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Hiccup opened his eyes. He yawned and sat up. Judging by the lack of light streaming in through his window, it was the early hours of the morning. He looked down at the black mass of wings and limbs that was Toothless. His dragon was going to wake up and be hungry soon. Hiccup would need to get some fish from the village square.

He decided against saving the job for later, in favor of getting it done, and then maybe going back to sleep. He hopped out of bed, and swung the nearest basket over his shoulder, being wary all the while not to wake Toothless.

As he ventured to the big bowl of fish in the middle of the village, the sky slowly lightened. By the time he arrived, it was a lightish purple color.

He opened the basket and proceeded to load in fish. He chose many of Toothless' favorites, including Cod, Mackerel, and Salmon. As he tossed in the final fish, he noticed the sound of footsteps. He turned.

He'd gotten used to the sight of Nerma among the other villagers, but why she would be this hour was beyond him. He closed the basket and swung it on his shoulder. She had yet to notice his presence.

"Hey!" he said in greeting. She jumped.

"What're you- I mean why are- Why are you up so early?" She stuttered awkwardly.

"I was getting fish for Toothless, you know how much Dragons can eat and all." He noticed a pack at her side. "Where are you going?"

"I'm… um, I'm leaving. Time for me to go. Your dad was kind to let me stay for as long as I did." Hiccup blinked at her.

"Well, he couldn't just leave you to fend for yourself. Plus, he felt bad for interrogating you so much."

"Not a trusting one, is he?"


They stood face to face for a long time, neither moved. Hiccup thought back to when he was on Alvin's boat. He had wondered for a while afterwards why it was so easy to kill such a notorious villain, especially because he was known as a great swordfighter. It didn't seem realistic.

And the whispering… It could have been that she had really just been threatening him, like she said, but something about that didn't seem right.

Hiccup felt like he was trying to assemble a puzzle, but he was missing a piece. Like it was right outside of his reach.

Then something clicked in the boys mind.

"Well," Nerma said finally. "I better get going. I'm no good at goodbyes, that's why I'm leaving so early, but I guess a handshake would suffice?"

She held out her right hand for Hiccup to shake. He took it. Her hands were calloused and rough. This was the last piece of the puzzle.

She made to leave but he stopped her.

"Wait." He kept his composure sturdy, he didn't want to show any fear. "That man you killed wasn't Alvin, was he." The smirk that grew on the taller Viking's face was enough of an answer for him. "That's why he was so easy to kill."

"Smart boy, I am surprised it took you so long, though. I expected more." He started to walk away.

"You were never interested in money or gold were you?" Hiccup said, piece by piece it was all coming together. "But then why-?"

"Why did I capture you, only to help you escape?" She laughed. "It was all a test. I wanted to see what I was up against, and I must say, Good show, Hiccup, good show!"

"Up against?"

"I heard from a soothsayer." She said, pacing. "That I was capable of many things, wonderful things! But there was an obstacle standing in my way. An archenemy, if you will. And I don't suppose I need to tell you who that is, now do I?" Her smirk widened. "So yes, I wanted to see what I was up against."

Hiccup's head was swimming.

"My mother-?"

"Was in the right place at the right time." She said. Hiccup realized that his eyes must have been the size of dinner plates.

"Make-up, huh? The best in the business?" He said.

"Well, I don't wanna toot my own horn, but…"

"I guess you couldn't hide your hands." Nerma fixed him with a skeptical look. "Those calluses, they could have come from anything, right? But you don't get calluses from doing make-up or hair. And I'm guessing those ones came from sword fighting." She smiled.

"I'm impressed." She said. "So it appears you know the big secret."

"Yeah." He looked up at her. The look in her eyes was almost… proud. Another piece of the puzzle came into place. He knew this was the last one. "And… thank you."

"For what?" She looked disgusted.

"That guy," he replied, "That actor you got to take the roll of Alvin, he wasn't expecting to get tackled. I'm guessing he wasn't expecting to die either. You killed him to make my mom think Alvin was dead, so that she'd stay on Berk; so we could have the family I'd always wanted."

"That's… ridiculous."

"His death went by too easily, No mastermind wouldn't see that coming. In fact, that was the first time I noticed something was off." She looked taken aback by his rational, but she smiled. She also clapped her hands three times slowly.

"Nothing gets past you!"

"I would hope not."

"Well, I'll be going now," She said. She turned away from him, towards the docks and started walking. Before she was completely out of sight, she yelled something over her shoulder. "But, mark my words, this won't be the last time we meet, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III."

He smiled. "It was nice meeting you, Alvin the Treacherous." He turned towards his house, carrying Toothless' fish, and glad that things could go back to normal. For now, of course.

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