Chapter 1: Prologue to the Past

A/N: This takes place in the past if it wasn't already clear, F.Y.I This was planned out when the Manga was still in the Arrancar Arc, so consider this an AU without Fullbringers and Ichigo somehow managing his powers some other way

Author: GregTH. The Eleventh Espada (Formerly known as Greg The Hedgehog, hey give me a break, I was 14 when I made this account and I was a sonic-nut)

Rating: M right from the get-go

Full Summary: After the world is nearly destroyed 20 years into the future, A married Ichigo and Rukia use a forbidden Kido spell to enter an alternate reality where they join the Shinigami Academy, They've come back to stop Aizen and his plans, but how can they do this while desperately trying keep their marriage a secret, trying to keep their hands to themselves and with an extremely jealous Renji who doesn't want Rukia to be with anyone other than him...COMPLETELY Unaware that he's already lost her ICHIRUKI, ONE SIDED RENRUKI, BYAHISA

Inspiration: I really wanted to do a Time Travel Story


As Rukia Kurosaki (neé Kuchiki) awoke, the first thing she discovered was she was not in her home in the underground bunker of the wrecked Karakura Town, Not in her bed, Not Snuggled next to her husband, Not about to partake in her daily morning sex routine and she couldn't even remember going to sleep in the first place and thus, she calmly summed up everything in 3 words


Saying she was panicking was an understatement, Her noticed her figure was different and she was wearing different clothes than she was wearing when she had gone to…sleep

Speaking of where she slept

"Where the fuck am I?" she asked herself, she didn't even remember deciding going to bed the night before, and this wasn't even her bed, this was a futon in some hut, She was wearing a pale blue yakata, not the oversized purple pyjamas that she'd usually slept in that Ichigo found cute, she stood 4'7, not the 5'5 she stood when she had stood the last time she checked. Her hair was shorter and her chest had returned to it's pre-developed days, she started to panic at the thought that everything was a dream, Meeting, Falling in love with and marrying Ichigo, Aizen taking over the world, travelling back in time, was it all a dream? did none of it-


Her and Ichigo travelling back in time

Her…and Ichigo..travelling back in time…

"Fuck!" she shouted as she facepalmed herself, now it came back to her "I'm back in time"

Technically what she said was incorrect, yes they had gone back in time via a special device but due to the presence of Ichigo, they had already created an alternate timeline.

"Ichigo" she remembered

Her Partner

Her Soulmate

Her Husband

"Ichigo-kun" she whispered as she looked around for a familiar head of orange hair "Where is he?"

She desperately looked for the man she had given everything to, Her Virginity, Her hand in Marriage, Her trust, etc

He was nowhere to be found

Also, this is the hut she had lived in since she was a little girl

Which she shared with her best friend

So, THAT brought up the question

"WHERE THE FUCK IS RENJI?" She snapped, before she remembered that on their first day of the academy, Renji was dozing off in a tree, miles away

"Moron" she sighed as she stood up and let the Kimono she was wearing drop to the floor, she was used to being naked in the morning, but usually because a certain orange head burying his tool deep into her cavern was a daily routine, she quickly changed her underwear, removed the bindings around her breasts and replaced them with new ones, she sighed, normally she would've had to journey into the crummy changing room of her hut that barely had enough room to fit her, it was a refreshing change to have enough space to actually move around while changing. She slipped on the academy uniform she had been given and finished off by stretching her stiff muscles

"Now time to find that-"

It was only now she realised


Renji had been dead for over two years, and even then, they hadn't made contact in over seven

But now, in the past, he was alive

"Oh god" she said as she put her hand to her mouth, it was only now hitting her that those she saw die horribly in the conclusion of the Winter War were alive, well, and oblivious to oncoming threat

"Aizen" she growled

It was their goal, to end his life before his ambitions came to light, but how? that was one detail Kisuke had left out

"You two, it all depends on you, defeat Aizen so this hell never reaches Earth, then re-marry in that universe, have lots of little ones, be sure to name one after me, and live happy, Good Luck"

Those were Kisuke's last words before they were sent through the home-made time machine, back into her pre-academy days

"You could've told us how to defeat him, you ass" she grunted, it was obvious that they couldn't just walk up to the Captain and behead him and then claim that they were a time travelling husband and wife duo who had come back because the nice looking guy with the glasses would be responsible for the death of nearly everyone in both the Soul Society and the World of the Living, they would totally believe that

"Where the fuck is Ichigo?" she grunted as she stepped out of the hut, she would look later for her love, because now she had to find that idiotic red-head Abarai

"Renji" she muttered

She let out a sigh as she walked down the Rocky path of the Rukongai

She knew what Time-Travelling into the past meant

It Meant she had to face Renji and Byakuya once again

the two men who refused to so much as look at her for 5 years

During the decades they were parted, Renji had realised that he had fallen in-love with her and that he was planning to confess when she got back from her month long mission in Karakura Town

We all know how that mission went...

And thus, due to the Ryoka Invasion, Rukia's training to regain her powers, and then the Winter War that he never got the chance to confess...

It was during the year and a half that Ichigo was a powerless human that he finally got the chance to confess

But Rukia had been given one new long term mission after another and his chance to tell her was gone

And when he got the chance

Ichigo returned...and so did Aizen

And the Apocalypse began

And it was during that she revealed that she loved Ichigo...Not Renji...Leaving the Fiery Red Head furious...

but she didn't know, she didn't find out until she happily broke to the news to him that Ichigo had asked her to be his wife

"Please, Don't do this!" he sobbed "I love you! I always have! I just didn't realise it until recently, I love you more than he does!"

