It is well known (at least among dragons, I am not entirely sure about humans) that we first become aware in the egg. I have been asked to detail what it is like in there and what my thoughts were, for some textbook or other. It does not really matter to me where it is printed. The fact that it will be is enough for me, as long as it is used to convince people that we are not unthinking beasts, no better than the cows we eat. Anything used to make England more like China has my approval. Now I am being bothered to actually begin my narration, so I suppose I will.

My earliest memory is just of me curled in the egg, with nothing to see. It was quite warm and very comfortable. I could not conceive of leaving the egg at the time. I was bored, so I began to pay attention to the people speaking outside my egg. They were speaking French, me being delivered to Napoleon at the time. I gradually learned the language, but I could not really test my knowledge at the time with no one to hear me. Things began to become monotonous, and I wished that we would just arrive at our destination, when I heard a great clamor. I know now that it was the French ship being captured, but I had no idea what it was then. My best guess was that something had fallen.

The first thing I heard clearly in English was Laurence speaking to someone else, I am not sure who, but he said, "Oh, I am damned if I know, Tom. But I suppose I will go and return the French captain his sword; it is no wonder he fought so furiously after all." I didn't understand a word of it at the time, but I wanted to. I hate it when I can't understand someone. Things continued much as they had before, but I was learning English now. I began to feel a bit hungry around the time I was transferred to Laurence's ship, but it did not seem so important, when I had a language to learn. I tried to keep myself from hatching as long as I could, to learn more English, but I was so very hungry. I thought that I had quite a good understanding of English, but I only knew about half of what I know now when I hatched.

It was pitch black in the egg, so when I hatched, I just had to find out what I looked like. I thought I looked rather fierce. Of course, my second priority was to find out where I was, so I ignored all the people standing about like idiots and walked around the hold. I found it much more interesting than the inside of my egg, but the people were somewhat less fascinating. Except for Laurence, as he was making a strange face at me that I supposed could be best described as frowning. He was very polite when I talked to him, more so than everyone else seemed. I did not realize that I needed a name until he asked me what mine was, and since I had no notion of what makes a good name, I allowed him to give me one.

I will end this here, as you can get the rest of the facts from Laurence. I hope this will be put to good use, and wish I could have provided more, but my memories of that time are somewhat hazy. Still, I suspect it is more than has been available until now. Good-bye.