

"What for?" Vance asked.

"Would you just get it for me, Leon?" Gibbs asked desperately. He could hardly believe any of this was happening. This was the last thing he expected when he got there this morning.

Vance immediately got up and headed towards the file cabinet. He took out a file and handed it to Gibbs.

Gibbs quickly opened the file and began going through it. He was looking for McGee's birthdate. He found it after a few minutes. McGee was born on February 7, 1977. Gibbs mentally counted back nine months. It worked out so that McGee was conceived right before Gibbs left his hometown, which was very possible. Gibbs could hardly believe it, but there was a very real possibility that Tim McGee was his son.