"I'm...sorry...but I'm marrying Ichigo..." she muttered before she dashed out of the room

Byakuya detested the joining of the two since it was announced

"Didn't exactly help that they didn't even come to the wedding"

"I Forbid it" Byakuya stated as she sat behind his desk

"I don't care, We're doing it anyway" Ichigo said firmly

"You are a mere commoner, a Human"

"I don't care, I've beaten both of you before"

"I will do everything in my power to halt this and have Rukia remain in the Soul Society for the rest of her days and never see you again"

"I don't care, you won't succeed"

"The Idea of you together…I'm sorry, it just makes me sick" Renji said

"I don't care, Live with it"

"You don't deserve her!" he snapped

"I don't care what you think"

"We will not attend such a disgusting union" Byakuya scolded

"I don't care but you'll be breaking Rukia's heart"

"She has shamed us!" He snapped back

"I don't care, she doesn't need you anymore, she has me" Ichigo said, making it final "If you two would just grow up and accept the fact that Rukia isn't some damn item that doesn't belong to either of you, then attend the wedding in two weeks time"

Two weeks later…neither of them attended

Ichigo prayed deep down that Rukia wouldn't notice the fact that her so called "Brothers" didn't attend their wedding day but she noticed it when Byakuya didn't appear to give her away, She walked up the aisle, escorted by Captain Ukitake (Who had scolded Byakuya and the usually kind and fatherly captain had even went as far as to called Byakuya an 'Immature Brat' right to his face, God he wished he was there to see that, with a camera of course) and when her future husband came into sight she didn't care that they didn't come, she had Ichigo

That's all that mattered

And now, She would face Renji and Byakuya again

and they would witness her and Ichigo being together

whether they liked it or not


"Sorry, I need to borrow this"

"But I need that!"

"My uniform was stolen too" he said, trying to hide the blatant lie "It's called karma…or Irony…I can't remember which, just go steal some one else's"

"But that's mine!"

"Mine now, Kthxbye!" he said before he darted off

"Who was that kid?" an adult in the district asked as he ran past him

"I don't know" one of the stall salesmen said "But…did he have Orange hair?"

If she needed any more proof that she had gone back in time, this was it


There he was, asleep in his uniform of all things. the garment that was supposed to identify you as a Shinigami in training and he was using it as nightwear!

How should she go about this? she was still shellshocked at the appearance of the man she buried next to all of their other deceased friends a little over two years ago

"Renji!" she shouted as the Red haired man awoke from the tree

She decided on the "usual" greeting from the pair

"What's the matter with you?" he asked as he rubbed his eyes "You woke me up with your loud swear"

"The academy starts in 10 minutes you moron!" she shouted

"What's with you?" Renji grumbled as he leapt down from the tree

"10 Minutes" she echoed, she still couldn't believe it, here she was, with Renji, her apparently deceased friend, over 40 years in the past

"Well…come on" Renji noted as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes "The Academy starts in 10 minutes"

"I just said that!" she snapped but he had already dashed off, she cursed before she began to chase after him "I swear…I should've just left you there!"

It was fun

Finally being able run of her own free will

Not because she was fleeing a battlefield or from some crumbling landscape

Not being she was being chased by a Hollow, Aizen or whatever demented monster he had become

This…was nice

Exactly why they had to fight to protect this past

The Future that they came from…was the exact opposite of the past she grew up in

It was Armageddon

It was Living Hell

But as long as she was with Ichigo, They'd see another day

He was her saving grace, He took the battles, the blows, the near death experiences and kept coming back to ensure that they would see a brighter day, as one after one of their friends were plucked away by Aizen, he held her as she cried, getting her back on her feet. During those times she remembered how much she loved the Fiery Orange haired boy and if anything happened to him, it would be the end of her as well. It had almost happened when Ichigo nearly died, upon seeing his mangled and bleeding body, she fainted, unable to see the love of her life in such a critical state A long recovery ensued with Urahara hovering over them and making sure he that they lived long enough for him to finish his time machine, and slowly it was built until it was finally completed, so they could go back in time to stop Aizen's plan…so that they could live their lives full of laughter and love.

And now, they had a chance to make that reality, Urahara himself admitted that Aizen was just to powerful, he had infused himself with the Hogyoku once again and had reached the final, demonic stage of Evolution. he was immortal. so the only option left…was time travel

More than a few eyebrow's were raised at that statement, many honestly believe he was joking. but no, Kisuke Urahara had never been more serious

He went on to explain that Orihime's power to reverse time on an object could be modified using a machine built by him and Captain Kurotsuchi so that instead of creating a shield that would reverse time, the shield combined with a kido amplifying device would be enough to rip open a reverse gap in time so that they could go back, rejecting both time and matter as much as it could.

The catch was however that if you travelled back to before you were born, the future version of you would erase the past version from existence, travelling back in time to a point before you were born would erase your previous history in the world of the living, it would be like you were never born. Ichigo was told that if he went along with it, time would change and he would never be born in the world of the living, Yuzu and Karin would never have a brother and Masaki and Isshin would never have a son. The Human Ichigo Kurosaki would never exist, his past would be erased if he went back, he would retain his memories and live on as he is now but his original life as a Human with his family would be erased, it would be like he was entering a new world where he had no previous ties.

