Harry couldn't help but stare at his computer after reading an e-mail from one of his contacts. It was currently two weeks after his latest 'death' and he was still stuck doing nothing but desk work. Une had not been happy with his 'refusal to seek medical treatment' at the scene. Regardless of whether or not he could have had an entire hospital on stand-by with his connections. She had therefore given him the worst punishment he felt that she could have given him.

A full physical and check up with his fan girl Po and three weeks of desk work.

Une was pure evil.

So here he was, sitting behind his desk waiting for a break in the case so he could go pick up Frugh and lock his ass in jail, again. And he didn't care if it meant going against punishment. This idiot was his to take care and he knew something was going to happen regarding the slaver soon, he could feel it in his bones.

With a sigh of frustration and anger he picked up his stapler and threw it at the wall, breaking some of the plaster and leaving a nice hole that would need to be fixed as soon as his temper cooled. He laid his head on his desk and took a few deep breathes.

The noise of the door knob turning brought his head back up and stared at the door. His hand quickly reached for the half-dozen senbon he kept in his pen holder on top of the desk.

"I come unarmed! Well not really but…" Duo trailed off as he looked into the office after waiting a few moments to make sure Harry wasn't going to throw something at him. "So the paperwork is getting to ya already huh? You held out longer then I thought you would. Wufei would have tossed something at the wall a week ago! Or did someone other than Une piss you off?"

Duo being there instantly improved his mood. It was easy enough for any of the five to do that. Their talk after he had been shot had taken a huge weight off of his soul and he was glad for their easy acceptance of him into their lives.

They had talk for hours that night. And after some subtle, and not so subtle, prompting from Death he had told them of his past and even the fact that they were all his mates, as well as he was theirs.

It had warmed his heart was the five had asked if there was any way to go back into time so they could get revenge on certain people in his past for him. The vicious smiles and smirks that the five wore while they were discussing what they could do called out an answering viciousness in him.

Their relationship had also progressed to the point where Heero pulled all of the cameras and listening equipment out of Harry's flat. But this was mostly due to all six of them being there while not on duty. Harry wasn't entirely sure when it had happened but he wasn't exactly displeased with this development.

They had all been out a few times since that night at the bar but most of their time was simply spent at home getting to know one another.

"So what has you braving my office? No one else to irritate?" he asked with a smile as Duo walked around his desk and leaned on the edge of it, his legs touching Harry's when he turned his chair to better face his mate.

"Getting ready to head off on a mission and since no one else is in the office I thought I'd come let you know. " Duo said with a smile. "None of the female agents are available so I get to play dress up. I get to be bored while standing on a street corner for a few hours. There are a few informants who are supposed to relay some information to me but I'm not sure how long the assignment will take."

Harry frowned for a moment. "You'll be sure to keep your pendant on won't you? I've spelled it so only one of us can see it and it will help me track you down if something happens to you."

"Nothing is going to happen Ry. I'm too good for that!" Duo simply got a glare in response. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "You do realize that you look like a little kitten pouting don't you?"

Harry's glare amped up a bit and Duo's chuckle turned into pure laughter. The two talked for a bit more before Duo decided to get ready to leave.

"I want some pictures." Harry said with a smile.

"Only if I get to dress you up later!" Duo responded with a smile and quickly leaned down to give the Master of Death a kiss.

Harry smiled as the braided agent walked out the door. His life had definitely taken an upswing in the past few weeks.


Wufei and Trowa were in the office with Harry a few hours later when Heero and Quatre walked in.

"Has anyone heard from Duo lately?" The only blonde in their group asked.

"Not since he went out on assignment a few hours ago." Harry responded with a yawn. It was now 2330 and he had been up since 0200. "He did say it could take a while. Are we going to wait here for him to return or do you guys want to go home?"

"I have a few reports that I need to type up. I can stay here and wait." Heero's response was offered as he sat at Wufei's desk, going through files on his laptop.

"I'll stay as well." was Trowa's addition to the conversation.

As Harry was cleaning off his desk for the night his vid-phone went off. He frowned as he glanced at it, noticing it was Lady Une.

"Agent Owl here." was his opening greeting as he picked up the call.

"Owl, are the others with you?" He didn't even have to ask who she was referring to.

"They are. What's wrong?" Harry couldn't help but give in a bit to the foreboding feeling that suddenly ran through him.

"Duo was on assignment earlier this evening. He didn't call back in at the appointed time and I've already had someone run the security videos from the area. He was ambushed and knocked out." While Une was speaking Heero had already pulled up the footage, having already been told by Harry what area the brunette had been at. "He was tossed into a non-descript white van by what looks like some of Frugh's minions."

Harry couldn't help the growl take came up from his chest. His eyes flashed to gold for a moment before he calmed enough to respond, all traces of tiredness gone from his body and mind. "Mission accepted." was his plain response before turning off the video phone and turning towards the others.

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