Note: I don't own Ouran. I barrowed a lot of stuff from different things I have read or watched. But the main influence plot wise came from two movies "The Tomb of Ligeia." Starring Vincent Price (who I love) based on the story by Edgar Allan Poe and "The Watcher in the Woods." An interesting movie starring Betty Davis and this Canadian actress who isn't that great, but Betty Davis is awesome even if she looked extremely creepy. And the family name comes from a comic series I follow called "Girl Genius." I want to apologize for the first two chapters I wrote them in an email message because I didn't have a flash drive and I was using someone else's laptop. I usually write Ghost Hunt fanfiction, but I wanted to try something different. I hope I got the character dynamics correct. Please don't mind my type o's.

Chapter 1

Haruhi looked out her the large window in her office at the Suou headquarters. She had a meeting in a few minutes having something to do with her mother's family.

"Mrs. Suou?" her secretary appeared in the doorway. "Your 11:00 is here." She said. Haruhi and Tamaki had been married for almost 17 years. They had three beautiful children together.

The oldest two were twins. A boy and a girl named Daisuke and Ruka. At first glance, someone would think that Daisuke took after his mother in looks and Ruka after her father, but this was not exactly the case.

All of her children had Tamaki's eyes. Ruka had blond hair and Daisuke had brown, but for Haruhi's birthday, Ruka had donned a brown wig and Daisuke a blond wig and did an imitation of their parents.

Daisuke was the spitting image of his father, but personality wise he was very different. He was more like his mother in that department. Easy going and kind. He was always so calm, but that might have been growing up with sisters.

Ruka looked just like her mother besides the hair and eyes. She was the same height as her brother when she wore her high heels, which was almost every day. Ruka was very kind and generous.

Everyone at Ouran admired and loved her, and she knew it and ate it up. Haruhi always had to lecture her on how being modest is a good thing. Ruka enjoyed the attention. She and Daisuke were now 14 years old.

At their birthday, Tamaki had cried about his babies growing up. Haruhi had tried to ignore him telling him he was over reacting, but later that night when she was alone, she began to cry about the same thing. Tamaki came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He gave her his handkerchief and she blew her noise loudly. That was when she and Tamaki began to laugh.

As for Haruhi and Tamaki's youngest daughter, she was certainly a character. Her name was Suzuka and she was 8 years old. She was not the average 8 year at that. She was a genius. The twins were very intelligent as well, but not like this. Suzuka had a memory like a trap. She never did things halfway. She was the spitting image of her mother with long brown hair, but her eyes were Tamaki's.

Suzuka had been premature. Her chances of survival had been low. The doctors had told them to start planning a funeral, but Suzuka was a fighter and she had beaten the odds. The day they had brought her home Haruhi felt her life was complete.

She crawled sooner than an average baby and quickly learned to walk. They had been afraid when she was not showing any signs of learning to talk, but Suzuka proved them wrong there.

One day when she was almost 2 years old, Kyoya had come to visit. He was Suzuka's godfather. Tamaki had been speaking to her in baby talk, when suddenly she said. "Daddy, if don't mind, I'd prefer it if you spoke to me in a normal fashion from now on. Baby talk is very degrading."

Both of their jaws dropped, but Kyoya recovered first and started to laugh hysterically. At a 2 year old who had just told off her father.

Haruhi walked out of her office to one of the conference rooms. Tamaki was waiting for her.

"What are you doing here?" She was surprised to see him. "I thought you had meetings all day."

"I had them rescheduled." He put his arm around her. "You're more important." They walked to the conference room.

"Good morning, Mrs. Suou." the man greeted her. "I am the lawyer of the Heterodyne family. The former head has recently died leaving to you his estate."

"Why me?" Haruhi asked as they took their seats. "I never heard anything about having family in Germany."

"You are a descendant of the original family that occupied the estate." He explained. "The former head's family came into possession of the estate by being the closest branch family. They had the same last name of course."

"I see." Haruhi said.

"Your great great grandmother was half Japanese and German. Her father, who was the head of the family, married her mother. She was born at the estate. When the father died suddenly, the mother and daughter were pressured to leave. As a result they returned to Japan." He continued. "In order to settle the estate you would have to come to Germany."

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that at this time." Haruhi said. "I know that this could take some time and I can't be away from my family for that long."

"Then why don't we go together." Tamaki interjected.

"What?" Haruhi looked confused. "We can't take the children out of school and what about work?"

"We can hire a tutor so they won't get behind, not that Suzuka really needs one and we're opening several new hotels in Germany. It will work out perfectly."

"I don't know..." Haruhi trailed off. "Are you sure about this?"

"I'm positive." He gave her a reassuring smile.

Haruhi and Tamaki returned to the main estate. It was a family rule to eat dinner together. They would wait until after to tell them about their trip. Everyone was called to dinner and took their seats. Most nights they had a causal dinner. Ruka and Daisuke walked into the dining room. Tamaki's parents and grandmother were already there.

"Where's Suzuka?" Tamaki asked.

"Oh she'll show up soon." Anne-Sophie smiled. "She never misses dinner."

Suzuka came bounding into the room and took her seat.

"What have you been up to?" Haruhi asked her youngest daughter.

"Nothing. I was just playing in the library." Suzuka said. "Great grandmother, have you ever been to a castle?"

"Yes I have." She smiled. "Let me guess you were reading up on castles."