However, if you travelled to a point after you were born, then there was no worries, you'd just combine with your past self, putting yourself into a younger body

Ichigo had looked shaky as the first fact was announced but when he learned that he and Rukia they would both retain their memories of each other, he agreed on the spot.

It had taken some time for it to be built, during that time, they had lost Chad, Uryu, Yuzu, Karin, Isshin, the last remaining Captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi and Yoruichi already adding to the list of the hundreds of deceased which included the likes of Renji, Byakuya, Toshiro, Soi fon and even old man Yamamoto

Nearly all of their friends were dead and Ichigo was left nearly traumatised at death of his friends and family…

Soon, only Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime and Urahara were left

But Orihime had fallen ill. Aizen's destruction of the major cities of the world had unleashed nearly all the fossil fuels there, the gasses from all over the world corrupted the atmosphere, polluting it worse than any human ever could. and the resulting acid rain had infected Orihime

Her strength faded away day by day, her skin started to crack and wrinkle, her eyes became sickly and pale, becoming an even darker shade of grey than usual, and her once bright colourful orange hair had turned pure white.

"Orihime…you have to come with us" He said to the sick girl, wearing a long white robe and lying down in a bed, a machine constantly monitoring her heart rate

"No Kurosaki-Kun…My life is almost at its end, even if I were to travel back with you, my body would still be in the condition it is now, there is no point"

"But Unohana-san will be there!" Ichigo protested

"Even she cannot heal this, Kurosaki-Kun" she said with a weak smile "The disease has reached my heart, no kido can heal how infected it has become"

"Can't you just use your Soten Kisshun to heal yourself?" Rukia asked

"I could…but look at my hairclips" she said as she weakly motioned to the two hairclips, they were old, withered, cracked and any trace of the blue colour they used to be were gone "If I use my Santen Kisshun just one more time then the hairclips will break and my powers will be gone forever, If I Heal myself, then I will have no powers left, making me a powerless human and taking away the one opportunity to save this world, if I can only use it one more time, then I will use it to open the portal to send you two back in time."

"But Inoue…" Rukia said in awe "To open the portal, you'll need to use a huge amount of spirit energy, using so much in your condition is-"

"I know that Kuchiki-san…Sorry…Kurosaki-san" she weakly chuckled before letting out a loud cough "Even after all these years, I still call you by your maiden name, what must you think of me?"

"Inoue, don't say that" Rukia said with a shake of her head

"But…fate is the one thing I cannot reject, and my fate is to use my powers and the last of my strength to help send you two back in time"

"But you'll die!" Ichigo snapped

"Yes, My body will not hold up if I use Santen Kisshun again…" she said, not even pretending she had a hope of being saved "But…I know my death will have meaning, once you two save the future, the timeline will be altered…and a new Orihime will be born…and she will live on without making the same mistakes I did…like chasing someone that could never be mine"

"Inoue…" Ichigo grimaced, knowing she was referring to her one-sided love for him which never came to be

"No Kurosaki-kun, I was a fool chasing a man who never looked at me the same way I looked at him" she smiled weakly "I just wish that I realised I loved Ishida-Kun before it was too late…please…tell Urahara-san to bury me next to him"

"Don't say that!" Rukia snapped, tears evident in her eyes

"I'm going to die Kurosaki-san" She said with the continuos weak smile "My sacrifice will create a new hope for the universe…so please…honour my dying request…and let me die the way I choose"

"I-Inoue!" Rukia began to sob, Ichigo immediately grabbed his wife and pulled her into a tight embrace, her tears staining his already blood covered Shihakusho

"I'll tell Urahara-san" Ichigo said to the dying girl

"Thank you…" she said with the brightest smile she could manage

Then the time had come…

"It's ready…" Urahara said as he backed away from two pillar like devices "With the amount of power this thing is generating, and the amount of Reiatsu Inoue-san has left, I'm afraid I can only manage to send you to the 1950's, around the time Kuchiki-san was in the academy, if you want, I can set the co-ordinates so that it should send you back to day you began the academy"

"The day I started the academy!" Rukia gasped "Can't you send us back further? Like when Aizen was a student so that he'll be easier to kill?"

"I can't" he said with a simple shake of his head "There's not much electricity on the planet nowadays and Inoue-san is barely able to stand, let alone keep a portal open"

"What will you do…Kisuke?" Ichigo asked '"After this…you'll be the only one left"

"I have one last duty to fulfil" He said as he entered co-ordinates on a panel on one of the pillars "And that is to bury Inoue-san"

"Urahara-san" Orihime squeaked weakly "If my dying wish prevents you from going back in time to form the new world with Ichigo and Rukia…then please…ignore it and go with them"

"No" He said as he backed away from the panel "There's no point for me to go either…have you noticed that I always stuff my hair up into my hat now?"

