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Summary: Harry does Death a favor that leads to a slight shock for the wizard.

Eventual 01x02x03x04x05xHP

HP universe is cannon through all 7 boooks but not the epiloge.

I am re-watching the GW series so a few facts may be incorrect, so we'll say the GWverse ia AU. Please bare with me.

Wufei sighed as he looked at his paper filled desk. This was one of his least favorite parts about being a preventer. The evil paperwork. It was almost worse then going up against OZ!

There was a sudden knock at the door to his office and then one of his fellow agents and fellow pilots walked in. ''Wufei.''


"What's wrong?'' 05 looked at 03 as the banged young man walked over and placed his hand on Wufei's shoulder.

''Nothing is wrong but I do have a bit of news for you. Une found you another partner.'' Trowa rubbed his shoulder for a moment, his way of greeting one of his lovers while they were out in the open.

The gossip around the Preventers head quarters was that the five pilots, all aged 19 or so, were all loners, on the battle field and in the bedroom. While this was partially true most, if not all, of their fellow agents would be a bit shocked to realize that all five pilots were together.

It was only a logical step for them. After all, they only trusted each other. They were the only ones who knew what the others had been through. The blood and screams and death at every turn. The group was covert in their feelings for one another in the same way as they were with everything.

"How many times have I told her that I do not want to be paired up with anyone? I don't trust them and most of the time they are too 'green' to get anything done. I usually have to save them just to complete my missions." Wufei huffed.

"Heero will hack into his file tonight. You will not have to go on a mission with him for a few days so we will know more by then. But he should be on his way up to your office." Trowa tugged gently on Wufei's hair as he slid out of the room.


Wufei was once again working on the mound of useless paperwork in front of him when there was another knock at the door.

"Agent Chang?" a young blonde girl stuck her head in the room. "Your new partner is downstairs."

"Then send him or her up here!" Wufei all but yelled at her. This paperwork was about to give him a migraine.

"He is kinda wrapped up with a case." she spoke softly. "Lady Une asked for me to come get you."

Wufei pinched the bridge of his nose before getting up and all but stomping out of his office and down to the main entrance way. As he pushed past the double doors he had to force himself to move forward and keep his shock from appearing on his features. He was the only one in the room to do so. All of the other agents and civilians were lined against the wall watching the two combatants face off in the middle of the room.

Well one was fighting. The other was simply dodging the blows with a look of disdain on his face. It took but a moment for the Gundam pilot to recognize the attacker. It was Jason Frugh, an infamous child slavery trafficker. Frugh was also known for his prowess in the fighting rings and had the girth to prove it. The shorter agent was holding his own, easily, against Frugh.

Wufei turned towards the female agent with a look of impatience. "Which one of these gapping idiots is my partner?"

Chang was about to yell his question louder, due to the agent's drooling over the male who was moving so sensually while fighting, when the girl simply raised her hand and pointed to the duo in the middle of the room. "He is."

The pilot of Shenlong looked back to the fighters. At first he thought it was Heero until he saw that he was shorter than 01 and had green eyes.

"That is Agent Owl; he is from the London Branch. Just flew in today. They were bringing in Frugh for questioning. For some reason Frugh saw Owl and went berserk. He broke free from two other agents and has been trying to land a hit on him for a good ten minutes now." Lady Une said as she walked over to Wufei. "I think they others are watching simply to see Frugh brought down by someone so much younger."

"And nobody has bothered to stop this?" Wufei asked, surprised that Une would let it go on this long.

"Look at Owl. Does he look like he's having a problem? From what little I could gather from his file he and Frugh have a history. Owl would have had him behind bars or worse if it weren't for the fact that some of his commanders were taking bribes for the Slaver. Owl single handedly reformed the London office before I ever had a chance to get involved. He is a legend to his fellow agents there. Apparently his family has always been in law enforcement for as many generations as then can trace their line. Back to 1970 A.D. I believe." Une replied. "Owl just wants to make this horrible for him. If its one thing he goes after the harshest it's anyone dealing any kind of damage to children."

"What was wrong with his file?" Chang asked as the slaver tried once again to grab the shorter and slighter man.

"His file was 'lost' in transfer. 01 needs to find it." Une said in a harsher tone. "It just seems a bit odd to me."


Harry was getting bored. This brute in front of him had reminded him of Vernon. He used children. That made him one of the worst kinds of criminals in Harry's book. When he heard one of the agents ask where his new partner was Harry had looked to the side and saw one of the five men he was here to look after. It was the sight of agent Chang that had him remembering what he was doing here in the first place. Why he had agreed to do this for his one true friend.

"Please Harry, I promise I won't ask you for another favor for at least a century."




"Please? I'm begging you. See, on my hands and knees here."

"Why?" Harry sighed as he sat in a chair and looked out the window from his flat. "You know that I try to keep from becoming too involved with humans now."

"The short of it is I need a vacation from those five. I have watched over them since years before Operation Meteor and frankly, they remind me too much of you."

"What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?" Harry finally turned and looked at the tall figure behind him. Death looked pretty average in height and build but that's where average stopped. The hood was pulled up over his head, covering his face, but you could tell from the hands sticking out that most likely all you would have seen was bone.

"They are trouble magnets. Pure and simple. So like I said, they remind me of you." Death waved his hand a bit. "All I'm asking is that you watch over them for a while. All you would have to do would be to leave London and transfer to a different preventer branch."

Harry sighed before running his hand through his black hair. "I suppose I can. But I hope you don't expect me to buddy up to them. This better not be another of your ploys to hook me up. After everything I went through when I still thought I was mortal I really don't need a significant other."

"Hey! I only tried to hook you up twice!"

"Yes and they were both flaming disasters."

By the end of the night Death had convinced Harry to watch over the five ex-Gundam pilots and seeing as it was time for him to move on, perpetually looking like you were in your late teens did that every now and again, he agreed.

The end of his train of thought brought Harry back to his current predicament. With a sigh and a roll of his eyes Harry quickly dropped and swept his opponent's legs out from under him. Once Frugh was on his back Harry quickly pinned the man and held a knife to his throat. Frugh's eyes widened as he hadn't even known the agent was armed.

"Now. You are going to calm down and chill out or my blade is going to taste your blood. I have brought down worse men than you and I have no qualms about doing it again." was the harsh whisper that entered the man's ear. The slave trader's skin paled considerably at the harsh grin that played on the agent's face. "Be a good boy and stand up or I'm going to make you lose some of your pretty teeth."

In a move that was almost too quick to process, Harry was up and his blade was once more hidden from view. He quickly slid an impassive mask over his features as the criminal meekly stood up. With a rough twist of the man's body he was soon cuffed and sent off with the agents who were supposed to be 'guarding' the prisoner in the first place.

With a roll of his eyes Harry went over to Lady Une and snapped to attention.

"Agent Owl, reporting for duty Lady Une."

Une turned towards Wufei and grinned. "I think he'll fit in with you and the others just fine Agent Chang. Don't you?"

Wufei answered with a very Heero-like "Hn."

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