"Oh yes, the big Gothic ones in Europe, with a dungeons and torture chambers. Did you know that when they slayed their enemies they would take the heads and place them on spikes by the gates so that everyone could see." Suzuka said enthusiastically.

"That's very interesting, sweetie." Yuzuru said.

"Suzuka, what did I say about dinner table discussion?" Haruhi scolded her.

"That it's impolite to talk about gruesome subjects that could make others feel uncomfortable." She answered she looked disappointed.

"Don't worry, tonight is family night. Which means you can tell us all about it later." Tamaki succeeded in cheering her up.

"So Daisuke, how did you romantic plan work out?" Yuzuru asked. Daisuke choked on his drink.

"What? What are you talking about?" He began sweat and panic.

"You know that one you've been planning for a year." Anne-Sophie said. "How did it go, sweetie?"

"Oh did you finally ask Risa out today or was it Riku? I knew you like one of the twins." Haruhi smiled.

"Of course she had to have said yes!" Tamaki stood up. "Daisuke is my son! How could any girl resist the son of the Host Club King!" Tamaki beamed.

"Tamaki, please sit down." Haruhi sighed. Suzuka and Ruka exchanged looks and began to snicker. Daisuke sat there and turned red. He looked like he wanted to disappear at that moment.

"Oh she didn't say no, but she didn't say yes." Ruka snickered.

"Because he chickened out and didn't get to ask her." Suzuka finished. Daisuke shot them a glare.

"Don't worry, Daisuke, daddy will teach you everything. How do you think I got your mother to fall in love with me." He pulled Daisuke from his chair and put his arm around him. His free arm was up in the air.

"Dad please don't." Daisuke muttered. His expression similar to Haruhi's from all those years ago when Tamaki offered to teach her all about being a host.

"In all honesty, that had nothing to do with it." Haruhi thought about this. "In fact, it was more of a turn off than attractive." Tamaki looked like he had just been stabbed. He staggered back over to his chair. "Really what made me fall in love with your father was his kindness towards others and his selflessness." Haruhi smiled dreamily as she thought back to all those times. Tamaki recovered blushed.

"I don't see why you have so much trouble." Ruka flipped her hair. "It's not that hard."

"Ruka, it's harder than you think." Daisuke grumbled. "Sorry I don't have long blond hair that I can flip and long eyelashes to batter."

"And Ruka doesn't ask anyone out, they ask her out." Suzuka said. She turned to Ruka. "Did you ever think about all the guys who have tried to ask you out, but can't manage to because you're standing pretending to be a goddess." Suzuka took a bite of food. "You break men down. You're like a vixen."

"Suzuka!" Ruka yelled. "Your eight years old. How would you know anything about that?"

"Well, mommy said I need to work on my people skill and find a way to relate to others so I thought I'd read your romance novels. I must say they are quite entertaining and enlightening in a way." Suzuka pondered.

"Mom?" Ruka yelled.

"Suzuka, don't call you sister a vixen. It's impolite." Haruhi sighed.

"I was only merely making a point." Suzuka huffed. "But I shall refrain from using that term."

"She does have a point though." Daisuke said. "Remember, the one time we were walking and the guy on the bike rode past and Ruka flipped her hair and gave him a seductive look and he crashed." Daisuke started to laugh. "I thought Arima and Keichi were going to die from laughing."

"But then that was after Arima and Keichi asked her out." Suzuka said.

"They did not!" Ruka yelled.

"They did, but you just took it the wrong way." Daisuke said. "When they suggested having more than one boyfriend they meant for you to date them both."

"Yeah, and so instead you said it was a great idea and decided to have multiple boyfriends and changed their names to boyfriend 1, boyfriend 2, and so on." Suzuka said.

"Ruka!" Tamaki and Haruhi yelled.

"What?" Ruka looked surprised.

"You can't date multiple men at once! In fact no one said you could date at all!" Tamaki fumed.

"Also it's degrading to change their names to numbers." Haruhi added. "And if you are going to date you know there are rules."

"Rules being no dating!" Tamaki fumed. Haruhi gave him a stern look.

"We will discuss this later tonight. Now can we please get through dinner?" Haruhi said.

They finished dinner and made their way to one of the salons in the estate for family night.

"Now your father and I have a big announcement." Haruhi said.

"Last time you said that, we got Suzuka." Daisuke teased.

"And we still haven't recovered." Ruka added.

"Ok ok," Haruhi held up her hands. "Now the news is…. we're going to Germany." the news was met by silence and blank expressions. "Come on guys say something."

"Is this going to be a castle? With a dungeon and torture chamber and skeletal remains and-"

"Suzuka, I don't know if we will be staying in a castle and if we are I doubt it will have any of those things at this point in time." Haruhi said.

"How long are talking about and when?" Ruka said slowly.

"As soon as possible and I don't know how long." Haruhi said.

"But what about school?" Ruka yelled "I have a social life! If I'm not there, everything will fall apart."

"Ruka, I'm sure that Ouran will survive without you." Tamaki said.

"Now we're going to Germany because as there is an estate that needs to be settled and your father also has business there. Therefore, we are all going together and I don't want to hear any more complaints." Haruhi used her lawyer voice.

I hope you are intrigued. I wanted to write about their family, but I wanted to make it more horror film like. But I wanted some fluff and humor.