Urahara grabbed his trademark headwear, which had withered and faded in colour over time and proceeded to lift it, revealing a mop of white hair

"Kisuke…" Ichigo gasped "You-"

"I too have become infected by the acid rain, not nearly as bad as Inoue-san, but it has reached my heart and is past the point of being healed with medical kido, I have a year left, tops" he said with faint smile as he lifted "How anti-climatic, The great Kisuke Urahara, the man who created the Soul Society's department of research and the man that sealed away Aizen, ending the winter war…dying from a few drops of acid rain"

"Kisuke" Rukia whispered in a sad tone

"Do not feel sorry my friends" Urahara said, trying to put on his famous smile, but the tears rolling down his face didn't go unnoticed "At least…I'll be able to see my Yoruichi again"

A few moments passed by in absolute silence, the only sound was the whirring coming from the device

"Look at me" Urahara chuckled as he wiped his face "I'm turning into a feeble old man here, crying over my inevitable fate, please, let's get this over with before I break down any further"

"Right" Inoue said with the brightest smile she could manage as she brought her hands to her hair clips "Santen Kesshun"

The hair accessories began to glow a bright orange colour until they seemingly disappeared, and in their place, six fairies stood in front of Orihime

"No matter what, we'll always we with you Orihime" Ayame smiled

"We'll always be here" Baigon said

"It's a been honour" Hinagiku bowed

"Farewell" Lily said sadly

"Who knows…Maybe the Orihime in that universe will gain the Shun Shun Rikka… Maybe this isn't goodbye y'know" Shuno'o smiled

"Are you crazy girl!" Tsubaki snapped "You're gonna kill all seven of us! I don't mind if those 5 other losers die but- hey what're you-"

"Tsubaki" Orihime growled as she grabbed the fairy with her hand "When I was a healthy teenager, I took your abuse, your blows, but now that I'm a dying woman and I am NOT in the mood for any of your shit so shut the hell up and get to work!"

"Y-Yes M'am" he stuttered in shock as Orihime let him go, even though she broke into a rapid cough after shouting that, it didn't lesson his fear one little bit

With the press of a button, a small line of what appeared to lightning shot from one pillar to the other

"Fire it" Urahara command

"Santen Kesshun, I Reject!" She shouted, the six fairies turned into beams of light and shot into the trail of lightning, a shield began to form, seeming splitting the lightning vertically in half forcing it to take a garganta-like shape, a rainbows worth of colours shone between the two lightning trails, the colours formed a vortex which lead to a pure black centre

"Once you'll arrive, you'll be a bit confused but your memory will return before you know it, Rukia, you'll combine with your past self, and Ichigo, you'll probably wake up in one of the Rukon Districts, I suggest you join the academy with Rukia...You two, it all depends on you, defeat Aizen so this hell never reaches Earth, then re-marry in that universe, have lots of little ones, be sure to name one after me, and live happy, Good Luck"

"Farewell…" Ichigo bowed "I was proud to call you my master"

"We'll never forget you" Rukia said as she held back her tears

"We know…" Orihime smiled sadly before she fell to one knee "But…Please go now, I can't hold it much longer"

"We'll never forget" Ichigo said as he took Rukia's hand as the leapt into the portal, the two jumped to the side of the shield keeping the portal open, as they entered the vortex, they could hear the shield break and the dull thud of Orihime's dead body hit the ground, the entrance of the portal closed, forever removing them from that world, they held each other as they cried for the loss of their last friend, and journeyed onwards to a new life

"When you wake…I will search for you…my love" Ichigo smiled as he felt the vortex pull them apart

"I will, when you wake…Meet me at the academy" she smiled as Ichigo was pulled out of her grip

"The Academy…We're a bunch of New Students huh?" he chucked "How fitting"

"I love you" she smiled as a white light enveloped her

"And I love you too" he smiled as the light enveloped him "I'll see you soon…Rukia"

and as the light faded, she woke in her hut

the history


All their friends were gone, and they wouldn't meet them again in this life

"Oi Rukia…"

Ishida and Chad were butchered in front of them by Aizen, Orihime had succumbed to her illness and soon Urahara would too

and no matter what, they wouldn't see them again

They traveled back in time to save the future and they couldn't even see most of the people they wanted to save, how cruel could fate be?


Rukia was literately shouted out of her trance, to see a concerned looking Renji

"What's wrong?" he asked, she raised an eyebrow at that

"What?" she asked

"You're crying…"

"I'm what?" she asked herself before she brought her hand up to her face, the familiar clear liquid was rolling down her face after all "Oh…so I am"

"W-Why are you crying?" he asked as he moved closer to her

"Just…remembering some old friends" she said as she blinked her tears away

"You mean our friends that died a long time ago?" he asked, unaware of what he was implying

"…Suppose you could say that" she said, picking up the accidental double meaning

"Come here" he said softly as he wrapped her in a hug

Rukia took comfort in the hug, Renji was alive and well in this world and he would stay that way for a long time

But she also felt discomfort in the hug, knowing the feeling behind it on Renji's side was comfort but also…love...even if he didn't realise it

And despite how much it would hurt him…when he fell for her...she had to tell him that she didn't love him

But that could wait…

"Let's go" she said as she pulled away "The academy's probably started already"

"Yeah let's go!" he said as he took off

"Stop repeating every thing I say!" She snapped "…And wait for me!"

"Yo! I'd like to sign up"

"Whoa! you've got quite a bit of Reiatsu" The man at the desk said, the man smirked in response

"Thank you" he smiled

"And you're not half bad looking either!" the women at the desk said

"Kiyone!" the man snapped "Don't flirt with the Academy students!"

"I was not flirting Sentaro!" he snapped

"You were too!"

"Was not!" she snapped

"Were too!"

"Was not!"

"Were too!"

"Was not!"

"Were too!"

"Was not!"

"Were too!"

"Was not!"

"Uh…Hello?" he waved "Remember me?"

"Oh yes!" Sentaro shouted, grabbing a paper and pen "Your name sir?"

