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Summary: After Kagome storms off because of what Inuyasha has done, he tries to find her to apologize. But instead of going to apologize, he is attacked by a demon and is turned into something...care to know what? Well then R&R! Thanks! P.S. Ive noticed for some time now that there have been NO fanfics on this at all as far as I know! So, I decided to write one ^_^ Your welcome

Chapter 3

Inuyasha blew his silver bangs from his eyes, staring at the ground in frustration, thinking about what Kaede had told him and Kagome earlier when they made that long trip to her village.


Kaede nearly took a spit take of her tea as she stared at Inuyasha in dismay. She put her cup down. "Ye be a girl, I takes it?" Inuyasha banged his fist against the floor. He felt pain pulse up his arm and he rubbed his hand to ease the pounding pain as he silently winced to himself. "No, I'm a whiny brat with no life. Of course I'm a girl you old hag!" Shippo giggled at his side, sucking on a lolly pop Kagome had given him. "You ARE a whiny brat, but you have a life. Your a stupid dog that can't keep his dirty mouth out of everyones business," Shippo murmured through the lolly pop lodged in his mouth. Inuyasha smacked Shippo in the head and while he continued his talk with Kaede, the fox child was choking on his treat. "Is there any way of changing me back?" Inuyasha asked urgently. Kaede quieted. Kagome sat beside Inuyasha, eyes full of hope. "Please Kaede," she begged. "There has to be a way to change him back."

Kaede looked away, her eyes troubled. "I'm sorry to break this to ye both, but there is no cure for this." "WHAT?" Inuyasha clenched his teeth together, his grip on Tetsuiga tightening. He felt the urge to faint but he swalowed it down and managed to shoot up to his feet. Kagome gasped and her eyes quivered. "What? So...Inuyasha's going to be a girl...FOREVER?" Kaede gave no reply. Inuyasha felt like he was spinning and his whole world was crumbling down. I'M GOING TO BE A GIRL FOREVER? He thought of alot of stuff he would no longer be able to do anymore: he would ever be able to bathe without looking at himself and feeling wrong, he'll never be able to fight because his Tetsuiga was too heavy to lift...but worst of all, he would never be able to love Kagome because he is a girl! Well, soon enough, he remembered fainting and waking up to Miroku's face nose to nose with his own.

Inuyasha yelped and smacked Miroku in the face then scrabbled to a sitting position. "W-what the hell are you doing you PERVERT!" Inuyasha yelled, looking more disgusted then pissed. Miroku held the side of his face, the red imprint visible on his skin. He chuckled awkwardly. "S-sorry Kasumi," he apologized, though Inuyasha knew he was lying. Miroku held Inuyasha's hands in his own, his eyes shimmering. Inuyasha blushed and blinked. "Would you consider bearing my children, Kasumi?" "Hiccah!" was all Inuyasha was able to muster before Miroku brought him close to his chest. "I'm so happy you agree," Miroku cheered. Inuyasha's eyes were wide as saucers and his face was blood red.

He always has to come to his own assumptions, doesn't he, he wondered sacracticly, balling his hand into a fist. The lecturous perve. "Inuyasha, have you aw-AHHHHH!" Kagome stood in the doorway, a bucket of water in her hands. When she screamed, Miroku released Inuyasha with a jerk and tried to get away. Too bad for him though. When she had the chance, she threw the bucket straight at Miroku and managed to strike him in the head and knock him down. Kagome fought for breath and hurried over to the traumatized hanyou. "Inuyasha, are you alright?" she whispered softly. He sat ridged as stone, still blushing and added another disturbing thing to his list of terrible reasons to never being a guy again.

******Flashback End******

I wouldn't be surprised if I'm still blushing! He thought with an angry kick of a pebble across the dirt path. If Kaede didn't have any helpful wisdom to get him cured, he was going to find his own cure even if it killed him in the process. But anything he went through was going to be a living hell, and he didn't like the thought of that one bit. Suddenly, he could hear a cyclone coming his way and the sound of a whining Jaken nearby. "Damn it," he hissed. "Those two again." He held onto Tetsuiga and twirled around, ready to fight them both if he had to. But instead of getting a fight, he just got gawking stares from both Koga and Sesshomaru, even though Sesshomaru barely showing any sign of gawking, eventually when they came to a stop.

Koga took a step toward him, curious. "Who the hell are you beautiful?" Koga asked, sounding sly and cool. He leaned up against a tree to make him seem cooler then he was. Sesshomaru tried not to show any intrest, but Inuyasha could tell it looked hard for him to. Inuyasha glanced back at Koga, grinning inwardly. Maybe I could give it a go... He twirled his hair in between his fingers, giggling. "My name is Kasumi," he replied softly. Koga nodded his head, stepping up and wrapping his arm around Inuyasha's shoulder. "So, what's a beautiful lady like yourself traveling alone out in the woods?" Inuyasha twidled his thumbs, scolding himself inside his mind for the 'bright idea' he'd gotten himself mixed up in and now regretting even trying it. "Erm...I'm just taking a little stroll by myself for a bit, being...a girl and all...hehehe..."

Koga's sky blue eyes stared Inuyasha straight in the eyes. Inuyasha smiled and giggled again.

Oh Inuyasha... look at what you've gotten yourself into NOW. "How would you like to be my woman, gorgeous?" "WHAT?" Now you've really gone and done it Idiot! he scolded himself multiple times. Koga smirked. "Yeah, be my woman and we could raise a family together." He pressed Inuyasha close to his side. "I can almost see our lives together now beautiful." Koga sighed deeply. "Either way." He looked back at Inuyasha sweetly. "Your gonna be my mate." "The hell I will you flea-" "What is the meaning of this?" Sesshomaru joined in, feeling the boredom of just sitting around ignoring her.

With Sesshomaru...

Insolent woman, he thought to himself, sneering. Still, something seems familiar about this girl. He prepared to get his sword out, the Tokijin half way released from its sheath. (A/N In case you were wondering, yes I've watched the 8th season where he gets a new sword, but i forget the name of it :p) "Release the girl," Sesshormaru warned. Koga laughed, sweeping Inuyasha off his feet bridal style. As soon as I get that girl... Sesshomaru unsheathed his sword and lashed out, eyes solemn and cold. Koga dodged his blow, laughing and setting Inuyasha far off in a tree. "Stay here," he told the hanyou, winking. "And don't worry, I'll be back for you, and when I return, we can begin our lives together." As Koga left, Inuyasha suppressed a shiver of disgust. Great, not only am I going to be killed by my brother, but I might become that flea-bags BRIDE!

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