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The city lights hung brightly in the sky, framing their naked bodies as their skin mingled and conversed in a language familiar to lovers. In his arms, she didn't feel safe, but it was better than the loneliness that had consumed her being for the past seventeen years. She embodied misery, and she adored the company. The fact that her mind was numbed with pills she had swiped from her mother aided in coping with the fact that she was wrapped in his arm, being used and tossed about like a discarded doll as he had his way with her.

Their consensual pact was the result of alcohol, drugs and the intoxication of a brief, but elicit New York City affair. After returning to the Big Apple, this was the last place she expected to find herself. But, tonight she wasn't really herself. She was looking in on a life that had become someone else's. It wasn't her that grinded and kneaded. It wasn't her that kissed like a starved lion, hungry for the attention that came with such brief, tumultuous affairs. Jennifer Humphrey was someone else. The same someone she became when she fell off the edge. Returning to the City to a step sister that despised her, a father who couldn't trust her and a step brother who pitied her, was taking it's toll.

The immense weight of loneliness surrounded her. It became unbearable to hold up on her own. She required assistance. Enter Chuck Bass. The man who stole her virginity prior to her banishment from the City by Blair Waldorf. He now lay besides her spent from a night of vigorous love making. She couldn't explain how they wound up in this position once again. However, she couldn't deny the pleasure she derived from his company. He was the ultimate taboo, the ultimate sin. He was someone she could never have fully. The idea enticed her.

Her enchanting blue eyes misted over at her spent lust. She had lost herself again, but it was a pleasure to know she lost herself to Chuck Bass. Being the only man she ever slept with, Chuck was a figure of unearthly proportions in her mind. He was mythic, legendary. He would forever hold a place in her heart. An area was reserved for him, but not under the guise of love. Rather for the fact that he had been her first and only so far.

She watched him toss over drunkenly. He shut his eyes and she waited till he dozed off. Quietly she dressed and removed herself from the room, exiting from his life for the time being. There was no need for him to wake up to the shock and guilt that would accompany such a devastating, but ravishing night. She didn't wish the unbearable remorse on him.

Like a lone wolf Jenny stalked into the night, lighting a cigarette she swiped from his room. She headed out into the bright lights of the City, careful to watch for cracks in her high heeled boots. The night was still young, daylight was a few hours away. She had time to kill. Reaching inside her purse, she popped another pill. Her mind would soon be numb and perhaps she could head for the home of another lustful partner. For now, she contemplated how fallen she had become.