"Kurosaki Ichigo"

"Made it!" Renji shouted as he arrived behind the crowd of students at the main gate of the Shinigami academy

"Sure, make a good first impression by shouting" Rukia scoffed

"You're just jealous because you can't run as fast as me" he laughed

"Shut up!" she grumbled, as she was running along back there, she realised that despite having her old body, her speed, strength and skills had carried over. During the apocalypse Yoruichi had trained her to improve her flash step and strength, she would've taught her Shunko too if it wasn't for her untimely death by Aizen's hand. If she wanted to, she could've flash stepped to the academy in two leaps, but that would've been a tad suspicious…

"I take it you came back with me too" Rukia silently spoke to her zanpakutou

"Yes" Sode no Shirayuki nodded

"How can be here?" Rukia asked "I haven't even gotten my Zanpakutou yet"

"I am part of your soul, once I am here, I will never leave" she responded "I am here and your beloved Ichigo and Zangetsu are here too"

"Ichigo is here already?" she asked, she closed her eyes,

He was here

He was holding in his Reiatsu to avoid seeming suspicious, it was a smart move, it would certainly cause an uproar if it was discovered that a supposed academy student had reiatsu that could rival Head Captain Yamamoto

Ichigo, the protecter of the post-apocalyptic world was here…

"Hey Rukia!" Renji chuckled

"What?" she asked, slightly angered that she didn't have enough time to pinpoint where he was

"Check out that guy!" Renji laughed as he pointed at a man in the crowd "What kind of a tool has orange hair?"

"ORAN-!" She gasped but as she turned around all she came to face with was a bunch of unfamiliar students "Damn it!"

"Oh you should've seen him!" Renji laughed "It was long and everything!"

"Oh, excuse me" Ichigo apologised as he bumped into someone

"Oh, it's fine" The man said in a friendly tone "No harm done"

"This guy looks familiar…maybe with a bang of hair over his eyes…oh yeah, that's-"

"I'm Izuru Kira by the way" he said as he offered a hand shake, breaking the silence between the pair

Ichigo had only briefly met Kira when Aizen escaped from prison and went on a rampage, Izuru was among the first to fall. Ichigo had only just recovered his powers by training with Urahara and went to see how everyone in the Soul Society was doing, it wasn't like he just gone there to see Rukia…

But fate's cruel hand played its most deadly card

Because after being defeated by The Final Getsuga Tensho and Urahara's Kido

After being sentenced to 20'000 years in Hell

The Day Ichigo returned to the Soul Society…was the same day Aizen escaped

"Uh…Hello?" he asked with a raised eyebrow

"Oh! Sorry!" He apologised, putting on a very un-Ichigo like smile "I was just lost in thought, I'm Ichigo Kurosaki by the way"

"Kurosaki?" Kira asked "Are you any relation to the former captain of Squad-"

"No" Ichigo sighed, he knew people were going to ask about his Last Name, apparently Isshin had bailed out of the court guard squads only recently, so there would be questions about the infamous surname "Just…the same name"

"Oh…" Kira said awkwardly "Sorry about that…"

"It's fine" he said with a wave of his hand "It's not like you're the first person to make that mistake"

"Oh…by the way, where were you from?" Kira asked

"He asks a lot of Questions, this guy" Ichigo groaned

"Um…Inuzuri…?"Ichigo muttered, naming the only Rukon district he knew

"78 huh?" Kira muttered "I'm not actually from a district, I was born into a lesser noble family"

Saying Ichigo was intrigued at the name was an understatement

"As long as your not as stuck up as the Kuchiki Clan then I'm cool with it" he stated, Kira's response was a laugh

"Name?" Sentaro asked

"Rukia Kuro-"

Rukia wisely stopped there almost revealing her married name in front of Renji and her future Squad Members

That would be…Disastrous to say the least

"Kuro?" Renji asked

"I Coughed!" she laughed nervously

"So…no last name?" Kiyone asked

"Nope…" she said, adding a pop sound at the 'ope'

"Okay then" Sentaro said "Don't feel bad, there's plenty of people here without last names, you're not alone"

"Okay then" she said as he entrance slip was filled out

"She was definitely going to say something" Renji noted as Rukia searched once again for her orange haired love, their bond was so strong that they could always feel each others Reiatsu, but trying to locate it was difficult, he was surprising his Reiatsu and she couldn't pinpoint it was coming from

However, as a certain head of Orange appeared in the crowd, she didn't need to sense his Reiatsu

In the future, His Bankai had changed slightly, he wore his Bankai cloak without the right sleeve, instead his arm was wrapped in chains and his hand was covered in black bandages, the Manji shaped hilt had increased in size and he had reached a state of evolution where his Bankai had fused to his arm. but even though his Bankai wasn't active, there was still another noticeable change that happened in the future.

His Hair…

His hair had grown longer over time during the apocalypse, reaching down to his shoulder blades, right now his hair fell down and covered some of his face making him even gruffer and "sexier" in Rukia's opinion (A/N: Chapter 419, Page 18, go to it, you'll understand) No longer was he a runt for he stood 6'1 and despite the jeopardy it could cause, he proudly wore his wedding band (A/N: Basically His Deicide look with his wedding ring)

It was then that she noticed that she too was unknowingly showcasing her wedding ring, which she quickly slipped off her finger and into her palm. all of her attention however, was focused on the Orange haired boy who was currently having a conversation with the future Squad 3 Lieutenant.

"It's him" she gasped, even though they had only been separated for roughly 20 minutes, it felt longer, she was used to him being by her side every moment.

As Kira continued gabbing to Ichigo, The former substitute shinigami just nodded along, not really listening to the blond haired babbling

His mind drifted for a second towards Rukia, and wondering where she was

He tried to sense her reiatsu, just as much to give him a hint to where his wife may be

Behind him

Ichigo barely managed to hide his shocked gasp as he discovered Rukia was mere feet away from him, he immediately thought of his array of options

#1. Continue Talking to Kira like an Ordinary New Student, end the conversation and then let Rukia make the first move

#2. Walk away from Kira and Embrace Rukia

#3. Ignore her and meet up with her later

#4. Let her come over and introduce herself


Number 4 it is then…

"You two are starting the academy too, right?" Rukia asked as the two turned towards her

"Yeah" Kira said as he turned around "I'm Izuru Kira"

"I'm Rukia" she said "And you're-"

She almost gasped as Ichigo turned around, his hair was handing down instead of his usual spiky look and the uniform he wore was clearly a little too small for him

In "Rukia Vision", She saw a handsome muscular long haired Ichigo turned towards her in slow motion with sparkles in the background while Chariots of Fire played

"I'm Ichigo…Ichigo Kurosaki" he said in his normal tone, but since "Rukia Vision" was still active, so she heard him speak the sexiest, deepest tone she'd ever heard

"Don't drool, Don't drool" Rukia commanded herself "God, He's so hot with his hair like that!"

"R-Rukia" she stuttered, obviously still in her trance, this didn't go unnoticed by Ichigo or Kira for that matter

"It's nice to meet you" he said as he shook her hand

"L-Likewise" she stuttered

"Something tells me that these two are hitting it off" the future lieutenant noted "What's going on? Why am I talking about these guys? I just met them"

As Ichigo pulled back his hand, he noticed she slipped something in his palm, he took a quick glance at it

It was her Wedding Ring

Ichigo was confused as to why she had taken it off…for a minute before he realised that they plan would be pretty much fucked if people found out if they were a married couple

And thus, he quickly stuffed the ring in his Hakama pocket, and quietly slipped his off and into his pocket too

"You two sure do stare at each other a lot" Kira noted

"No we don't!" both of them protested

"Okay! Okay!" Kira spluttered as he waved his arms "Don't bite my head off"

"Ow!" came a small voice from beside Kira "That Hurt!"

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Kira apologised, realised that he must've hit something as he was waving his arms, he turned his attention to a small brown haired girl who had her hair in two little ponytails beside him who was rubbing her head

Ichigo and Rukia instantly recognised the girl as Momo Hinamori, Lieutenant of Squad 5

While Kira had been one of the first to fall when Aizen escaped from Prison…Momo was the first one to fall

Aizen had lost his Zanpakutou due to Hogyoku apparently deciding that he didn't need one only to be rejected by the orb just seconds later, it wasn't until he broke out of prison and absorbed the damn orb again that he regained it. his first act with his returned blade was to gut Momo like a fish, strangling her as he carved her as he carved her like a turkey

Ichigo would never forget the image of Aizen proudly showcasing the remains of her corpse to the whole Seireitei, it made him sick just remembering it

"See this twisted and mangle excuse for corpse?" Aizen blared as he held the mangled corpse in front of him, in view of everyone "This is what will happen to all of you eventually!"

"Why'd you hit me!" she pouted as she continued to rub her sore head

"I didn't mean too!" Kira protested "It was an Accident! I swear!"

"Liar!" she snapped

"It really was an accident you know" Ichigo pointed out "If anything, I'm the one to blame, I'm the one who made him do his crazy arm wave thing"

"You're just defending your friend!" she snapped

"I just met the guy!" Ichigo protested "No offence"

"None taken" Kira waved it off

"It was an accident" Rukia added

"Fine, whatever" she rubbed her head, now looking embarrassed at her outburst

"Not exactly the best first impression" Ichigo chuckled, she glared in response

"S-Shut up" she stuttered

"I'm Ichigo Kurosaki by the way-"

"He's no relation to the Former Captain" Kira cut in

"-This is Izuru Kira, and this is Rukia, no last name" Ichigo introduced himself, his (unaware to everyone else) wife and Kira

"I'm Momo Hinamori, I'm from District 1, Junrinan" she introduced

"District 1?" Kira gasped "Is it really as fancy as they say?"

"It's peaceful" she smiled, apparently having already brushed off the whole arm/head incident thing "I lived there with Shiro-chan and Granny"

"Shiro-chan…Oh I am so calling him that when he gets to the academy" Ichigo laughed, somehow just knowing who she was talking about

"Oi Rukia, who're you talking too" Came a voice from behind him

Ichigo turned back, curious as to who had spoken his wifes name

His eyes widened as his eyes met that familiar tattoo'd face


"Shut up Renji!" Rukia snapped "I can talk to who ever I want too!"


The Man who could never accept that Rukia loved someone other than him


The man who sought to prove to Rukia that his love for here was stronger than the love she had for Ichigo, despite the pair already being married


Words cannot describe how much he hated that man


"Renji!" Ichigo cried out as he shoved a flaming beam out of his way, steeping over the several others as he ran over to the mangled body of the Squad 6 Lieutenant and checked his pulse, and then sighed in relief, he was alive

"Come on" Ichigo said as he pushed the rubble of the crumbling surroundings off of Renji's body

"What do you want?" Renji growled angrily, a line of blood tricking from the right side of his mouth "Come to laugh at me?"

"No, nothing like that" Ichigo said with a shake of his head "I'm going to take you to get healed"

"I'll never accept help from you…you stole Rukia from me" Renji growled

"Oh Christ, not this again!" Ichigo roared "Just accept the fact that she doesn't love you!"

"You ruined my chance with her! I Loved her since I was a boy!"

"If she loved you then she would've acted on it!" Ichigo snapped back as he cradled the tattooed red head in his arms

"She was supposed to figure it out on her own!" he snapped "She was supposed to realise that she loved me! but you came along and ruined everything!"

"Shut up!" Ichigo snapped "You're an idiot Renji! If she was going to realise that she loved you then she would have done it before she met me! You were just to afraid to tell her! and even if you did confess in the past, it wouldn't of'eof matter! She never loved you!"

"Rukia…is mine" he choked out

"You fool!" Ichigo snapped at the dying red head "Throw away your idiotic one-sided love for her that'll come to be! I'm married to her Renji! So shut up and put aside your stupid fucking arrogance because you'll never have her!"

He hoped that would be it, That Renji would abandon his idiotic pride and just let him save him

"You're finished Kurosaki…" he choked out in a weak voice, a smile on his face despite his vision fading and his breathing becoming weak, he was only able to mutter a few more words before he entered eternal rest "Rukia…loves me…she's mine"

"You Stupid Fool" Ichigo said in an emotionless voice as the Red haired man died in his arms "Rukia is mine…I Pity you Renji…even after all of this"


Rukia chanced a glance at her orange haired love, his eyes widened in shock, his fist clenched, his hatred for Renji for refusing to accept the fact that Rukia chose him over Renji was clearly shining through at the moment

"Oh No!" Rukia gasped as Ichigo began to grit his teeth


Ichigo's rage was shoved aside as confusion reared it's head as Renji burst into laughter

"Orange Hair!" he laughed pointed an laughed

Ichigo's eye twitched

"Oi Rukia, this was the guy I was talking about!" He noted

"I know" she sent with a glare

"Isn't it hilarious?" he chuckled

"Not really…" Momo added

"It's…just his hair" Kira noted

"B-But…Long…Orange Hair!" Renji stuttered

"You're one to talk" Ichigo said as he narrowed his eyebrows "You look like a red pineapple with that stupid ponytail"

"How dare you insult my hair!" Renji snapped, pointing a finger for emphasis

"So what? you can laugh at my natural hair colour and I can't mock yours?" Ichigo scoffed

"Shut up!" Renji snapped

"Make me" Ichigo growled

"Both of you shut up!" came Rukia's demanding voice, stunning not only Ichigo and Renji but Momo and Izuru too "Renji, these are Momo Hinamori, Izuru Kira and one with the Orange Hair is Ichigo Kurosaki, everyone this is Renji Abarai, he's an idiot"

"Oi!" he snapped

"What? You are" Rukia scoffed "Now Ichigo, Renji, shake hands and make up"

"What!" Renji snapped

"You serious?" Ichigo asked

"Yes, now get to it!" she snapped

Both men slowly progressed towards each other, until they were a foot apart

"Sorry….or whatever" Renji scoffed as he stretched out his hand, and spoke in a tone that clearly showcased that he wasn't sorry

And thus Ichigo grabbed his hand

And Squeezed it

Renji yelped at the sudden burst of pain as Kurosaki's hand clamped down on his like…well…a clamp

The Pressure of his hand was overwhelming, Renji felt the bones in his hand begin to crack

"You can let go now" Rukia said as Ichigo did just that. Renji groaned in anguish as he cradled his glowing red, sore hand

"What the hell was that?" Renji grimaced as his hand continued to shake "His grip was like a vice!"

"Idiot!" Rukia cursed "Don't use your ability to convert Reiatsu into strength in situations like this!"

"ALL NEW STUDENTS, PROCEED TO THE GATES!" Came a large voice from a speaker phone

"That's our call" Momo noted "We should get moving"

"Agreed" Ichigo added as he pulled his gaze away from Renji

"Let's go"

The four turned and headed in the opposite direction to the now-opened gates of the academy

The only one who didn't move was Renji

"How…How did he crush my hand like that?"

"H-Hey wait for me!"


Several vertical rows of tables with benches on each end lined the main hall of the academy, Renji had fumed as Ichigo had taken the seat next to Rukia, he scoffed angrily as he sat on the other side of her, Momo and Kira sat opposite of them

"What do you think the benches and tables are about?" Kira asked

"Probably just an introduction ceremony" Rukia sighed, knowing this, having went through it once before

The doors of the room opened up, drawing everybody's attention, a marching bands-worth of people walked through them, they could only assume them to be teachers, one of them walked out in front of the rest and prepared to speak

"Welcome new academy students!" came his booming voice "With a proud 2000 year history, the central academy of the soul arts has carried the tradition of training young men and woman to become the future members of the Kido Corps, The Punishment Force, and the 13 Court Guard Squads! Ladies and Gentlemen, you will now become a part of this great tradition

but first, FEAST!"

"Wha-" Ichigo stuttered, before he could go any further a bunch of chefs wheeling trolleys full of food burst into the hall

"Whoa!" Renji shouted as every table was lined with food

"I've never seen so much!" Kira gasped

"There's so much!" Rukia gasped too, she didn't remember this much

"That's a lot of food…" Ichigo added

"Don't feel shy, eat!" the teacher declared, most of the students immediately complied

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Renji boomed as he practically slammed his head into a full chicken

"Pig" Rukia scoffed before she picked up a drumstick

"So much food!" Momo smiled as she took a leg of ham

"Pass the fruit"

"What?" Kira asked

"Pass the fruit, please" Ichigo echoed

"F-Fruit?" Kira stuttered, all of these sultry dishes in front of them and Ichigo had just asked for the fruit?

"Here Kurosaki-san!" Momo said as she pushed the plate with ham on it towards Ichigo "Have some meat"

"No thanks, I'm a Vegetarian" Ichigo said as he nudged the plate away "That's why I asked for the fruit"

"HA!" Renji scoffed "You eat plants?"

"How long have you been a vegetarian, Kurosaki-san?" Kira asked as he finally passed the bowl of fruit

"Ever since Aizen ripped Ishida open right in front of me"

"I was born a Vegetarian, The idea of eating something that lived and breathed just like us doesn't appeal to me" he said as he munched on an apple, Renji was clearly annoyed as everyone else looked at him with admiration in their eyes

"That's so noble" Momo said in awe, Renji merely scoffed

"Christ, you're the most innocent guy on the planet aren't you?" Renji scoffed

Ichigo grimaced at that, his hands had been stained with too much blood to be called innocent by anyone's standards, he instantly lost the taste for the apple he was eating

"Now you made him feel bad!" Rukia snapped

"Why do you care?" he asked

"You can be a real ass sometimes" she sent with a glare, in the future, Ichigo had learned to cherish life after the violent deaths of their friends, it was their gory dissections that lead to Ichigo becoming traumatised and eventuality abandoning all meat products, allowing the creatures that they had been created from to live on.

Renji glared angrily as Rukia defended the orange haired kid, something didn't rub him the right way with this guy, for some reason, it felt like he was…close to Rukia and she was close to him. He didn't know where this feeling had come from and he didn't know why it annoyed him but that didn't stop him from disliking the orange haired kid

Seemingly hours past by as everyone continued to stuff their faces with food and some preceded to sleep it off

Fat, Meat, Fish, Lard, Beer, all of it digested by them

Ichigo had sticked to the fruit, his appetite returning sometime after Renji's comments, his stomach allowing him to digest a few more apples and a banana

"You didn't eat a lot" Rukia noted

"Already ate today" Ichigo added

"Oh really…what…uh…did you eat?" Rukia asked with a hint of a sly smirk

"Oh you know…stuff" Ichigo smirked

"Like what?" she asked again, she was just joking around with him, So you can imagine her shock when he quietly mouthed the words

"Your Pussy"

Rukia turned bright red, glad no one else was looking at them incase they too saw what Ichigo had mouthed and the people at their table were asleep after digesting so much food

"I was just messing around, you could get us caught!" Rukia growled quietly

"You were the one joking about the sex we had before we came to the past" he chuckled quietly

"Shut up" she growled, thankfully everyone at their table were still asleep

"Not that you have eaten and given time to rest, it is time for your examination" The Head teacher declared "All Captains shall overlook your testing, with the exception of Captain Kuchiki who could not make it today as his wife's condition had unfortunately taken a turn for the worst"

Rukia gasped at that, to think that if Hisana's condition didn't take a turn for the worst, then he would've discovered her today and she would've actually been able to see her sister before she died

This didn't go unnoticed by Ichigo…

"As I list your names from the register, you will follow me to the testing room where your test shall began, first up-"

More and More Hours seemed to pass as Unknown names were listed off the register, Many students came, went, and returned to boast how proud they were of themselves

"Ichigo Kurosaki"

"Finally" he groaned as he stood up

"Follow me" the teacher instructed as he lead him and Ichigo out into the hallway, he could hear Rukia quietly whisper good luck to him before he was lead out

The walk to the examining room was mostly quiet, but then the infamous surname popped up again

"Kurosaki…what an interesting name you have young man" The teacher noted

"I am of no relation to the former captain" Ichigo cut in

"I see you know you information about the captains" The teacher noted "The 10th Squad has yet to find a replacement"

"Is that so?" Ichigo asked, knowing in a few years time that an White haired prophecy would change that

"We are here" the teacher stated as they arrived at a large set of doors "Please enter"

"Shall do" Ichigo said as he opened the doors and made his way inside

As he did, his eyes were revealed to a mostly empty large room with a few windows and a long desk with 1

In the middle, sat Head Captain Yamamoto

next to him, Captain Soifon

The order of the Captains seating had seemingly randomised after that as The large fox-figure of Sajin Komamura sat next to her

Next to him sat Unohana Retsu, the friends mother-like figure of Squad 4.

Next to her was the seemingly tipsy form of Shunsui Kyoraku

Next to him was the kind father-like captain, Jushiro Ukitake

On the other side of the desk lay the empty chair that Byakuya would be sitting if he wasn't taking care of Hisana

Next to the empty chair was…*Shudder* Kenpachi

Next to him was Tosen, the captain with the (in Ichigo's opinion) Idoitic sense of Justice, he was told by Kenpachi that he babbled on about it so much that it made him sick

Next to him…Gin Ichimaru

He knew the truth about Gin, he had been told by Rangiku that Gin had posed as Aizen's lapdog to get back at him for trying to steal part of her soul to make the prototype of the the Hogyoku

But of course, Gin ended up dying at the hands of Aizen's 3rd Form

Maybe they could save Gin in this time line…reveal him to be the good person he was underneath

And finally there was-

Ichigo's breath stopped

his eyes widened

His heart skipped a beat

there, next to Gin…

Sat the man who he had come back to kill


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